of caring about the situation of Ming Xuan, Luo Xu’s subordinate.
It didn’t matter who killed Ming Xuan.
The most important thing right now was that this little girl in front of him had completely aroused his interest.
If he could perform a soul search, he would definitely find out a lot of interesting things!

There was a hint of craziness of hunting in Lord Hao’s eyes.
Yun Feng was his prey.
He must search her soul thoroughly today!

Luo Xu shouted loudly as he held the double knives in his hands.
The moment the double knives appeared, they emitted buzzing sounds and waves of fighting energy also emitted from the double knives!

“Lan Yi, hold him back! I’ll go try that Lord Hao!”

Lan Yi nodded as a pair of wings suddenly appeared on its back.
Its speed quickly rose to a new level.
Luo Xu had already roared as he charged towards Yun Feng like a black shadow with the double knives in his hand.
He didn’t expect that he would be stopped by a figure on the way.
Lan Yi’s blue eyes were full of coldness.
The huge wings on its back flapped abruptly and a violent air current rushed towards Luo Xu.
Luo Xu retreated a distance in panic and finally stabilized himself.

“Your opponent is me.” As soon as Lan Yi said that, its body flashed and it directly flew towards Luo Xu.
The huge beautiful wings on his back extended abruptly and Luo Xu’s black eyes widened when he saw the patterns on the wings.

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The attacks of the wind element began aggressively and Luo Xu was instantly caught in a troublesome battle.

Lord Hao suddenly burst into laughter when he saw this scene.
That’s not bad.
His target was Yun Feng, and Luo Xu must not cause trouble to him.
He licked his lips and looked at Yun Feng with interest.
He waved his hand abruptly, and a slender black shadow suddenly flew out of his sleeve.
Yun Feng’s body flashed keenly to the side and stood in the air.
A thin black chain drilled into the ground where she was standing!

Seeing that the chain missed, Lord Hao lifted his hand gently.
The long black chain wriggled on the ground slowly like a black snake.
The sound of the iron chain rubbing against the ground sounded a bit harsh.

“Yun Feng, there must be a lot of things hidden in your memory that nobody knows about.” Lord Hao stared at Yun Feng with an inexplicable glint in his eyes.
Yun Feng laughed with a bone-piercing coldness on her young face.

“Don’t pry into things that don’t belong to you.”

“Hahaha! The more I can’t peek at it, the more determined I am to get it,” said Lord Hao hoarsely.
He waved his hand, and the chain flew towards Yun Feng agilely like a snake, as if it had a life of its own.
Yun Feng flipped her hand and held the Monarch Level wand in her hand.
Her eyes turned cold.
“Earth Shield!”

The solid defense formed by the earth elements appeared around Yun Feng, and the black chains hit the shield formed by the earth elements.
Lord Hao’s eyes glittered when he saw that.
“Earth elements? Are you a double or multi-element mage? You’re making me more and more excited…” Lord Hao whispered hoarsely.
He waved his hands fiercely, and four or five long black chains surged out of his sleeves! They lunged at Yun Feng like a few black snakes baring their sharp fangs!

“Tsk!” Yun Feng’s body suddenly flashed in the air and a few long black snakes penetrated the Earth Shield crazily..
In an instant, the Earth Shield turned into pieces and the light yellow elemental energy finally dissipated in the air.

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