The inside of Yu Xiu’s enormous body was unusually dark.
The sound of intestines and stomach constantly moving came.
Yun Feng entered a small space above her head and flipped her hand.
Bright fire elements appeared in Yun Feng’s palm, allowing her to see the situation inside Yu Xiu’s body clearly.

Transparent mucus was secreted on the walls of flesh underneath her feet and around her, and there was more and more mucus.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes slightly.
The mucus was completely different from that on the surface of the body of Yu Xiu.
It was a light yellow color, which should be the liquid used to digest food.
More and more pale yellow fluids were appearing.
Yu Xiu was planning to digest them as quickly as possible.
Yun Feng smiled coldly and looked around.
Was Yu Xiu’s inside as tough as its outside?

A fire element instantly turned into an arrow and stabbed at the meat wall in Yu Xiu’s body.
After the fire element stabbed into the meat wall, it seemed to have stabbed into a soft cloth and sunk in.
Then, the meat wall rebounded again and ejected the fire element out of the wall.
The meat wall of Yu Xiu was extremely tough, which also allowed it to swallow larger prey.
Its body could constantly expand like a snake, and its slender body could swallow an entire cow or an even larger animal.

“It seems that I’ll have to use that move.” Yun Feng mumbled as she felt that the pale yellow mucus was about to pile up under her feet and the pungent smell was coming.
Yu Xiu’s feast was about to begin.

Yun Feng smiled and flipped her hands.
The wind element and the lightning element appeared in her hands.
As soon as they appeared, green and purple light resonated with each other.
There was the sound of wind and thunder.
Yun Feng’s young face was illuminated.

Magic and blades couldn’t hurt Yu Xiu on the outside or inside.
In terms of defense, Yu Xiu was one of the most terrifying types of Magic Beasts.
However, for Yun Feng, there was no such thing as invincibility!

No matter how perfect someone’s defense was, there would still be loopholes and there would be a time when their defense would collapse, like right now!

The outside was as tough as iron armor, but the inside was extremely soft and flexible.
The explosive power of the elemental fusion couldn’t cause fatal damage from the outside, but from the inside…

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slowly curled up as her hands suddenly clasped together.
The two elements that were constantly roaring were forcefully fused by Yun Feng in a short period of time.
After a faint fluctuation came, the fusion of the elements was completed!

Yu Xiu, who had its eyes closed and was about to enjoy the delicious food, suddenly opened its only eye.
There was panic and even… fear in that terrifying eye!

“What are you doing? Come out quickly!” Yu Xiu shouted in panic.
The energy waves Yun Feng emitted just then had already made Yu Xiu panic.
It had felt the terrifying explosion of elements before.
Last time, it only survived by relying on its invincible defense, but now, the elemental energy was in its body!

Yu Xiu opened its mouth and its tongue suddenly stirred in its body, looking for Yun Feng and trying to drag her out of its body.
However, it made a mistake.
How could it forget that this human was different? How could this human let it swallow her obediently?

“What’s the rush? I want to stay a while longer…” Yun Feng laughed.
She held the mixed elemental energy in one hand and flipped her other hand again.
A bright fire element appeared in her hand.
This was the third element, the fire element!

As soon as the fire element appeared, it seemed to have sensed something.
It didn’t seem friendly to the mixed elements at all and seemed even more irritable than usual.
It even seemed like it was about to attack.
The mixed elements also fought back weakly, and the two types of elements fought against each other.
The pupil in Yu Xiu’s eye shrank fiercely.
That was… That was…

Ming Xuan, who had been hiding in the space, frowned suspiciously when she saw Yu Xiu’s appearance.
Her over-excitement just then also changed.
What exactly happened to Yu Xiu? Shouldn’t it have swallowed Yun Feng completely right now? Why did it look like it had run into a ghost? Could it be… that an accident had happened?

Thinking of this, Ming Xuan chuckled dryly.
Accident? What accident could there be? That’s Yu Xiu! The most powerful and terrifying among the Magic Beasts.
Even the strongest powerhouse wouldn’t have a high chance of survival if they encountered it, unless they were tough figures at the Lord Level.
Yun Feng couldn’t have reached that level… Ming Xuan kept consoling herself in her mind.
She glanced at Qu Lanyi, who was standing aside.
As she saw the relaxed and complacent expression on his face, an uneasy feeling immediately surged in Ming Xuan’s heart.

What was wrong with that man? Why didn’t he seem worried at all? Was he not concerned about Yun Feng at all?

Qu Lanyi looked quite relaxed on the surface.
Yaoyao, who was in his arms, had been wearing a tight expression.
The original form of the sea demon was also becoming faintly discernible.
Her ears had already gradually turned into the shape of a semi-fin.
Her blue eyes stared at Yu Xiu firmly as the water element lingered around her body.
Yaoyao was very anxious at this moment.
If it weren’t for Qu Lanyi who had been holding her down firmly no matter how hard she bit, Yaoyao would probably have entered Yu Xiu’s stomach with Yun Feng.

Wasn’t Qu Lanyi worried? When Yun Feng was held by the tongue of Yu Xiu, he was certainly anxious.
At that moment, Qu Lanyi subconsciously wanted to rush over, even if he had to go into the belly of Yu Xiu with Yun Feng.
However, when Qu Lanyi saw Yun Feng’s smile, he immediately understood everything.

Qu Lanyi knew Yun Feng well.
From Yun Feng’s subtle movements and expression, he knew exactly what Yun Feng wanted to do.
Knowing that Yun Feng had her own plan, Qu Lanyi could just be a spectator at ease.
How could the woman he liked be eaten by this disgusting Magic Beast so easily? If that was the case, Yun Feng wouldn’t be Yun Feng anymore!

“Yaoyao, the show is about to begin.” Seeing the panic on Yu Xiu’s face, Qu Lanyi put on a cheerful smile with delight in his eyes.
The show was indeed about to begin!

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A terrifying energy pressure came faintly in an instant.
This pressure kept rippling on this calm water surface, one wave after another, as if an incomparably huge beast were about to jump out of this water surface!

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