Chapter 542: Magic Beast Auction (4)

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“This price is quite reasonable.
After all, they’re all rare species.
It took a lot of effort to show them in front of everyone.
Fifty ultimate ores as the starting price, and each one is the same.
Please do what you can.
If you can’t pay the price after you make the bidding, the Summoning Union won’t let you get away.”

Although Ling’s words were gentle and polite, they sounded very solemn in the ears.
Some people who wanted to make a bid without the ores immediately stopped and didn’t say anything else.
The hall also fell into silence.
So far, the starting price of 50 ultimate ores had already reduced the number of people competing to a small extent.
After all, only a few people could afford such a price, and most of these people were summoners.

Summoners were rich.
No matter where they were, their status and identity as a summoner would be respected.
There would also be people who were willing to spend a large amount of money to rope in their relationship with you.
Some summoners were all energized at this moment.
Their part of the auction had just officially started.

Yun Feng chuckled.
The Summoning Union was indeed on their side.
They set such a high starting price that others couldn’t participate.
If the ultimate Magic Beasts fell into the hands of someone other than the summoner, the Summoning Union would probably be devastated.

Ling clapped his hands, and the staff at the back of the auction stage slowly pushed out a giant cage.
This cage was the largest among all the cages that had been presented, and also had a curtain on the outside.
Such a huge cage immediately aroused everyone’s curiosity.
What exactly was inside the cage?

Yun Feng also looked at it with curiosity.
Such a huge cage represented the enormous size of this Magic Beast.
Usually, the strength of a giant Magic Beast was extraordinary.
For example, Lan Yi transformed into the size of a griffin, which was even larger than this cage.

Ling walked to the side of the cage and slowly lifted the white curtain covering it.
The Magic Beast in the huge cage was finally about to appear in front of everyone’s eyes.
As the Magic Beast’s body was revealed, everyone’s breathing also became tighter and tighter.
When the curtain was completely removed, the Magic Beast in the cage was completely revealed in front of everyone’s eyes.

Lan Yi froze, and his blue eyes glittered.
Little Fire noticed that something was wrong with Lan Yi.
It frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lan Yi stared at the giant Magic Beast in the cage and said slowly, “It’s my kin.”

“The Flower Eagle.
It’s a rare species among the eagles, second only to the griffins.
It’s a wind-element Magic Beast.
The bloodline of the Flower Eagle is pure and weak.
The chance of reproduction is only ten percent, and the number of Flower Eagles that survive is even fewer.
As for why the Flower Eagle is a rare species among the eagles, everyone should have heard about it.” Ling put on a meaningful smile.
Lan Yi heaved a sigh.
“It’s an illusion.”

“There are engravings on the wings of the Flower Eagle that are similar to that of the griffins.
The engravings of the griffins are powerful, but the engravings of the Flower Eagle can make people hallucinate.”

The eagle in the cage moved slightly.
There was no color on the surface of its body.
It had pure white feathers and its eyes were covered.
Unlike the griffin which had a lion’s head, the Flower Eagle looked like a pure eagle.

The size of the cage limited the eagle perfectly.
Its wings couldn’t be stretched at all, so it was impossible to know about the so-called illusion.
However, the summoners couldn’t possibly get fake goods.

“Fifty ultimate ores for a start.
If anyone is interested, you’d better start right away.”

The scene froze for a moment.
For a moment, nobody made a bid.
Yun Feng also stayed silent, but she was determined to win.
She must get the Flower Eagle, which was second only to the griffin!

Xia Qing looked at the Flower Eagle and was shocked by its charm and magic.
The young Xia Qing might not be able to understand the mysterious and powerful abilities of the Flower Eagle.
She was simply attracted to it.

Ling wasn’t in a hurry as he stood on the stage and waited with a smile.
Yun Feng knew in her mind that even though she had the capital, she couldn’t squander it recklessly.
She had to exchange the least capital for the greatest value.

“One hundred ultimate ores.” A serious voice echoed in the entire hall.
Yun Feng immediately understood that the voice wasn’t from someone in the hall.
It came from someone who was hiding in a high-level room like her!

Ling slowly put on a smile.
“A hundred ultimate ores.
Is there anyone who offers a higher price?” The people in the hall were a bit dumbfounded.
Even some summoners had a change of expression.
They thought they still had some competitiveness, but the price had been raised to such a high level! A hundred ultimate ores! They wouldn’t be able to save so many in their entire life! Ultimate ores weren’t like worthless cabbages on the street.
How could they bid like this?!

“One hundred and one.” Yun Feng’s voice echoed in the hall again.
Little Fire couldn’t help but laugh, and Qu Lanyi couldn’t help it either.
Xia Qing looked at her teacher with admiration in her eyes.

Ling’s expression instantly became awkward, and the people in the hall were also stunned.
Then, a few of them couldn’t help but laugh.
One hundred and one? Who exactly made such a hilarious bid?

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“One hundred and one.
Is there a higher bid?”

“150!” It was that voice again.
Yun Feng moved her body lazily.





The two of them shouted one after another.
Yun Feng offered one more ore than the other party every time.
It was more of a provocation than a bid.
Qu Lanyi was already overjoyed.
He laughed until his stomach hurt and looked at Yun Feng affectionately.
The woman he liked was indeed extraordinary.



The bidding continued and the price kept rising.
The people in the hall who were smiling couldn’t smile anymore.
Their hearts couldn’t bear such a price.

“800!” A roar came.
Apparently, the other party was already enraged by Yun Feng’s provocation.
Everyone in the hall gasped.
Oh my god, eight hundred! Eight hundred ultimate ores!

Ling still had that faint smile, but there was delight all over his eyes.
As expected, she lived up to everyone’s expectations.
Yun Feng’s voice sounded again..

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