Lan Yi seemed to understand something as he touched the top of Yaoyao’s head with his big hand.
Yaoyao also seemed to accept them gradually.
Even though she wasn’t very friendly, she wasn’t as aggressive as before.

“It’s different, isn’t it?”

Yaoyao raised her head and finally nodded gently after a while.
Looking at the engraving on Lan Yi’s face, she was slightly dazed.
Lan Yi caught the hint of loneliness in her eyes.
She… was alone on this continent.

Yun Feng walked over at this moment.
Yaoyao turned around and pounced at Yun Feng.
Her body instantly transformed into the original form of a sea demon, and that dazzling sea demon form appeared again.
Xia Qing exclaimed loudly when she saw this.
Yaoyao was truly too beautiful!

Her fishtail wrapped around Yun Feng’s waist, and Yaoyao snuggled into Yun Feng’s arms again, as if she was acting cute.
Yun Feng touched Yaoyao’s fins and looked at Qu Lanyi with her black eyes.
“Everyone who accepts the bounty will gather in the branch hall tomorrow.
Your good days are coming to an end.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled with a hint of teasing in his eyes.
“With Fengfeng here, what do I have to worry about?”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
She had to act together with others who accepted the bounty and lure them to go in the wrong direction.
The most important thing was how to hand over a fake Qu Lanyi without being discovered…

The next morning, Yun Feng and the others set off after they were ready.
Qu Lanyi put on his mask and followed Yun Feng with an ordinary face.
He had cut off his short hair to avoid being hunted.
His current appearance was a bit different from when he was adored by the daughter of the leader of the Bright Moon Hall.
He wouldn’t have been recognized unless she were here.

Yun Feng’s team of six was quite a huge lineup.
Three of them were transformed Magic Beasts.
After the six of them came to the main hall, they found that there were also a lot of people waiting.

Yun Feng roughly estimated that there should be dozens of people.
She glanced at Qu Lanyi.
He was indeed a big shot.
He had attracted so many people to hunt him down.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and didn’t say anything.
He simply winked at Yun Feng.
Who would’ve thought that the person they had been chasing was standing right in front of them?

The leader of the branch hall came very quickly.
When he saw Yun Feng, his gaze lingered for a few seconds longer.
Yun Feng and the others stood at the back.
There were young faces in the group.
Little Fire and Yaoyao looked like kids.
Together with Xia Qing, the three kids were among them.
Although many people were confused, they didn’t say anything.
In this age, one kid might be a top expert.

There were a total of forty people participating in this bounty operation.
They were divided into four groups of ten and searched the area that the branch hall was in charge of.
Even though it was just a branch hall, the area it was in charge of was very large.
It would be quite difficult to find one person without sending more people.

Yun Feng and her companions were sent with another four people.
The four of them looked at Yun Feng’s team curiously.
After all, they were all young and mostly kids.

Before she introduced herself, another person came.
Yun Feng was a bit surprised when she looked around.
It was Guardian Ming Xuan?

“Each team needs a member of the branch hall to follow them.
After all, this bounty was issued by the main hall, so the branch hall will certainly do its best.
I’ll follow your team.
I’m the guardian of the branch hall, Ming Xuan.”

Xia Qing kept her eyes wide open and didn’t say anything.
Yun Feng had told her to keep her mouth shut as much as possible.
Little Fire and Lan Yi only glanced at Ming Xuan and didn’t take it seriously.
Yaoyao, on the other hand, looked at Ming Xuan with hostility in her eyes.
Qu Lanyi glanced at her indifferently and didn’t stay for long.

Yun Feng and the others were undoubtedly a bit cold, but the other four people immediately became friendly when they heard that Ming Xuan was a guardian of the branch hall.
After learning that Ming Xuan was a Commander Level summoner, there was even more envy in their eyes.

These four people were all at the Commander Level, some high and some low.
Even though Ming Xuan had just been promoted to the Commander Level, her identity as a summoner was noble and she was also a guardian.
These people naturally had to try their best to establish a relationship with her.

Yun Feng looked at the heated conversation between the four of them and Ming Xuan coldly.
Her gaze suddenly fixed on one of the four of them.
She sized him up with her black eyes and a smile suddenly appeared in her eyes.

Qu Lanyi lowered her voice slightly.
“He looks like me, doesn’t he?”

Yun Feng chuckled and nodded without batting an eyelid.
She slowly moved her eyes away.
They were indeed very similar.
In terms of height and body shape, he was very similar to Qu Lanyi.
He should be a bit older than Qu Lanyi and could be considered a junior.
However, this wasn’t important.

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Yun Feng wasn’t a kind person.
Once the people around her, especially the people she cared about, were involved, it didn’t matter to her even if she used some despicable means.
The title of the son-in-law of the daughter of the Hall Master of the Bright Moon Hall wasn’t bad.
Yun Feng didn’t want his life, she just wanted his cooperation.

The young man, who was trying to get close to Ming Xuan, suddenly shivered.
He subconsciously looked back and didn’t find anything.
He turned his head in confusion and felt uncomfortable in his heart, as if he had been schemed against.

Yun Feng put on a smile.
It’s you!

There were a total of four groups, with ten people in each group.
Each group had one person from the branch hall to follow them.
They claimed that they were helping them along the way so that they could directly verify the results when they found anything.
In fact, they were monitoring them.

The branch hall of the Bright Moon Hall’s territory in Wind Moon City was divided into four parts.
The four groups each chose one area.
Of course, the people sent by the branch hall were responsible for choosing the area.

Ming Xuan told the others that the other three groups had picked the relatively easy areas, which were some city districts and villages.
Yun Feng’s group was in the wilderness, which was much more difficult and dangerous than the other groups.
What was more important was that one of the groups couldn’t help but whisper, “Isn’t this the place closest to the Thousand Beast Mountain Range… Why are we so unlucky?”

The others also looked troubled.
Everyone knew how dangerous the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range was..
The area they were exploring was extremely close to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
If they accidentally alerted the Magic Beasts in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, wouldn’t they die without a complete corpse?

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