Chapter 55: I Don’t Want It, I’ll Give It to You

Those people all turned pale and they dragged Lin Meng’s dead body over as they trembled.
Once they started pulling the body, they surprisingly found that Lin Meng died too miserably.
His entire jaw was crushed and all his bones had fractured, making his entire body like a sponge!

“Yun Feng, the Lin family won’t let you go.
You killed Lin Meng.
Just wait and see!” Lin Meng’s supporters gritted their teeth at Yun Feng, but they could only make themselves feel better with their mouths.
After all, she killed Lin Meng, who was at the peak of level 3, so easily.
They weren’t dumb enough to send themselves to die voluntarily.

Yun Feng smiled coldly and didn’t care about what they said at all.
Lin Meng was already dead.
The duel between them was fair and square.
So many people were here watching and Mei Bing was also the judge.
If the Lin family truly wanted her dead, she wasn’t scared.
Did they think that the Yun family would be afraid when they came after them?

In the past, the Yun family might still weigh up the matter, but it was different now.
Yun Feng would let the Lin family know that she would ask them to return everything they took from her with their own hands!

Lin Meng’s gang moved Lin Meng’s dead body away with shaking hands and their faces were pale.
They already knew how enraged the Lin family would be when they learnt the news.
Lin Meng was dead and the only hope the Lin family had was also gone, let alone the only spot of the Martial Arts Institute.
The money the Lin family poured into Lin Meng in the past also went down the drain.

The Lin family wanted to kill Yun Feng.
They just didn’t expect Yun Feng to come back to life.
And now Yun Feng killed Lin Meng.
Unless a miracle, like the transmigration of his soul, happened again, even God wouldn’t be able to change his fate.
However, even if Lin Meng really had this great opportunity and was lucky enough to be alive, his Qi meridians were already damaged and the bones all over his body had been shattered.

Changes that the Lin family could never believe until they died were destined to happen from this moment.

Yun Feng watched Lin Meng’s gang walk away coldly.
She grunted in disdain, then turned around and was about to leave.
Once she looked back, she saw that Ze Ran gave her a smile like the sun.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but ease her serious expression and smile slightly at Ze Ran.
This smile gave her beautiful little face that was already alluring some more brightness.
Who would believe that such a gorgeous little girl would be that cold, vicious person from earlier if they didn’t see it with their own eyes?

Mei Bing saw the faint smile at the corner of Yun Feng’s mouth and was slightly startled.
Then, the smile disappeared silently, like a flower that blossomed for a very short period.
Seeing that Yun Feng was about to leave, Mei Bing couldn’t help but go forward and stop her.

“Yun Feng, wait.”

Yun Feng was a little shocked.
She turned around and glanced at Mei Bing.
To be honest, she didn’t like or hate Mei Bing.
When Ze Ran saw Mei Bing, he couldn’t help frowning slightly.

Mei Bing smiled lightly at Yun Feng, looking like a gentleman.
However, Yun Feng was expressionless.
Mei Bing felt a little embarrassed, but he immediately became serious.
“If everything goes well, you should be able to get that spot of the Martial Arts Institute?”

Yun Feng was shocked after hearing that.
The spot of the Martial Arts Institute? What was that? “What spot? I don’t know anything about it.”

“What? You don’t know about it?” Ze Ran couldn’t help yelling after hearing what she said.
Yun Feng looked at Ze Ran in confusion and nodded.
She truly had no idea about it.
Mei Bing gazed at Yun Feng deeply and immediately said.

“The Martial Arts Institute has a spot every year.
The student that gets this spot will be able to go to the Empire’s School of the God of War and be trained to be a warrior there.
Those who graduate from the school all go on a successful road.
If you’re admitted there, I believe that it won’t be difficult for the Yun family to restore the glory they had in the past,” Mei Bing said quite sincerely.

At first, he thought he would see a trace of excitement on Yun Feng’s face.
After all, that little boy next to her was already so thrilled that his face flushed.
And yet, when Mei Bing looked at Yun Feng, her expression was still the same.
Even her eyebrows didn’t move at all.

Mei Bing’s heart tightened.
Wasn’t she too indifferent? Or did she repress all her emotions at the bottom of her heart?

“Yun Feng, you must seize this opportunity! Then, the Yun family will be successful one day and the Lin family won’t dare to bully the Yun family anymore!” Ze Ran grabbed Yun Feng’s arm excitedly and said with a rapid tone.
Yun Feng looked at him with an amused look.
This was a matter of the Yun family.
Why was he so emotional?

Yun Feng rolled her shoulders slightly and gently shook her head.
She didn’t want this spot.
Even if they gave it to her, it was completely useless.
Her Qi meridians were truly damaged.
She couldn’t become a warrior.
Besides, to restore the glory they had? No, she wanted the Yun family to stand on an even higher place!

“I don’t want it.
If you want it, I’ll give it to you.” Yun Feng said to Ze Ran with a very casual tone.
Her mindless words were taken seriously.
Mei Bing’s face instantly darkened, while Ze Ran’s eyes popped out.

“Give… Give it to me? God… Yun Feng, you don’t want it?” Ze Ran couldn’t believe it.
That was the only spot, a spot that the children of all families and civilians in Chunfeng Town fought for! The Empire’s School of the God of War! Once she got into the School of the God of War, her future life would be bright and infinitely good! Such an opportunity lay in front of her and she… she… she didn’t want it? If she didn’t want it, that was fine, but she even wanted to give it away?

“Yun Feng, even though you’re pretty strong, you should be a little more humble when you speak.” Mei Bing looked cold and was very upset about what Yun Feng said just then.
It was fine if she didn’t want that spot, but it wouldn’t be this little boy’s turn no matter what!

Yun Feng glanced at Mei Bing.
She thought he would be a bit different, but it turned out he was the same.
So, she didn’t bother to talk to him again.
She turned around and was about to leave, as Mei Bing’s voice came behind her.

“The Lin family won’t just let you get away.
The Yun family, look out for yourselves,” Mei Bing said this out of kindness.
He was just not that passionate.
Yun Feng coldly curled up the corners of her mouth and straightened her spine.
When her slim body lengthened, the shadow projected on the ground imperceptibly made people feel a bit like she was a tall mountain.

“You don’t have to worry about it.
I know who needs to be careful.”

Mei Bing was slightly startled.
To be honest, he hadn’t really cared about anyone since he was little.
And now, he finally cared about someone, but ironically the other party treated him coldly.
After thinking about what Yun Feng said carefully, the anger in Mei Bing’s mind also dissipated.

Looking at that slim figure that kept walking away, Mei Bing smiled speechlessly.
Was he too nosy?

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