Chapter 570: My Self-Proclaimed Father Is Here (4)

Seeing that the fire elements stopped attacking, those Commander Level experts couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
The girl hiding on the side also poked her head out slightly.
When she saw Lord Hao, she immediately ran over.
“Hao Cheng, catch her quickly!”

Lord Hao’s temples pounded hard as he glanced at the girl.
“My Lady, did you invite her here?”

The girl snorted coldly.
“Do I need to ask for your permission to bring someone here? That man is the person I want.
I’ll leave her to you!”

Lord Hao’s face twitched.
“My Lady, do you know who she is?”

“I don’t care who she is! If she dares to steal my man, she must die!”

Lord Hao’s face suddenly darkened, as if he was quite depressed.
Seeing that Lord Hao didn’t move, the girl couldn’t help but shout angrily, “Hao Cheng! Are you blind? I asked you to finish her off.
Didn’t you hear me?”

The suppressed anger in Lord Hao’s heart surged a bit, and he clenched his fists by his side.
At this moment, the person who had been standing outside the courtyard for a long time without making a sound slowly walked in.
He looked at the mess in front of him with interest, and his eyes were full of delight.

“You want to finish her off?” A voice with a smile came.
Yun Feng’s body trembled slightly and she slowly turned around.
She looked at the person who was walking in and only felt that… How could it be…

The girl raised her brows slightly.
“Yes, she stole my man.
Of course, she must be dealt with!” Speaking up to this point, the girl’s voice suddenly turned vicious.
Qu Lanyi couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Your man? I’ve only met you once.
Can you not stick to me like glue? Do you have no one else to take you? Do you have to shamelessly cling to a man? I said I have a wife who’s going to give me a child soon.
Are you deaf or simply too stupid to understand?”

The girl blushed.
The series of words that came out of nowhere stunned everyone, especially Yun Feng.
Her cheeks were a bit red.
A round of laughter burst out, which made the girl even more embarrassed.

“Hahahaha, hahahaha!” The person who was laughing extremely hard was the man who had just walked in.
He looked like he was laughing until his stomach hurt.
“Well said, well said!”

Lord Hao’s face twitched again.
“That’s a bit…”

“You…” The girl glared at Qu Lanyi furiously with a flushed face.
Qu Lanyi lifted the mask on his face and revealed his handsome face again.
There was a trace of infatuation in the girl’s eyes, and disgust burst out of Qu Lanyi’s eyes.

“I feel like throwing up when you look at me.”

“This is the territory of the Bright Moon Hall.
I’m the daughter of the leader of the Bright Moon Hall! How dare you talk to me like that?” The girl was so angry that her eyes were bloodshot.
She roared with a hoarse voice, “What’s so good about that woman? Is her identity higher than mine? I’m the daughter of the leader of the Bright Moon Hall.
Who does she think she is? My father can crush her like she’s an ant!”

Yun Feng stood there and listened indifferently.
Qu Lanyi sneered.
“I think you’re the one who’s going to be crushed.”

“What did you say? Alright, alright, alright! Just you wait! The Bright Moon Hall won’t let you go! If you have the ability, don’t show up in the territory of the Bright Moon Hall, or the Bright Moon Hall won’t let you live in peace!”

Lord Hao remained silent on the side.
What she said was true.
Considering how much the Hall Master doted on the Young Lady, he would indeed do that.
At this moment, the man who finally stopped laughing suddenly said, “That won’t do.”

Lord Hao was stunned.
What did that mean? “This is the Bright Moon Hall’s business…”

The man strode over and looked at the girl, who was also a bit shocked at this moment.
The smile on his face just then instantly disappeared and was replaced with a bone-piercing coldness.
The girl’s body trembled from the gaze and she was a bit shocked in her mind.
What was going on? Why was this person looking at her like this?

The man looked around.
When he saw Yun Feng, he immediately looked like a warm spring breeze.
Yun Feng pulled her lips and watched the man walk over in big steps.
He touched her head with his big hand.
“My daughter, why didn’t you call me when you saw me?”

Yun Feng smiled awkwardly.
Wasn’t this self-proclaimed father of hers staying on the East Continent? When did he come to the West Continent? Was the Mercenary Union on the East Continent very free?

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“Wh… What?” Lord Hao was dumbfounded and his eyes widened.
The sticky girl was also dumbfounded.
She looked back and forth between the man in front of her and Yun Feng, not knowing what was going on.
Luo Xu’s expression was completely dark.
Daughter? Yun Feng was this lord’s daughter?!

“Uncle, please don’t embarrass yourself,” said Yun Feng in a low voice.
Zhan Li burst into laughter and rubbed Yun Feng’s head again.
He only withdrew his hand after he messed up her hair.

“What uncle? Call me father.” Zhan Li said with a smile and nodded at Qu Lanyi.
“Kid, you showed enough courage as my daughter’s man.
I admire you.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled.
It was all thanks to that woman.
He wouldn’t have been able to vent his anger until it reached a certain level.

“Lord Zhan Li, she’s… your daughter? Why didn’t you tell me?” Lord Hao finally found his voice.
He was shocked.
Zhan Li had a daughter? What happened?

“Now you know.
She’s my daughter, Yun Feng,” said Zhan Li in a rough voice with a proud look.
He glanced at the dumbfounded girl on the side.

“Yuehua, as an outsider, I shouldn’t care about the affairs of the Bright Moon Hall.
However, you’re trying to steal my daughter’s man right now.
This is a different matter.”

The girl’s face turned pale as her father’s instruction flashed through her mind.
This man wasn’t someone to be trifled with.
With his strength and background, even her father, the Hall Master of the Bright Moon Hall, had to respect him!

The girl slowly lowered her head.
Damn it! How could she be Zhan Li’s daughter?

“Lord Zhan Li, is she your adopted daughter?” Lord Hao asked tentatively.
Zhan Li’s face darkened..
“She’s my blood daughter! Does she not look like me?”

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