“Sorry for worrying you.” Yun Feng chuckled and looked at Little Fire and Lan Yi.
“Sorry for worrying you too.” Meatball hopped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder and rubbed Yun Feng’s cheeks hard.
Yun Feng smiled.
She was in a surprisingly good mood right now.

That day, Yun Feng held the Sound Transmission Jade and talked to Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin on the East Continent for a long time, as if she had endless words and joy.
Even though Mu Xiaojin had just gotten pregnant, Yun Feng was already looking forward to this unborn child.

And on this day, people from the main hall finally came to Wind Moon City after the accomplishment of the bounty mission was reported.
The branch hall master immediately greeted them respectfully when he saw them.
“Didn’t the young lady say that she was coming here personally?”

The visitor’s face was gloomy and he seemed to be in a bad mood.
“An honored guest has come to the Main Hall.
The Master and the Young Lady couldn’t get away, so they sent me here.” As soon as the visitor finished speaking, he glanced at the branch hall master coldly.
“Thanks to you, I’ve been living a miserable life these days.
The Young Lady was so angry that she said she wanted to see him, dead or alive.”

A trace of fear flashed through the eyes of the branch hall master.
He immediately fell silent and led the person to the room where the fake Qu Lanyi’s body was.
The branch hall master led this person forward.
Something suddenly appeared in this person’s hand and he examined it carefully with an even colder expression.
The branch hall master was shocked when he saw this.
What… What was going on?

“This person isn’t the man we’re looking for at all.
How dare you!”

The branch leader was also dumbfounded.
He looked at the dead body lying there without moving in shock.
That face was clearly that of the man who had the bounty! “How… How is this possible…”

The person walked in front of the corpse and examined it carefully.
Then, he suddenly sneered and reached out his hand to scratch that person’s face fiercely.
His face, which was originally fine, was suddenly cut open.
However, there wasn’t a drop of blood because there was another skin underneath the skin!

“Well…” The leader of the branch hall took a deep breath.
The man smiled coldly.
“You can explain to the Young Lady yourself.” He waved his sleeve and turned around to leave.
The body of the leader of the branch hall froze, and only one person’s name popped up in his mind.
Yun Feng!

“Lord Hao, please wait a moment!” The branch hall master looked at the back of the person who was about to leave and immediately shouted.
His body was already covered in a layer of cold sweat involuntarily just then.
The person slowly turned around after hearing that.
“Luo Xu, what else do you have to say? Don’t think I’ll help you deal with the trouble you caused!”

The Branch Hall Master, Luo Xu, chuckled dryly.
“Lord Hao, I wouldn’t dare to lie to my Lady even if I had a few hundred heads.
I really didn’t know what was wrong with this person, but there might be someone related to this matter.”

Lord Hao walked back with a gloomy face and stared at Luo Xu sharply with his eyes.
“Who is it? You were fooled like this in the territory of your branch hall.
You’ve done an excellent job as the branch hall master.”

The expression on Luo Xu’s face immediately stiffened and he thought of Yun Feng again in his mind.
She was the one who handed him over and Ming Xuan was most likely killed by her.
Thinking of this, Luo Xu felt a burst of anger in his heart and he intentionally exaggerated the matter.

“After the Head Palace issued the bounty, how would I dare to be negligent as a branch leader? I immediately declared that this bounty mission was our top priority, and organized people to search outside.
This person was handed over by one of the groups.”

“Oh?” Lord Hao raised his eyebrows slightly.
“Who are they?”

“Her name is Yun Feng.
She seems to be in her teens.
She was the one who found and brought this impostor back.
Also, the people in her group encountered Yu Xiu in the area they explored and all died.”

A trace of surprise flashed through Lord Hao’s eyes when he heard this.
“She came back alive after meeting Yu Xiu.
This Yun Feng must be quite strong.”

“Lord Hao, you’re right.
She does have some strength.
She’s a summoner! And she’s almost as strong as me.” Luo Xu was a bit upset when he said this.
After hearing that, Lord Hao was stunned for a moment and then burst into laughter.

“Luo Xu! You’re eclipsed by a teenage kid.
That doesn’t feel good, does it?”

Luo Xu stood there awkwardly and pursed his lips tightly without saying anything.
After Lord Hao finished laughing, he finally said, “You’re right, my lord.
I’m indeed a bit ashamed in my mind.
There’s something fishy about the encounter with Yu Xiu.
I suspect that Yun Feng did all of this.
Her intention was to kill the guardian of our branch!”

Lord Hao raised his eyebrows.
“She has a grudge against you? However, Yun Feng doesn’t sound familiar at all.
She’s not from the Bright Moon Hall.”

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“She’s indeed not a member of the Bright Moon Hall.
I’ve already contacted the other Hall Masters, but none of them know that someone like Yun Feng existed.
Even though she doesn’t have a grudge with me, she has a grudge with the deceased guardian.
She’s very arrogant in the territory of the branch hall.
It shouldn’t be surprising for her to hand over a fake person.”

Lord Hao stood there and listened quietly.
His fingers kept moving back and forth as if he was playing a certain instrument.
“This person must have some purpose for appearing in the territory of the Bright Moon Hall.
We must find out her background! A Monarch Level summoner wandering outside won’t do us any good!”

“Yes, as you wish, sir.
Sir, about this impostor…” Luo Xu glanced at the impostor lying on the ground.
Lord Hao sneered.
“You’ll go to whoever gave this person to you!”

Luo Xu quickly lowered his head and didn’t dare to say anything else.
Lord Hao stood there and seemed to be thinking about something.
In the end, he let out a low laugh.
“Yun Feng will come again, right?”

“Yes, she hasn’t come to claim the bounty yet.”

Lord Hao narrowed his eyes with a glint of interest.
“I would like to meet this summoner…”

Luo Xu stood next to Lord Hao and felt goosebumps all over his body when he heard this whisper.
After saying that, Lord Hao walked out with a weird smile.
Luo Xu looked at the impostor with a gloomy face and resentment rose in his heart.
Yun Feng, even if you didn’t do this, you’ll have to take the blame!

Yun Feng rested in the hotel for a few more days and talked to Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin for the past few days.
Yun Jing also rushed to Mu City from Chunfeng Town..
After all, Mu Xiaojin’s pregnancy was a big deal for the Yun family.
What was more important than the extension of his lineage?

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