Yaoyao opened its mouth and called out a few more times, but no one could understand what it said.
It seemed that the languages of Magic Beasts weren’t the same either.
The difference between the land Magic Beasts and the water Magic Beasts was even greater.

Seeing that Yun Feng was still very confused, Yaoyao immediately stopped talking.
The light-colored water element around its body suddenly became denser and wrapped around Yaoyao’s entire body, completely covering her like the egg back then.
Yun Feng clearly felt a kind of energy fluctuation coming from Yaoyao’s body, like a spring that was being slightly suppressed pouring out.

After the concentration of the water element reached a very high level, it slowly faded again, turning into a color that became more and more transparent.
Yaoyao, while being wrapped in it, also showed up, but there was a huge change.

Xia Qing couldn’t help but exclaim with shock and excitement in his eyes.
Little Fire and Lan Yi were also a bit shocked.
Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, blinked his black eyes.
Thank goodness.

It turned into a girl that was about the same height as Xia Qing.
Her long black hair was tied with a blue ribbon, and she had a cute and beautiful face like a doll.
Her blue eyes were very similar to Lan Yi’s, but there was a vertical line in her pupils.
She was wearing light blue clothes, which made her look like a 500% little girl.

“It has transformed?” Little Fire looked at it with its mouth agape.
Which Magic Beast could transform when it was just born? This was the first time he saw it! Magic Beasts only had the ability to transform when they reached level 7 and above.
The sea demons learned it when they were born?

“Maybe they’re talented in transforming.
After all, the merfolk are very close to humans.” Lan Yi sized up Yaoyao with his eyes.
She looked so innocent and cute, but her personality…

Yaoyao raised her head and smiled at Yun Feng.
She then grabbed Yun Feng’s sleeve.
Yaoyao’s height could only reach Yun Feng’s chest right now.
She was about the same height as Xia Qing and looked like a kid.
Yun Feng’s heart softened when she saw this.
She touched Yaoyao’s head with her hand and Yaoyao smiled back with a reliant look.

“So… So cute… I really want to be friends with her…” Xia Qing looked at Yaoyao with a longing look.
Yaoyao, who had transformed, looked exactly like a human girl.
For a moment, Xia Qing found it hard to associate her with that sea demon just then.
Little Fire said in disdain, “Stupid girl, stay away from her if you don’t want to be torn by her sharp teeth.”

“Qingqing, Brother Fire is right.
Even if she looks like a human being right now, even if she looks harmless, don’t forget that she’s still a Magic Beast in her original form,” said Lan Yi earnestly on the side.
“The eagles have heard some rumors about the sea demons.
They only allow people they acknowledge to get close to them.
Before they get her approval, don’t get close.”

“Little Fire, Lan Yi, and Qingqing, you three stay here with Qu Lanyi.
I’ll take Yaoyao to the branch hall and find out what’s going on.” After saying that, Yun Feng turned around and pushed the door open.
She held Yaoyao’s hand, which had just transformed, and the two of them looked extremely harmonious.

“Come back soon,” shouted Xia Qing with a regretful look.
Qu Lanyi touched his short hair with his hand and patted Xia Qing’s head.
“Don’t worry.
Yaoyao will accept you.”

Xia Qing chuckled, and so did Qu Lanyi.
Little Fire snorted in disdain.
In the end, it gloated, “You won’t be able to get close to Master anymore.”

Lan Yi nodded in agreement.
Hearing that, Qu Lanyi burst into laughter.
“Don’t worry.
I’ll take Yaoyao down.”

“Aren’t you afraid of being bitten to pieces?” Little Fire glanced at her with its black eyes.
Qu Lanyi chuckled with a glint in his eyes.
“After all, she’s a newly hatched sea demon.
It shouldn’t be difficult for her to accept me as long as we train her carefully.
But what I care about is where the egg was found.
I don’t believe it at all from the bottom of the Endless Sea.”

“It might cause a problem to Master if she takes Yaoyao with her.
The merfolk live in the Endless Sea and have never stepped on the continent.
If this egg was stolen from the merfolk, there will be endless trouble in the future,” said Lan Yi in a low voice.
Little Fire also scratched its head in frustration.

“I should’ve told Master.
The merfolk are like the Dragons, they value their own people very much.
If they find out one day that a sea demon was stolen and left outside, they won’t let it go.”

“They… probably won’t find out…” Even though Xia Qing didn’t quite understand, she knew that the situation was serious, so she said softly.
Lan Yi and Little Fire both smiled helplessly, while Qu Lanyi’s face darkened.
“They won’t find out, will they? It’ll be fine if they missed something, but it’ll be troublesome if they don’t.”

“However, the merfolk probably won’t go on land.” Lan Yi said, “The merfolk don’t like land to begin with.
They haven’t appeared on land for thousands of years.
If they really find an egg missing, they’ll only send a few people to explore the land.
They won’t come on a large scale.
As long as Master doesn’t go to the Endless Sea, everything will be fine.”

After Lan Yi said that, the scene fell into silence.
Little Fire and Qu Lanyi both wondered if Yun Feng would really not go to the Endless Sea, the mysterious sea.

Yun Feng took Yaoyao out.
Yaoyao was very obedient.
She held Yun Feng’s hand silently and looked at the people around her curiously with her eyes, exploring this unfamiliar world.
Yun Feng smiled and held her hand as they walked to the area of the branch hall.
Along the way, they attracted countless gazes.
Both of them were rare beautiful girls.
A beautiful woman was walking on the street with an equally cute little girl.
It was already a scenery.
Yaoyao seemed a bit uncomfortable with the noisy environment and the passionate and complicated gazes around her.
She also became more and more frustrated.

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Yun Feng touched Yaoyao’s head with her hand to ease her tension.
If this kid became angry, it should be very scary.
Under Yun Feng’s comfort, Yaoyao finally didn’t fly into a rage..
When Yun Feng led her to the area where the branch hall was located, it was finally a bit quieter.

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