“It’s very dangerous to look at this little thing in the eye,” whispered Qu Lanyi as he slowly lowered his hand.
The little thing wrapped in the water element blinked a few times.
Yun Feng calmed herself down and finally looked at it.
It had a pair of deep blue eyes with vertical pupils.
Yun Feng’s breath tightened again.
This was…

“Master, is this merfolk?” Xia Qing asked carefully, fearing that she would scare the little thing in the water element.
Little Fire and Lan Yi were also a bit surprised.
As land Magic Beasts, they had never seen water Magic Beasts, especially the merfolk, and had only heard of them.
After all, the merfolk lived at the bottom of the Endless Sea, which they couldn’t go to.

“No, it’s not.” Yun Feng took a deep breath and finally said slowly.
Qu Lanyi raised her brows in surprise.
Yun Feng slowly withdrew the water element and the little thing swam towards Yun Feng with its fishtail swinging.
Meatball on her shoulder cried softly.
The little thing suddenly raised its head and bared its teeth at Meatball.
Its sharp teeth showed its wildness.
Its teeth were as sharp as Meatball’s.

Yun Feng slowly extended her hand, and the little thing came close to her.
It wrapped its tail around Yun Feng’s waist and moved its upper body closer.
It directly extended its arms and hugged Yun Feng.

The little thing buried its face on Yun Feng’s neck.
Meatball stood on the other side, looking very angry.
However, the little thing didn’t care at all.
Its transparent blue fins moved slightly, as if it was very satisfied with its current condition.

“It’s not merfolk? Then what is it?” Qu Lanyi’s face darkened.
Another thing that clung to Fengfeng appeared.
Another third wheel!

Yun Feng slowly touched the fin on the fish’s tail.
The fin trembled slightly and let Yun Feng touch it.
Yun Feng said slowly, “It’s not merfolk.
It’s a sea demon.”

Yun Feng recalled the records of the Magic Beasts left behind by her ancestor about the merfolk.
The merfolk had a unique branch, which was caused by the mutation of their bloodline.
They were the most aggressive and ferocious branch of the merfolk, called the sea demons.

The existence of sea demons in the merfolk should be equivalent to the existence of the griffins in the eagle race.
The sea demons were caused by the mutation of their bloodline.
They could be said to be even more precious.
They were the most aggressive and ferocious merfolk.
Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered as she looked at the little thing that was holding her in her arms.
She thought about the content that her master added in the Magic Beast notes.
This should be her master’s evaluation of the sea demons.

Sea demons were the best water element Magic Beasts.

“Master, let’s wait for it to grow a bit before we contract it.
Otherwise, the Magic Beast might be injured because of the violent increase in energy,” said Lan Yi.
Yun Feng nodded.
It couldn’t be done in one go.
Everything had to be done slowly.

“Master, can I touch it?” asked Xia Qing expectantly, but Little Fire grabbed her hand and looked at the blue sea demon with its pure black eyes.
Little Fire looked a bit nervous.
Lan Yi also shook his head and said solemnly, “Don’t get close to it.
Sea demons are brutal and fierce.
We can’t approach it except for Master.”

Everyone agreed with what Lan Yi said.
Xia Qing nodded and looked at the sea demon with her big eyes.
The fins of the sea demon were glittering with bright blue light with spots.
Its tail was wrapped around Yun Feng’s body and its upper body was in Yun Feng’s arms, looking very clingy.
It wouldn’t leave anytime soon.
Although Meatball felt that its territory had been occupied, it didn’t bite it directly.
It also knew that although the sea demon had just hatched from the egg, it was still not easy to deal with.

The sea demon’s eyes were slightly closed, looking like it was enjoying itself.
Faint water elements lingered around its body with heavy water vapor.
Xia Qing looked at it for a long time and finally said, “Master, give it a name.”

Yun Feng was startled.
Right, since this little thing came out of the egg, it should have a name.
As for a nice name… “Why don’t we call it… Yaoyao1?” Yun Feng smiled awkwardly.
She wasn’t very talented at giving names.
She could just call it Yaoyao.

“It’s a very nice name.
Yaoyao, don’t you think?” Xia Qing chuckled and said to the sea demon in Yun Feng’s arms.
The sea demon slowly raised its head and looked at Yun Feng with its eyes.
Its fins shook gently, as if it accepted the name.

Since it was given the name Yaoyao, it certainly suited the characteristics of the sea demons.
However, Yun Feng didn’t expect Yaoyao to be so clingy.
Ever since it hatched from the egg, it had been clinging to Yun Feng and refusing to leave.
When people tried to get close to Yun Feng, Yaoyao would show a ferocious expression, which made its originally beautiful smile look extremely ferocious like Meatball.

“When can it get off of you?” Qu Lanyi frowned hard.
Yaoyao on Yun Feng’s body didn’t allow anyone to get close to Yun Feng.
It only allowed Meatball to stand on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
It was also very unfriendly to Meatball.
Lan Yi and Little Fire weren’t allowed to get close either.
Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
The sea demons must be quite possessive of their territory.
In the eyes of Yaoyao, Yun Feng had already become her property.

“It’s indeed a bit too clingy.” Yun Feng tried to take Yaoyao out of her arms, but Yaoyao seemed reluctant when she touched the fishtail around its waist.
It looked at Yun Feng with a pitiful face.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth moved.
“Yaoyao, it’s not convenient for me to take you out right now.” Yun Feng certainly had to go out.
The date of accepting the bounty was almost here.
She had to report to the branch hall.
However, if she took Yaoyao out with her, she would undoubtedly cause a lot of unnecessary trouble, especially in the West Continent where there were hidden dragons and crouching tigers.
Yun Feng hadn’t contracted with Yaoyao yet, and Yaoyao could be taken away at any time.

After hearing what Yun Feng said, the sea demon slowly loosened its tail and its body also left Yun Feng’s body with extreme reluctance.
When it opened its mouth, Yun Feng saw the sharp teeth in its mouth.
It seemed to want to say something, but it only made subtle sounds like the cry of a baby.

“What is she talking about?” asked Little Fire with a frown.
Lan Yi shook his head.
“Brother Fire, if you don’t understand, I certainly can’t.”

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