Chapter 559: I Want Your Life (2)

“Argh! Damn human!” The eye of Yu Xiu suddenly widened, and its pupil shrank into tiny dots, looking even more terrifying and shocking.
Yu Xiu suddenly raised its upper body and let out an earth-shattering roar.
It could already feel the increasingly terrifying and expanding energy elements in its body.
Yu Xiu’s tongue stirred even more crazily in its body, and finally reached Yun Feng!

“Pa!” Its tongue quickly wrapped around Yun Feng’s body, trying to throw her out of its body.
Yun Feng, however, chuckled, and felt a clear pain from her clasped hands.
The pain spread from her arms to every part of her body.
She opened her hands, and a ball of surging and roaring elemental energy appeared in her hands.
The green wind elements were roaring, and the tiny silver snakes were dancing.
There were also… bright red flames that were constantly shouting on the surface of the mixed elements!

Yu Xiu had already sensed that things were beyond its expectation.
It might die in the hands of this human today! It was Yu Xiu.
How could it die just like that? It was such a powerful Magic Beast!

Yu Xiu’s tongue pulled Yun Feng out of its body recklessly.
It wanted to live.
It regretted provoking this human being.
She was simply not a human being.
It truly regretted pissing her off!

“Swish…” Yu Xiu suddenly opened her mouth wide as her tongue flew out.
Yun Feng was also thrown out of Yu Xiu’s stomach.
However, it was already too late.

Everything seemed to have become silent.
Even the sound of breathing and heartbeat had completely disappeared.
Yu Xiu’s terrified single eye could only see the cold smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth and her extremely cold eyes.
Yun Feng’s red lips opened slightly and Yu Xiu only heard a soft word…


Its pupil shrank again.
Yu Xiu clearly felt a crazy energy in its body breaking out of its shell like a ferocious beast that was ready to attack!

“No…” An extremely distorted roar spread throughout the area.
Yun Feng flipped her hand and cut off Yu Xiu’s tongue completely.
She stood in the air and watched Yu Xiu’s body expanding continuously.
Finally, with a loud bang…

Bam! Blood and flesh splattered!

“W-What?” Ming Xuan, who was hiding in space, was completely shocked.
She looked at Yu Xiu, who suddenly self-destructed, and at the pool of flesh on the ground at this moment.
That enormous energy almost destroyed the space she was in completely.
Ming Xuan’s heart pounded crazily in her chest!

That was Yu Xiu, Yu Xiu! She actually killed an Yu Xiu.
She, she…

Ming Xuan, who was sitting in the space, was completely dumbfounded.
Some of the blood from Yu Xiu’s explosion splashed on Yun Feng, but she didn’t dodge.
There was a strong smell of blood on her body and her young face was stained with blood!

Goddess of Slaughter! She was the Goddess of Slaughter!

Ming Xuan looked at Yun Feng at this moment and finally realized how stupid she was.
The branch leader was right.
Yun Feng wasn’t someone she could mess with.
Even Yu Xiu couldn’t do anything to her and was killed by her instead.
What could she do to her? Besides, the energy that made Yu Xiu self-destruct just then was so terrifying that she trembled just thinking about it!

If it hadn’t exploded in Yu Xiu’s body, but in this space… she would’ve been torn apart by the terrifying energy just then!

She wasn’t human.
She was definitely not human! Crazy thoughts flashed through Ming Xuan’s mind one after another, but her body was already retreating subconsciously.
If she didn’t escape at this moment, she wouldn’t have any chance at all!

After Yu Xiu self-destructed and died, Yun Feng suddenly raised her black eyes and looked somewhere in this space.
She put on a wicked smile and squeezed her hand in the air!

“Argh!” A scream sounded as the space where Ming Xuan had been hiding was suddenly shattered.
Her body, which was trying to escape quickly, also showed up.

“Are you done watching?” Yun Feng raised her brows gently.
Her body flashed and she was already in front of Ming Xuan!

Ming Xuan’s lips were trembling at this moment as she looked at this girl who was covered in blood with a pale face.
A strong smell of blood came from Yun Feng’s body, making Ming Xuan’s teeth tremble uncontrollably.

Fear, a fear that came from the bottom of her heart!

“I… I…” Ming Xuan’s voice was shaking and she couldn’t say a complete sentence.
She just kept shaking her head and subconsciously glanced at the pile of meat on the ground.
She couldn’t help but feel disgusted in her heart.

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“It wasn’t me…” Ming Xuan said with a trembling voice.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“Guardian Ming Xuan, you should be more honest.”

Ming Xuan’s facial features tightened and she stood in the air with difficulty.
Ming Xuan suddenly thought of something.
She seemed to have forgotten something important under fear just then.
She was a guardian of the Bright Moon Hall’s branch! Yun Feng wouldn’t dare to do anything to her!

Thinking of this, Ming Xuan’s fear gradually faded, but she was still nervous.
Yun Feng looked at Ming Xuan’s change with a hint of interest on her face.
Ming Xuan calmed herself down and then said.
Her voice had already become much calmer, but there was still a trace of fear.

“It was just an accident.
Nobody expected to run into Yu Xiu.”

“Oh?” Yun Feng raised her brows and stared at Ming Xuan with her black eyes.
That gaze suddenly made Ming Xuan’s heart tighten.
“What are you doing? Let me tell you, Yun Feng, I’m a guardian of the Bright Moon Branch! A trustworthy subordinate to the branch leader!”

“So what?” Yun Feng’s expression suddenly turned cold and the killing intent in her heart rose again.
She wouldn’t keep this woman alive!

“If you hurt me, the branch of the Bright Moon Hall won’t let you go.
Even the Bright Moon Hall won’t let you off! You must consider the consequences carefully.
This is the territory of the Bright Moon Hall.
You…” Ming Xuan opened and closed her mouth as she kept speaking aggressively.
Yun Feng was a bit impatient after hearing that.
Her black eyes suddenly darkened as she waved her hand fiercely.
Ming Xuan’s body fell from the sky abruptly, making a huge noise.
She had already sunk into the ground slightly and she suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, looking like she was dying.

Yun Feng slowly descended from the sky and looked at Ming Xuan from above.
Ming Xuan widened her black eyes slightly..
“Yun Feng… How dare you… The Bright Moon Hall… won’t… let you go!”

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