Ming Xuan chuckled.
“There’s nothing we can do about that.
The other three candidates were too quick.
This area was the only place left.
However, I believe that as long as we’re careful, there shouldn’t be any problem with a group operation.
Magic Beasts aren’t as dangerous as you think.”

What she said eased the mood of the few people who were inexplicably worried.
After all, it was quite credible to know the situation of the Magic Beast from a summoner.
Yun Feng and the others stood aside and didn’t say anything.
Little Fire and Lan Yi only raised their eyebrows a few times after hearing what Ming Xuan said.
Were the Magic Beast not as dangerous as imagined? Only people who had never experienced a truly dangerous Magic Beast could boast so shamelessly.

Yun Feng glanced at Ming Xuan with her black eyes without batting an eyelid.
This woman was really good at scheming.
It wasn’t very convincing that she had no choice but to choose this area.
With her identity as a Commander Level summoner and the position of the Hall of Protectors, the other three people probably wouldn’t dare to argue with her.
She should be the one who volunteered to go to this area.

Yun Feng’s eyes darkened and the killing intent in her heart appeared again.
This woman still hadn’t given up on Yaoyao.
She didn’t seem to have been taught a lesson yesterday.
The corners of her lips curled up slowly.
Was she plotting against her? If Ming Xuan did anything unusual during this exploration, she would definitely not show mercy!

Ming Xuan looked at everyone.
“Starting tomorrow, we’ll set off.
We’ll go back and prepare the necessary things today.
After all, the exploration this time is very difficult.
We must be careful.” After saying that, she turned around and walked away.
The other four people all went back.
They were probably still a bit worried in their minds and there was still a cloud of worry between their brows.

“Fengfeng, she did it on purpose,” said Qu Lanyi softly.
Yun Feng and the others also walked outside.
Yaoyao held Yun Feng’s hand and refused to let go.
Xia Qing followed Yun Feng closely and listened to their conversation quietly.

“Ah, it must be on purpose,” replied Yun Feng as she looked at Yaoyao.
“The summoner’s obsession with Magic Beasts is truly annoying.” She sounded a bit self-mocking.
Little Fire and Lan Yi both seemed to understand.
Indeed, summoners had a natural desire for Magic Beasts, which was caused by their profession.

“Just wait for her to make a move.
Finish her off directly.” Little Fire roared on the side as the bloodthirsty thought appeared in its mind again.
This was the nature of Magic Beasts.
No matter how gentle their personality was, there was a kind of brutality hidden in their blood.
This was something that melted into their bones.

“It’s fine if she doesn’t do anything.
If she does…” Yun Feng whispered softly as her face darkened.
“I’ll never spare her!”

They returned to the hotel to rest.
Xia Qing suddenly became a bit too quiet.
She was usually lively and cute, but she was unusually silent tonight.
Little Fire couldn’t help but frown after seeing that.

“Stupid girl, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Xia Qing still didn’t say anything, as if she was thinking about something.
Little Fire couldn’t help but feel a bit angry after seeing that.
Yun Feng walked over at this moment and bent down, touching the top of Xia Qing’s head with her hand.
“Qingqing, what are you thinking about?”

Xia Qing raised her head slightly with a serious expression that Yun Feng didn’t expect.
She thought for a while in her mind and held Xia Qing’s little hand as she pushed the door open and walked out.
The two of them might have to talk alone.

Yaoyao was sitting next to Lan Yi quietly.
Among these people, Lan Yi was the second person Yaoyao was willing to get close to.
Seeing Yun Feng walk out, Yaoyao wanted to follow her without thinking, but Lan Yi pulled her back.
“Master has something to talk to Qingqing about.” Lan Yi smiled at Yaoyao.
Yaoyao didn’t know if she understood what he said, but she sat there quietly and didn’t chase after her.
Little Fire glanced at her worriedly.
What was wrong with that stupid girl?

Meatball jumped off Yun Feng’s shoulder and jumped to the top of Little Fire’s head.
It shouted, as if it was hinting that there was nothing to worry about.
Little Fire frowned.
Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“Qingqing might have realized something.” Little Fire looked at Qu Lanyi suspiciously.
Realization? What was that stupid girl thinking?

Yun Feng pulled Xia Qing out of the house.
There was a large courtyard in the middle of the hotel.
The two of them found a quiet corner, but Xia Qing remained silent.
Yun Feng stopped and sat on the stone bench.

“Qingqing, do you have anything to say to me?”

Xia Qing looked up at Yun Feng for a while and finally nodded.
“Master, am I too weak?”

Yun Feng was stunned for a moment, and then chuckled.
“You still have a long way to go.
You don’t have to rush.”

Xia Qing pursed her lips and clenched her fists.
“I’m not strong enough.
Am I… a burden to you right now?”

Yun Feng was stunned.
Xia Qing stared at Yun Feng.
“I want to be a disciple that you can be proud of! I want to do things for you.
I want to help you!”

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Yun Feng listened quietly and didn’t say anything.
“I only know how vast this world is when I’m with you, and how weak I am! If I keep moving forward slowly like this, I won’t allow myself to be like this even if you allow me to! I want to be someone who can take charge of things on my own.
I want to be your pride!” Xia Qing was a bit emotional as she spoke, and her cheeks were slightly red.
She had always been an innocent little girl.
It was the same when she met Yun Feng.
At that time, she simply wanted to protect her mother.
But after meeting Yun Feng, her fate changed.
Not only did she have such a good teacher, but she also embarked on the path of a summoner!

Xia Qing originally thought she could slowly move forward, because Yun Feng said she had to walk steadily and step by step! However, these days, all she saw were undoubtedly people of a higher level.
She became a real burden by her teacher’s side!

She was only at level 2 right now.
If other people knew that her teacher’s disciple was only at this level, she would embarrass her teacher! She didn’t want to be like this.
She wanted to become a disciple that could make her teacher proud!

People’s minds needed constant polishing.
Xia Qing suddenly jumped from her original world to an environment where there were as many experts as trees in a forest and was greatly touched.
It also made her realize that she could cultivate on the road of the strong, but she couldn’t slack off.
Hard work and diligence were the most important!

Yun Feng smiled in relief.
This disciple didn’t let her down after all.
Even though she told Xia Qing that she had to make steady and steady progress on the road of cultivation, Xia Qing had indeed been slacking off during this period of time.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything because she hoped that Xia Qing could realize the importance of diligence on her own.
Talent was one thing, but more importantly, she had to work hard on her own.
Yun Feng was the same..
Even though she had astonishing talent, she had never slacked off.

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