“Very good.” Yun Feng nodded approvingly and touched Xia Qing’s head.
“Since you’ve already made a decision, are you ready?”

Xia Qing’s little face was full of determination.
“I’m ready! I want to practice hard and become my teacher’s pride!”

Yun Feng chuckled and flipped her hand abruptly.
The dragon-shaped jade pendant appeared in her hand and her expression became serious.
This was the first time Yun Feng showed the solemnity of a teacher in front of Xia Qing.

“Xia Qing, you’re my disciple, and I certainly can’t let you fall behind others! You must be fully aware of the upcoming training.
I’ll send you to a mysterious area.
Even if you study for decades, even if it’s a century, I won’t let you out until you reach the Commander Level! Have you thought it through?”

A glint of light suddenly flashed through Xia Qing’s eyes.
She looked at Yun Feng and nodded firmly.
“Master, I understand.
I’ve already thought about it! I won’t regret it!”

“Alright, don’t let me down.” There was a smile in Yun Feng’s eyes.
With a thought, Xia Qing’s body was surrounded by a ball of light and she directly entered the tenth level of the Dragon Palace.
Looking at the dragon-shaped jade pendant in the center of her palm, Yun Feng had expectations in her mind.
She could more or less feel the joy of being a teacher right now.
This disciple wouldn’t let her down.

The others all smiled after knowing that Xia Qing had entered the Dragon Palace for training.
Qu Lanyi praised Xia Qing for being a thoughtful little girl as expected of Yun Feng’s apprentice.
Lan Yi also agreed with her, but Yaoyao didn’t say anything.
On the other hand, a hint of loneliness flashed on Little Fire’s face when it heard that Xia Qing had entered the Dragon Palace and couldn’t come out until the Commander Level.

“That stupid girl will definitely be fine…” Little Fire mumbled.
Meatball sat on Little Fire’s head and cried a few times.
Little Fire roared in embarrassment, “What nonsense are you talking about? I’m not worried about that stupid girl!”

Meatball put on a cunning look and jumped to Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Qu Lanyi chuckled, and Lan Yi also put on a teasing look.
Yun Feng raised her brows.
“Oh? If you’re not worried, I’ll raise my requirements.
How about the Monarch Level?”

“Monarch Level? With that girl’s ability, how long will she have to wait?” Little Fire looked at Yun Feng.
When it said this, it suddenly noticed Yun Feng’s expression of understanding.
Seeing that everyone else looked like they understood, Little Fire blushed.

“I’m just a little… a little worried…”

The others still looked like they were saying “Oh? Keep pretending”.
Little Fire was finally enraged.

“I’m just concerned for her.
So what?”

Yun Feng walked over and petted Little Fire’s head.
Its fiery red hair was as dazzling as fire.
Little Fire didn’t look like a fierce and powerful Fire Cloud Wolf right now.
It was just an awkward and cute little boy.

“Little Fire, you’re right to be concerned about Qingqing.”

Little Fire didn’t quite understand and looked at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng was amused by her expression and burst into laughter.
Little Fire was even a bit dumbfounded.
Qu Lanyi also came over and said to Little Fire earnestly, “Your road is harder than mine.
Work hard.”

Little Fire’s facial features were a bit distorted.
“What nonsense are you talking about?” Qu Lanyi couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore and ran to the side to laugh.
Lan Yi also came over and patted Little Fire’s shoulder.
“Brother Fire, I support you.”

“What on earth are you talking about?” Little Fire roared.
Lan Yi couldn’t hold back his laughter and moved aside.
Yaoyao glanced at Little Fire and looked away, as if it didn’t matter.
Meatball jumped over.
“Nana, nana.”

Little Fire blushed furiously.
“I don’t like that stupid girl!”

“Hahaha…” A burst of laughter came from the room, mixed with a certain embarrassed and angry voice explaining.
The more it tried to explain, the less convincing it was.
This night passed without him being able to prove his innocence.

The next day, everybody finally let Little Fire go regarding the matter between it and Xia Qing.
Little Fire gave up explaining after a whole night, and nobody said anything else.
Little Fire was secretly relieved, but it had a weird feeling when it thought of Xia Qing.
It liked… It wouldn’t like that stupid girl!

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Xia Qing was cultivating in the Dragon Palace.
Yun Feng only had four companions left.
When they arrived at the gathering place, Ming Xuan didn’t ask anything.
After all, it wasn’t surprising that Xia Qing was missing.

“Since everyone is here, let’s go.
The first person to find it will be rewarded.” After Ming Xuan said that, the other four people were a bit excited, but Yun Feng didn’t have much reaction.
The ten of them set off from the city gate of the Wind Moon City and went straight to the area they were responsible for exploring, the area closest to the Thousand Beast Mountain Range.

The layout of the West Continent was very different from that of the East Continent.
Among the four empires on the East Continent, only the Fengyun Empire was close to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, especially the Foggy Forest in Chunfeng Town, which was directly connected to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
One could directly enter the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range from the Foggy Forest, and the other three empires were more or less separated.
However, the West Continent was different.

The three halls on the West Continent were distributed in the shape of thin long lines and formed tiers.
There was a large area on the east side of each hall that was close to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
For the summoners under the three halls’ jurisdiction, the opportunities to encounter Magic Beasts were equal.

The Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range was said to be a forbidden area on the East Continent, but in the West Continent, it was a paradise for summoners to take risks.
Summoners enjoyed going in and out of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
Even though they knew that there were many dangers, they couldn’t resist the passion that surged in their hearts because of the Magic Beasts.
Especially for summoners who pursued powerful Magic Beasts, they were even crazier.

The group of ten people traveled at the fastest speed.
Once they reached the Commander Level, they could stay in the air for a short time.
Although the other five people weren’t slow, they weren’t that fast.
At least, in the eyes of Yun Feng who had Monarch Level strength, their speed could be said to be like a snail crawling.

Yun Feng wasn’t in a hurry.
She followed at the back of the team leisurely.
Yaoyao was held in Yun Feng’s arms.
Qu Lanyi followed Yun Feng with the ordinary face, while Little Fire and Lan Yi followed on the other side.

After walking for about three days, Ming Xuan finally stopped.
It seemed that they had arrived at the place they were searching.
“The area we’re looking for is the Barren Plains, a place where few people go.
It’s also the area closest to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
Very few humans come here, but the strong will have a chance to meet them.
We should explore together and try not to split up..
After all, this place is full of danger.”

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