Chapter 557: Who’s Plotting Against Whom? (5)

“Roar…” A furious wolf roared as Little Fire’s sharp claws suddenly attacked Yu Xiu.
When its sharp claws touched the mucus on Yu Xiu’s body, Little Fire was suddenly shocked!

“Master, the mucus on this guy’s body is extremely hard!”

Lan Yi suddenly unfolded the two pairs of wings on his back in the air.
The picture of a griffin on the wings appeared completely.
The appearance of the four wings meant that Lan Yi was going all out!

“Wind Arrow!” Lan Yi roared as his wings shook violently, shooting out huge green wind element energy.
Countless green arrows appeared in the sky around Lan Yi, covering the entire sky!

“Go!” With a command, the green sword rain that filled the sky came at Yu Xiu at an extremely fast speed, covering her entire body from the angle of the attack.
However, Yu Xiu laughed.
“Your attacks are useless against me.
Hahaha! You’re destined to be my delicious food!”

Under the rain of green arrows, Yu Xiu’s body suddenly jumped and the bat wings on its back flapped.
Its body had already soared into the sky and its tongue was aimed at Lan Yi in the sky!

Lan Yi immediately flapped its wings when it saw Yu Xiu rushing towards it, but it couldn’t keep up with Yu Xiu’s speed.
Yu Xiu’s tongue suddenly curled up Lan Yi’s body.
Little Fire couldn’t help but be shocked.
“Lan Yi!”

The body of the griffin was forcefully wrapped up and it was quickly brought into Yu Xiu’s mouth.
Lan Yi’s wings struggled fiercely, but it was useless.
A beam of light suddenly flashed from Lan Yi’s body.
Lan Yi immediately turned into a beam of green light and returned to Yun Feng’s side, hiding in the Ring of Contract.

Seeing that the food in its mouth had flown away, Yu Xiu immediately roared furiously and locked its orange eye on Yun Feng.
It had decided to eat this human first!

Not caring about Little Fire, Yu Xiu’s attacks were all focused on Yun Feng, which was even fiercer than before.
Yu Xiu’s attack speed suddenly increased by a level, and Yun Feng’s dodging speed also increased by a level.

The tongue had already completely turned into a black shadow that kept moving in the air, and Yun Feng’s body had also melted into this space, competing with Yu Xiu’s speed! Yu Xiu couldn’t succeed after many tries, and was already extremely anxious in its mind.
Little Fire kept trying to attack with its sharp claws, but it still didn’t have any effect.

“How can I break this layer of mucus? Damn it!” Little Fire scratched the surface of Yu Xiu with its sharp claws fiercely.
It felt like it had scratched the surface of a hard stone.
There were only scratches, but it didn’t hurt Yu Xiu at all.
Yun Feng’s body suddenly froze in the air.
She didn’t dodge anymore and just stood there.

Little Fire was dazed.
“Master, you…” Seeing that Yun Feng was frozen, Qu Lanyi frowned hard.
A thought flashed through her mind.
Fengfeng might do something earth-shattering again.

Ming Xuan, who had been hiding in the nearby space since she disappeared, was also completely stunned.
She had seen everything that happened just then.
The miserable deaths of those four people made her break out in cold sweat.
She was the one who attracted Yu Xiu.
It wasn’t the first time she came here.
After all, this was the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
As a summoner, she would come here to take a risk, and this was the channel closest to Yu Xiu’s territory.
The reason why she wanted to attract Yu Xiu was naturally to deal with Yun Feng!

How strong was Yu Xiu? So what if Yun Feng was strong? She didn’t expect that she would make the right decision! Ming Xuan also realized that Yun Feng was much stronger than her.
Luckily, she didn’t take it by force, but used this method instead.
Yu Xiu seemed to have met her before, and they were even fighting now! Ming Xuan looked at the battle in front of her anxiously.
She hoped that Yun Feng would die in the belly of Yu Xiu, so that the sea demon would be hers! It would be best if both of them were injured.
It would be more beneficial for her! The man holding the sea demon didn’t seem strong.
She could deal with him alone!

Ming Xuan had been hiding in the invisible space.
At this moment, she was glad that she had reached the Commander Level.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have known how to hide.
As she watched, Ming Xuan felt that Yun Feng couldn’t hold on any longer.
After all, she couldn’t cause any harm to Yu Xiu when she fought with it.
Ming Xuan sneered.
If you had handed over the sea demon back then, you wouldn’t have let me use this move!

Seeing that Yun Feng suddenly stood in the air and didn’t dodge like she did just then, Ming Xuan was stunned for a moment.
In the end, she burst into laughter in her mind.
She couldn’t hold on anymore.
No matter how strong she was, she still fell into the trap in the end.
That sea demon was hers!

Seeing that Yun Feng didn’t dodge anymore, Yu Xiu rolled its orange eye excitedly.
“Be a good girl and become my delicious meal!” Yu Xiu’s tongue suddenly stuck out.
Yun Feng stood in the air and didn’t dodge.
Yu Xiu’s tongue quickly wrapped around her with laughter.
Its meaty tongue pulled back fiercely and opened its mouth.
Yun Feng flew straight into Yu Xiu’s mouth!

When Ming Xuan, who was hiding in the dimension, saw this, her usually aloof face couldn’t help but twist.
That woman was dead.
She would definitely die this time.
Ming Xuan would get what she wanted right away.

“Master!” Little Fire roared as it dashed forward, but received Yun Feng’s order for it to return to the Ring of Contract in shock.
Little Fire turned into a beam of red light and flew towards Yun Feng.
Seeing this, Yaoyao, who was being held by Qu Lanyi, suddenly tightened her eyes.
Qu Lanyi’s breathing also became tight.
He was about to rush forward, but he suddenly stopped.
He stood there quietly with Yaoyao in his arms.
Seeing that Yun Feng was swallowed by Yu Xiu’s mouth, a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

What should he do with Yun Feng? What should he do with this woman who messed around now and then? He should tear off her wings and tie her to his side firmly so that he could feel more at ease.

Qu Lanyi stood in the air and looked at Yu Xiu with his black eyes.
In the blink of an eye, he didn’t miss the meaningful smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.

Yu Xiu swallowed Yun Feng whole into its mouth, and closed its mouth so tightly that there wasn’t even a crack.
Its orange-yellow single eye rolled back and forth excitedly, and the tiny black pupil in the middle emitted waves of light.
Being able to eat this human being was the happiest thing in Yu Xiu’s life!

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At this moment, Yun Feng was standing inside Yu Xiu’s body.
When her body entered Yu Xiu’s mouth, a pungent smell came from inside the creature’s stomach.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown.
This disgusting thing had the same smell both inside and outside.
If she didn’t have a strong willpower, she would definitely vomit on the spot..

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