Chapter 550: Yaoyao (3)

The expression of the Branch Hall Master darkened.
This kid was quite confident when she spoke.
Didn’t she know that this was the territory of the Bright Moon Branch Hall? Why was she so arrogant when she was talking to the Branch Hall Guardian?

Ming Xuan’s face turned red.
She rose into the sky and jumped right in front of Yun Feng.
Yun Feng turned around, but didn’t stop.
She easily bypassed Ming Xuan and continued forward.
Ming Xuan blushed.
She was too disrespectful!

A ball of bright water element immediately jumped out of Ming Xuan’s palm and directly turned into an arrow, attacking Yun Feng’s back abruptly! “I told you to stop.
Didn’t you hear me?”

Yun Feng didn’t turn around, but Yaoyao, who was next to her, suddenly turned around and opened her mouth abruptly.
A beam of cold light flashed through her sharp teeth, and an extremely ear-piercing sound came out of Yaoyao’s mouth with a strange sound wave.
Under the attack of this sound wave, the Water Arrow that was attacking her instantly turned invisible.

Yun Feng finally stopped and touched the top of Yaoyao’s head with her hand.
Yaoyao’s little face was a bit gloomy at this moment and the pupils of her eyes turned into a thin line.
This meant that she was in a very bad mood right now.

“That’s…” Ming Xuan looked at Yaoyao.
Her Water Arrow was shattered by a sound! Yun Feng slowly turned around.
“A sneak attack from the back, Guardian Ming Xuan?”

Ming Xuan’s black eyes darkened.
It had always been a knot in Ming Xuan’s heart that Yun Feng stole that extremely precious egg.
She wanted to ask the Palace Master to help her get it back.
After all, that egg belonged to the merfolk and was extremely helpful to her.
She was prepared for everything, but this person in front of her snatched it away!

“That egg should be mine,” said Ming Xuan hatefully with slightly red eyes.
Summoners were obsessed with Magic Beasts, especially rare ones.
They all had the mentality of taking it for themselves.
For example, Carson’s greed for Lan Yi, and now Ming Xuan’s greed for Yaoyao.

“I’m the guardian of the branch hall.
Do you think you can walk out of Wind Moon City with that egg?” Ming Xuan glanced over with a threatening gaze.
“I advise you to hand it over directly.
You’re not qualified to have it!”

Yun Feng smiled coldly and didn’t say anything.
She just flipped her hand abruptly and a trace of cold water element appeared in Yun Feng’s hand.
Yaoyao, who was on the side, was inexplicably excited when she saw this.
It seemed that she liked Yun Feng’s water element a lot.

“Water Chains,” Yun Feng mumbled.
The water elements immediately turned into chains.
Seeing the ring on her finger, Ming Xuan suddenly glowed.
“Come out!” With a shout, Ming Xuan’s contracted Magic Beast appeared!

“Humph.” Yun Feng grunted softly as she suddenly raised the Water Chains in her hand.
Before Ming Xuan’s contracted Magic Beast attacked, the Water Chains had already arrived in front of it.
They were so fast that the Magic Beast didn’t even have time to react!

A painful roar sounded.
Ming Xuan’s contracted Magic Beast didn’t even have time to move before it was firmly restrained by Yun Feng’s Water Chains.
Yun Feng’s eyes were slightly cold as she raised her arm.
The Water Chains tightened abruptly and the Magic Beast let out a scream.

Ming Xuan was shocked to see this.
Her Magic Beast couldn’t resist at all! “Ice Rain!” Ming Xuan roared as the water element immediately appeared in the space around her.
The temperature dropped abruptly and the water element immediately condensed into the shape of an icicle.
There were hundreds of them!

“Go!” With a furious shout, the densely packed ice cones smashed towards Yun Feng like raindrops.
Yun Feng tightened her grip on the Ice Chains and the Magic Beast bound by the Ice Chains cried miserably again.
The Ice Chains had already twisted the Magic Beast’s body a bit.
The coldness that came from the Ice Chains slowly made the Magic Beast feel even more painful.

“Ding, ding, ding…” The sound of nails hitting the ground sounded.
A transparent blue shield was erected in front of Yun Feng.
The icicles that were as dense as raindrops were all blocked by the shield and couldn’t be penetrated.
They all fell to the ground powerlessly!

“I can’t… hurt her!” Ming Xuan couldn’t help but curse in a low voice.
Her Magic Beast was completely useless and her magic couldn’t hurt her at all.
In this encounter, she didn’t have any advantage at all!

“Bang!” There was the sound of something heavy hitting the ground.
Yun Feng loosened her grip and the chains suddenly loosened.
The Magic Beast, which had been invaded by the water element, fell from the sky stiffly.
It seemed that it was badly injured.
Ming Xuan stood there with a flushed face.
Yun Feng didn’t bully her.
You have the water element.
I’ll only fight you with the water element!

The blue barrier slowly disappeared, but the chain in Yun Feng’s hand suddenly changed direction and went straight for Ming Xuan! A hint of killing intent flashed in Yun Feng’s eyes.
This woman wanted Yaoyao.
She would be a disaster sooner or later if she was kept alive!

When Ming Xuan saw Yun Feng attacking her fiercely, she immediately mobilized the water element to form a barrier in front of her.
She thought she could resist a bit more, but she didn’t expect that the barrier would be completely shattered under the attack of the chains!

“Crash!” When the defensive barrier of the water element shattered in front of Ming Xuan’s eyes, she widened her eyes.
Seeing the ice blue chains coming towards her body, the terrifying and familiar temperature was about to invade her body.
Ming Xuan finally saw the killing intent in Yun Feng’s eyes.
She was going to kill her!

“Clang!” The sound of the chain falling to the ground was heard.
The chain that was about to wrap around Ming Xuan was forcibly cut off from the middle.
The part of the chain that was cut off instantly turned into light blue water elements and dissipated in the air.
The remaining part fell on the ground and made a sound.

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and looked at the person who appeared next to Ming Xuan.
It was the branch hall master.
Yun Feng wasn’t unfamiliar with that move just then.
He directly controlled the power of space and cut off the chains!

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Yun Feng waved her hand, and the chains all disappeared.
The branch leader stared at Yun Feng.
“In the territory of the branch hall, you must consider what you do.”

Ming Xuan was stunned.
Why was the Hall Master so polite? Yun Feng chuckled.
The coldness on her face was gone, but the coldness in her eyes hadn’t faded yet.
“Of course.
But you should consider carefully before you do anything too.
Don’t lose the big picture because of a small matter..”

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