Chapter 545: Incubation (2)

The woman wanted to say something else, but Ling smiled and said, “Madam, please don’t say anything else, or you’ll embarrass yourself.”

The woman blushed immediately.
She bit her lips and stood there unwillingly, staring at the egg on the platform.
No water-element summoner would let go of such an egg.
The bloodline of the merfolk, the mysterious race that lived at the bottom of the Endless Ocean, would be a great help if they could contract with such a race!

Opportunities were always given to people who were prepared.
It could only be said that Yun Feng was very lucky.
She happened to have what the seller wanted.
If it was something she didn’t have, she would also have a headache like other people.
Some things were still obtained by those who were fated.

Ling said a few more words on the stage.
The auction had undoubtedly ended.
Since someone had obtained the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid, the others certainly didn’t have a chance.
Many people also left with regret on their faces.
That level-9 summoner could only turn around and leave angrily in the end, feeling very upset.

“My Lady, please wait a moment.” Ling bowed slightly in Yun Feng’s direction and walked off the auction stage with the egg in his arms.
The auction had already ended and the people in the hall had already left one after another.
Yun Feng waited in the room, and soon, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” The door was pushed open, and Ling walked in with that exquisite box in his arms.
Behind him was a man with an expressionless face.
The man’s facial features were very flat and he didn’t seem to be smiling.
When he saw Yun Feng, he only nodded.
Yun Feng also nodded slightly at him.
This man was very tense.
Yun Feng could vaguely feel the strength he had suppressed.
The faint energy waves kept coming from the man’s body.
This was another person who hid himself well.

Ling carefully put the box in his arms in front of Yun Feng and stood aside.
“Miss Yun, the seller wants to see your Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid.”

Yun Feng flipped her hand, and a small bottle appeared in her hand.
The surface of the bottle was semi-transparent, and the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid inside was rippling with a hazy red color.
Violent fire-element energy was spreading faintly.

Xia Qing’s eyes widened in shock, but she didn’t say anything.
The bottle in Yun Feng’s hand was much smaller than the one she saw just then.
Yun Feng certainly wasn’t a fool.
She certainly couldn’t give him all the good stuff and had to keep it for herself.
The Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid she took out right now was only a quarter of the original one.
Three quarters of it was still in Yun Feng’s bracelet.

The rigid man’s eyes suddenly brightened when he saw the Fire Essence Origin Life Fluid.
His breathing also became slightly rapid, as if he had been longing for this thing for a long time.
Ling stood aside and smiled when he saw this.
“Sir, are you satisfied?”

The man raised his head and looked at Yun Feng, as if he was searching for something.
In the end, he said slowly, “You have more.” His voice was a bit hoarse.
Yun Feng was startled in her mind, but she didn’t show it on her face.
“That’s all.
Whether you believe it or not is your business.”

The man frowned slightly and sized Yun Feng up with his black eyes.
Yun Feng let him size her up.
She didn’t believe that this man would know what was inside her bracelet.

After a while of silence, the man finally nodded and took the bottle from Yun Feng’s hand, holding it firmly in his hand.
The man’s body was trembling slightly.
Seeing the man like this, Yun Feng felt a bit weird and didn’t ask anything.
Ling stood up and walked out with the man.

“Master, did that person really know?” Xia Qing blinked.
Yun Feng smiled.
“Maybe he’s testing us.
Maybe he really knows.”

She glanced at the box on the table.
The egg was lying inside quietly.
It would be fine if it was really the egg of the merfolk, but if it wasn’t, she might have suffered a loss.

“Don’t worry, Miss Yun.
There won’t be any problem with this egg.” At this moment, Ling pushed the door open and walked in again.
He smiled at Yun Feng.
“The other two items that Miss Yun won are here too.
Please take them, Miss Yun.”

The Golden Rat and the Flower Eagle were also sent in.
Both the big and the small cages were moved in.
Yun Feng nodded and waved her hand.
A small pile of ultimate ores was piled on the table.
“Count them.”

Ling chuckled and put all the ultimate ores in his storage space without counting them.
“Miss Yun is an honored guest here.
Of course, I don’t have to count them.
Goodbye.” He opened the door politely and walked out.
Xia Qing ran to the cage of the eagle and looked at the giant eagle curiously.
It was still blindfolded.

“We’ll have to wait until you reach level 6.” Yun Feng patted Xia Qing’s head.
She should let this kid study in the Dragon Palace.
It would be easier with half the effort.
If she could contract with the Flower Eagle as soon as possible, Xia Qing would be safer.

The Flower Eagle flapped in the cage and let out a few chirps.
Lan Yi walked over.
“Don’t worry.
Your future master is a good person.
She won’t mistreat you.”

After hearing that, the Flower Eagle became completely quiet.
Perhaps it had heard what Lan Yi said.
After all, Lan Yi was an experienced Magic Beast and Yun Feng treated it quite well.
Lan Yi was also honored to have a master like Yun Feng.
His master’s disciple certainly couldn’t be too bad.

Xia Qing had already taken the Golden Rat out of the cage.
The little thing seemed very close to Xia Qing when it saw her and it knew its fate.
As a magic pet, the Golden Rat was indeed very cool.

Xia Qing held the Golden Velvet Mouse in her hand lovingly and stroked its soft long fur.
Meatball stood on Yun Feng’s shoulder and looked at the Golden Rat in disdain.
The Golden Rat raised its head and yelled at Meatball in a friendly way, but Meatball gave it an extremely ferocious look.
The Golden Rat was so scared that it immediately crawled into Xia Qing’s arms and refused to come out.

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Yun Feng took out an empty interspatial ring and put the Flower Eagle in it, handing it to Xia Qing.
“Qingqing, you can only open this interspatial ring when you reach level 6.
You can only contract this Flower Eagle at level 6.
Don’t be hasty.”

Xia Qing took the ring and nodded hard.
Yun Feng smiled in relief.
Looking at the box on the table, Yun Feng had some expectations in her mind.
The egg of the merfolk, a water-element Magic Beast group, were also what she wanted.

They returned to the hotel where they lived and didn’t see the dissatisfied level-9 summoner.
Even though they didn’t see that woman, the unwillingness in her heart might not let her go so easily.
However, Yun Feng wasn’t worried.
That woman wasn’t a threat with her level-9 strength..

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