Ling pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose.
His fingers were long and his joints were distinct.
“Of course.
However, the Bright Moon Hall must consider the Summoning Union’s stance.
After all, someone else is watching.”

Lord Hao’s heart raced when he heard this.
He didn’t expect Yun Feng to join the Summoning Union.
He indeed couldn’t casually attack her again, not after knowing that she was a four-star guest.
Ling was clearly telling him that he could do anything, but he had to consider the consequences.

“Humph! Thank you for your reminder! Yun Feng, this matter isn’t over yet.
I’ll report it to the Hall Master.
We’ll see how you’ll explain it then!” After saying that, Lord Hao flicked his sleeve and left.
Luo Xu followed him in a sorry state and looked at Yun Feng angrily for a few times.
The hatred in his heart didn’t subside.

“It seems that you’ve caused trouble, Miss Yun?” Ling raised his brows and asked.
Yun Feng smiled.
“It’s nothing.
It’s just a small matter.” Ling glanced at Yun Feng calmly.
“If that’s the case, I’ll go first.
After all, I’m only here to greet the visitor.
I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Ling smiled gently at Yun Feng and then walked in.
It seemed that he was going to find Lord Hao.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything, but her mind was already spinning.
She was indeed the one who made the fake Qu Lanyi.
If Lord Hao reported it to the higher-ups, there would be a reaction from the Main Hall.
Luckily, there was no real evidence.
Soul searching was useless to her, which was her biggest advantage.

Thinking of this, Yun Feng suddenly smiled.
Lord Hao must be well aware of this in his mind, but he couldn’t do anything about her.
He told Lan Yi not to mention anything about what happened today after they returned, or someone would be worried again.
Lord Hao didn’t dare to attack her easily either.
In terms of strength, she wouldn’t let Lord Hao take advantage of her even if she couldn’t win easily.

She originally wanted to leave Wind Moon City, but Yun Feng clearly felt that the branch of the Bright Moon Hall was monitoring her even more closely.
If she wanted to leave, it wouldn’t be so easy.
They hadn’t fallen out yet.
Once they did, their operation in this area would also be blocked and there would be a lot of trouble.
The fake Qu Lanyi had been exposed and the daughter of the Hall Master wouldn’t let it go easily.
Troubles came one after another.

She didn’t leave Wind Moon City, but she wasn’t restricted at all in Wind Moon City either.
Yun Feng thought that the situation would be in a stalemate for a while, but she didn’t expect that someone would come to find her in just three days.

“Yun Feng, the leader of the branch has invited you.” A group of people completely surrounded the hotel.
The boss of the hotel was so scared that he thought he had done something wrong.
Yun Feng chuckled and followed them to the branch hall.
Qu Lanyi was still wearing his ordinary face.
He hadn’t taken off his mask these days just in case.

The group of people who came to “invite” Yun Feng were mostly at the Commander Level, including warriors and mages.
They were escorting her rather than inviting her.
Little Fire had a trace of impatience in its eyes as it followed them.
Meatball also looked quite upset sitting on Little Fire’s head.
Yaoyao held Yun Feng’s hand all the way and seemed indifferent to the current situation.

When they arrived at the branch hall, Yun Feng clearly felt that there were a few more deep auras here compared to a few days ago, and the number of masters had increased.
Yun Feng frowned slightly, and Qu Lanyi looked solemn too.
This trip was probably full of danger.

He had caused trouble for his wife.
This was the first time that Qu Lanyi had such a clear understanding.
He had never been afraid of trouble, because he had the ability to deal with the trouble he caused.
If he was incapable of dealing with the trouble, he would just put it on hold.
However, he didn’t want to cause trouble for Yun Feng.
Even though it wasn’t his intention to cause trouble this time, he couldn’t control it.
Qu Lanyi was very frustrated in his mind.
His anger had already accumulated for several days.

The group of people were invited to the branch hall.
The atmosphere in the branch hall was extremely solemn today.
Everyone was expressionless.
They pretended that they didn’t see Yun Feng when they saw her.
Yun Feng was led into an area.
The people outside of this area were all peak Commander Level experts! There were no less than five or six of them!

Yun Feng frowned slightly.
Did someone important come?

The moment she stepped through the door, a stream of air suddenly came from the air.
Little Fire stood next to Yun Feng and its black eyes turned cold.
It suddenly grabbed the air with its hand and a five-colored whip was firmly held in its hand.

Little Fire’s face turned cold.
Even though it looked like a cute little boy, its original form was a ferocious Magic Beast after all.
It swung its skinny arm and the whip was flung away along with the person on the other end of it.

“Argh!” With a cry of pain, the woman who threw the long whip fell on the ground in a sorry state.
At this moment, several black shadows suddenly swept over from all directions.
Yun Feng’s face darkened as her mental strength surged out of her body fiercely, turning into fierce air currents that repelled all the ferocious whips.

“Argh! Argh! Argh!” Screams of pain came one after another.
Some people who were hiding in the dark were all sent flying by Yun Feng’s mental energy.
They fell heavily on the ground, looking so miserable that they couldn’t even get up.


There was a loud sound of a whip.
Yun Feng looked ahead with her black eyes.
An unusually beautiful whip that looked like a rainbow was hitting the ground again and again.
The person holding the whip also walked over slowly.
She was a girl with an extremely mature body and an extremely gorgeous face.
If one didn’t look at her face, they would think that she was a woman in her twenties.
However, this face was surprisingly very young.
It looked like she wasn’t much older than Yun Feng.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” The whip in the girl’s hand hit the ground hard again and again.
Deep marks were left on the ground where the whip hit.
Some gravel also danced continuously under the attack of the whip.

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“Tsk!” Qu Lanyi cursed in a low voice.
Yun Feng raised her brows and instantly knew who this girl was.

“Changed your face? I can recognize you even if you change your face! I knew you weren’t dead.
But even if you were dead, I’ll still take your body back! Who is she?” The girl glared at Yun Feng with her charming eyes and swung her whip at Yun Feng without hesitation.
Yun Feng stood there without moving..
“Pa!” The whip couldn’t get close to Yun Feng’s body at all and was knocked away by a force.

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