That summoner was indeed extraordinary.

Having no time to care about the two Commanders who died miserably, the branch leader found Ming Xuan’s body that was buried in the ground with one glance.
Seeing the slight pit underneath Ming Xuan’s body, the branch leader knew that it was caused by a strong force.
Judging by the fatal wound on Ming Xuan’s body, Ming Xuan must have been stabbed into her body and died.

The branch leader stood there and looked at Ming Xuan’s twisted expression before she died.
It was hard to associate this corpse with the usually aloof Ming Xuan at this moment.
The fear in her eyes was still there.
The wound on Ming Xuan’s body must’ve been caused by Yu Xiu’s tongue.

The branch hall master walked to Yu Xiu’s broken body again.
Yu Xiu’s body had already been shattered by Yun Feng’s fusion elements.
Except for the pieces of meat on the ground, it was no longer intact.
The branch hall master searched the ground carefully with his eyes and finally found something that he cared about very much, its tongue.

The tongue of Yu Xiu had obviously been cut in half.
The branch leader looked at the tongue that had been cut off carefully.
There was nothing on the tongue except some mucus.

The branch hall master frowned again and found it a bit strange.
If Ming Xuan had been pierced by Yu Xiu’s tongue and died, there should’ve been a trace of blood on the tongue.
Why was there nothing on it?

The leader of the branch hall stood there and thought for a while.
His face suddenly turned ugly.
Ming Xuan wasn’t killed by Yu Xiu! He clenched his fist fiercely, and the veins on the side of his face suddenly bulged.
Yun Feng, you’re too bold.
You dared to kill a guardian of the branch hall on my territory!

Even though the branch hall master could roughly guess that Yun Feng did it, he didn’t have enough evidence to accuse her.
After all, Yu Xiu’s tongue couldn’t prove anything.
The branch hall master wasn’t completely sure if his guess was right, but he was 90% sure.

After putting Ming Xuan’s body away, the branch hall master immediately returned to Wind Moon City.
Ming Xuan’s death was a huge blow to this branch hall.
There were four branch halls in the Bright Moon Hall.
The four branch halls always competed with each other.
The number of summoners in each branch hall was also an important part of the secret contest.

Ming Xuan was dead.
The branch leader had yet to recover from the joy of Ming Xuan advancing to the Commander Level.
He had to face the situation of losing a great subordinate.
He was extremely furious in his heart.

Only two of the four branch halls had a summoner, and a summoner who had advanced to the Commander Level was qualified to be promoted to the main hall.
It could be said that if Ming Xuan didn’t want Yun Feng’s Yaoyao, her future should be bright.

The branch hall master felt heartache for Ming Xuan.
After all, she was a capable right-hand person that he cared about a lot.
Now, she had died a sudden death.
If it were really Yu Xiu who killed her, it would’ve been fine.
But if it was someone else who did it, he had to take revenge!

When the branch leader returned to Wind Moon City, he immediately received the report that Yun Feng and the others had been staying in seclusion these days.
The branch leader remained silent.
He waited patiently.
Yun Feng would come sooner or later.

This time, Yun Feng was unconscious for a whole month.
It seemed that the fusion of the three elements was a challenge for Yun Feng.
She suddenly took this step, and the side effects were also huge.
Qu Lanyi examined Yun Feng’s body with light elements every day.
He reached out and took out the black jade pendant that Yun Feng always wore.
Qu Lanyi frowned slightly.
There was an Array of Life in this jade pendant? That should be a Lord Level Array.
There was such an Array in Xiao Fengfeng’s jade pendant!

Qu Lanyi was wearing a pure white jade pendant on his neck, but it was different from Yun Feng’s jade pendant.
Qu Lanyi stared at the ferocious skeleton dragon on the back of the black jade pendant and his heart sank slightly.
The energy of the Array of Life was constantly being consumed.
Fengfeng’s unusual body must’ve been transformed by the Array of Life.
The basic Array of Life of a Lord could forcibly change a human being’s body, but it was extremely dangerous.
Yun Feng was lucky to be able to come all the way here safely.

The ancestor had explained to Yun Feng regarding the Array of Life before, but no one knew the Array as well as a light-element mage.
Qu Lanyi was a light-element mage, so he certainly knew a lot about the Array of Life.
Apart from the effect of forcefully changing one’s physique, the Array of Life also had another unknown function, which was that it could seal dark elements.

Qu Lanyi slowly infused his light elements into Yun Feng’s black jade pendant, only to find that the pendant didn’t resist much and absorbed all of his light elements.
Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
The dark elements had too many additional effects.
Most dark-element mages wouldn’t live long because of the dark elements.
If the Array of Life in this jade pendant lost its effect, it might cause fatal damage to Yun Feng.
That was what Qu Lanyi was most worried about.

After infusing the light elements to a certain extent, Qu Lanyi noticed that the energy of the Array of Life was gradually accumulating again, so he finally stopped.
He hadn’t observed Yun Feng’s jade pendant carefully at first.
Today was the first time he noticed the Array of Life inside.
How exactly did Yun Feng get this jade pendant? He should ask when she woke up.

After a month of sleep, Yun Feng finally opened her eyes slowly.
She didn’t feel anything special when she fell asleep this time.
When she woke up, she only felt like she just slept.
Her body didn’t feel tired at all.
It was all because of Qu Lanyi’s light elements.

“You’re awake?” When Yun Feng woke up, she heard Qu Lanyi’s slightly hoarse voice.
She opened her eyes and saw Qu Lanyi’s handsome face.
Yun Feng sat up and smiled at Qu Lanyi.
“Thank you.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled and touched Yun Feng’s face.
“I have good news.
Your sister-in-law is pregnant.”

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Yun Feng was dazed for a moment.
Then, ecstasy surged in her eyes.
Her brother and Xiaojin had a child! She immediately took out the Sound Transmission Jade, so abruptly that she woke up Yaoyao, who had been sleeping soundly next to her.
Once Yaoyao saw that Yun Feng woke up, she immediately transformed into a sea demon and jumped into Yun Feng’s arms..
Her beautiful fish tail wrapped around Yun Feng, as if she was acting cute.

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