The leader of the branch hall stiffened and laughed dryly.
“You don’t have to worry about that.
I know what I should and shouldn’t do.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything else.
She held Yaoyao’s little hand and turned around to leave, only to find that Yaoyao’s ears were already starting to have the shape of fins.
Yun Feng said softly, “Yaoyao, you can’t change.”

Yaoyao’s originally excited little face was pulled long after hearing that.
The battle of the water element just then made her very excited.
It should be said that the sea demons felt friendly when they saw the water element.
They liked water.

She looked at Yun Feng a bit aggrievedly and extended her arm.
Seeing that, Yun Feng smiled helplessly and bent down to carry Yaoyao in her arms.
Yaoyao held Yun Feng’s neck and whispered, “Water.”

Her voice was soft, but Yun Feng heard her clearly.
Perhaps the battle just then made Yaoyao excited.
Yun Feng chuckled as the water element slowly covered Yaoyao’s body, emitting a faint blue color.
Yaoyao smiled in satisfaction and held Yun Feng tighter.

Ming Xuan looked at Yun Feng’s back as she left and gnashed her teeth in hatred.
She was already extremely certain that the little girl next to Yun Feng must be a water-element Magic Beast.
She must be a mermaid born from that egg!

“Master, the little girl next to her is a mermaid! The mermaid hatched from that egg! She probably hasn’t been contracted yet.
I still have a chance.
As long as you’re willing…”

“Ming Xuan!” The branch leader suddenly shouted and interrupted Ming Xuan.
“Don’t provoke her.
Forget about that mermaid.”

Ming Xuan was stunned.
“Master! That’s a mermaid! You want me to just let it go? I can’t accept it!”

The leader of the branch hall furrowed his brows completely.
“She’s not someone you can afford to offend! Didn’t the battle with her teach you anything?”

Ming Xuan’s expression suddenly darkened and she clenched her fists tightly.
There was a hint of embarrassment on her cold and arrogant face.
“You didn’t have the power to resist at all just then.
If I hadn’t helped, you wouldn’t be standing here talking.” His tone was cold.
Ming Xuan blushed.
“That was… that was an accident.

“If she hadn’t shown mercy, she could’ve crushed you to death with one move! Don’t mention that mermaid again.
Let’s just drop this matter!” The branch hall master glanced at Ming Xuan angrily and turned around to leave.
Although the fight just then only lasted for a short moment, it made the branch hall master understand that Yun Feng was on the same level as him! Even though Monarch Level people couldn’t control the power of space completely, they could still use the power of space to crush a person directly.

The expression of the branch hall master immediately darkened.
Where exactly was she from? She wasn’t a member of the Bright Moon Hall.
If she was an independent cultivator, it would be very beneficial if she was convinced to join the Bright Moon Hall!

Ming Xuan still stood there with a look of unwillingness.
She obviously didn’t hear what the hall master said.
Ming Xuan also understood that she wouldn’t be able to get any help from the hall master.

“Damn it!” Ming Xuan cursed fiercely in a low voice.
He glanced at the Magic Beast that was lying on the side and seemed to be seriously injured.
He stepped forward and kicked it.
The Magic Beast let out a scream.
“Useless!” Ming Xuan whispered to the Magic Beast and then put the Magic Beast into the Ring of Contract.
The fire of greed in her heart was still burning fiercely.

Yun Feng carried Yaoyao back to her room.
Along the way, she naturally attracted a lot of curious eyes.
Yaoyao had been nestled in Yun Feng’s arms, as if she was enjoying herself.
There was a smile on her little face the whole time.
When they entered the room, Xia Qing saw Yun Feng come back and wanted to go over and talk to Yun Feng happily.
Yaoyao, who was nestled in Yun Feng’s arms, suddenly raised her head and looked at Xia Qing fiercely.
Xia Qing’s little face immediately turned pale.

“Yao… Yao, I’m not… I’m not a bad person…” Xia Qing explained with a slight tremble.
Little Fire walked up and blocked Xia Qing behind it, then roared at Yaoyao with a hint of brutality flashing in its eyes.

Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
She had to change Yaoyao’s unfriendly mentality.
She put Yaoyao down and touched the top of her head.
“Yaoyao, these people are my friends.
They’re also your friends.” She looked at Yun Feng with her watery blue eyes, as if she didn’t quite understand.

“Yaoyao, we’re friends.” Xia Qing stuck his head out from Little Fire’s back and looked at the girl in front of him longingly.
Even though she was a Magic Beast, she looked like a human right now.
Xia Qing really wanted to be friends with her…

“She doesn’t understand,” said Lan Yi.
Qu Lanyi burst into laughter.
“Let’s put it another way.
Yaoyao, we don’t mean any harm to Yun Feng.
Do you understand?”

Meatball, who was sitting on Little Fire’s head, let out a cry and jumped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Seeing that, Yaoyao’s expression immediately became ferocious again.
Meatball also showed its sharp teeth unhappily.

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“Let’s put it another way…” Qu Lanyi looked at Yaoyao thoughtfully.
“We won’t steal Yun Feng from you.
Yun Feng is yours.
She should be able to understand that.”

Yun Feng’s expression froze and she laughed awkwardly.
Yaoyao suddenly turned around and looked at Qu Lanyi.
The hostility in her eyes was gone.
Seeing that, Qu Lanyi immediately understood and smiled rather helplessly.
“It seems that I still have a long way to go…”

That night, Xia Qing took a long time to finally make Yaoyao understand that she wouldn’t fight with her for Yun Feng.
When Xia Qing held Yaoyao’s little hand, she smiled brightly.
Yaoyao also smiled at Xia Qing.
This smile made Xia Qing’s eyes turn red all of a sudden.

“Stupid girl, why are you crying?” Little Fire knocked Xia Qing’s head.
Xia Qing held Yaoyao’s little hand tightly.
“I’m so happy.
Yaoyao smiled at me!”

Little Fire couldn’t help but roll its eyes.
Lan Yi, who was standing aside, chuckled.
Judging from its appearance, Lan Yi and the demon were more like brother and sister, not considering the racial difference.
Both of them had blue eyes.
The blue patterns on Lan Yi’s cheeks were similar to the patterns on the demon fish’s tail.

Yaoyao looked at Lan Yi for a long time.
Lan Yi walked over and lowered his body so that Yaoyao could look at him in the eye.
“What’s wrong?” His tone was very gentle.
Yaoyao looked at Lan Yi’s blue eyes silently and the engraving on one side of his cheek.
She slowly extended her little hand and touched it gently..
When her hand touched the blue engraving, the light in Yaoyao’s eyes suddenly darkened.

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