Chapter 541: Magic Beast Auction (3)

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This was a purely ornamental Magic Pet.
It should be an appetizer.
Naturally, it couldn’t attract the interest of a summoner, but the others were quite interested.
Xia Qing was a kid after all, so she certainly couldn’t resist such a cute little thing.
She stared at the Golden Rats with her big eyes, looking like she liked them very much.

“Do you like it?” Yun Feng asked in a low voice, but Xia Qing shook her head.
Yun Feng certainly knew that this kid didn’t want to cause trouble for her.
She felt very touched.

“The starting price is one high-level ore.
Let the auction begin,” said Ling casually.
Someone had already made their bidding and the first round of the auction began.

Naturally, the Magic Beast Auction didn’t use money as a currency.
Everything was based on ores.
There were also some people who went to exchange ores just for the Magic Beast Auction.
If there were any special requirements, they would explain in private that everything was sold at the price of ores.

The last things Yun Feng lacked were ores.
Putting aside the ones her ancestor left for her and the pile of ultimate ores she got when she explored the gods’ relics, she didn’t have to worry at all as long as she had the Ultimate Crystal Beast.

The Ultimate Crystal Beast had been staying quietly in Yun Feng’s Dragon Palace.
Yun Feng didn’t put the Crystal Beast in her bracelet, fearing that Meatball would eat it up.
The Ultimate Crystal Beast had been sleeping ever since it entered the Dragon Palace, which saved Yun Feng a lot of energy.

The price in the main hall kept rising.
Only a few people were bidding, while the others looked uninterested.
In the end, the price rose to fifty high-level ores, which was already a sky-high price for an ornamental Magic Pet.

“Fifty high-level ores.
Anyone else?” asked Ling casually.
Yun Feng glanced at Xia Qing’s face and pressed the button next to her.
Ling glanced at her.
Yun Feng opened her mouth and said, “One hundred high-level ores.”

Everyone in the hall took a deep breath and looked around.
Who was this? A hundred high-level ores! Was he some rich guy?

Ling smiled casually.
“One hundred high-level ores.
Anyone else?”

Nobody in the hall dared to bid anymore.
Was that person crazy to buy an ornamental Magic Beast with a hundred high-level ores? Yun Feng glanced down indifferently.
Xia Qing was obviously a bit dumbfounded.
Why did her teacher buy this rat? It was useless for her, wasn’t it?

One hundred high-level ores.
The first round of the Magic Beast Auction already had an astronomical price.
Everyone’s face darkened a bit.
It seemed that there were really quite a lot of people who came to compete today.
The pressure was huge.

The level-9 summoner, who had been sitting there, sneered.
“Just a rich and extravagant playboy.” His rather cold face smiled with disdain.
Yun Feng certainly saw the mentality of the people below.
It was their business to think whatever they wanted.


“One hundred high-level ores, three times.
Deal!” The first Magic Beast was sold at a sky-high price.
This was undoubtedly a good start and also brought an inexplicable pressure.
Yun Feng pressed the button again and Xia Qing quickly said, “Why do you want to buy it, teacher? You don’t need it!”

Qu Lanyi chuckled and caressed Xia Qing’s head.
“Qingqing, your teacher bought that for you.”

Xia Qing was stunned.
Yun Feng smiled and didn’t say anything else.
She turned around and continued to watch the auction.
Xia Qing stood there in a daze, and her nose was a bit sore.
Which teacher would be willing to spend a hundred high-level ores to buy something for their disciple? Even if they cared for their disciple, they wouldn’t do that!

Yun Feng only felt a small body suddenly jump into her arms and she quickly hugged it.
Xia Qing hugged Yun Feng, looking like she was about to cry.
Yun Feng chuckled.
Wasn’t this kid too emotional? For a summoner, such a personality might be a bit too weak.
It seemed that Xia Qing’s personality still needed to be polished.

The auction continued.
The few Magic Beasts that were pushed up also gradually entered the auction and became more and more aggressive.
Yun Feng didn’t participate in the bidding, which made the people below feel relieved.
That guy who offered a sky-high price finally stopped talking.
Perhaps he didn’t have any ores left.

Magic Beasts were bought one after another at a satisfactory price.
Some were summoners, some were tamers, and some were people of other professions.
The atmosphere of the Magic Beast Auction became more and more heated under the influence of Ling.
The people who bid also seemed to be in a crazy state, but there were still some people who were calm and hadn’t made a move yet.
For example, Yun Feng, who didn’t participate anymore, and the level-9 summoner who had been silent since the beginning.

Yun Feng certainly noticed this too.
The level-9 summoner sat there steadily.
No matter how much people around shouted and how enthusiastic they were, she didn’t show any interest in the Magic Beasts no matter how tempting they were.
It seemed that she was here for another target.
Yun Feng understood that the good stuff must be left for last.
This woman was quite patient.

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They had already auctioned ten Magic Beasts along the way.
There were all kinds of Magic Beasts and some of them were of good quality, but they could only be considered excellent.
Among the ten Magic Beasts in the auction, although there were also wind-element Magic Beasts, their qualifications could only be considered average.
Yun Feng didn’t make a move either.
After all, she must give the best to Xia Qing.

At this point, everyone knew that the real highlight of the Magic Beast Auction was coming.
After delivering the tenth Magic Beast, Ling cleared his throat and said, “As you know, the Magic Beast Auction always surprises you, and this time is no exception.
The three Magic Beasts that are going to be auctioned next, with their bloodline and aptitude, are all rare species.
If you like them, please give it your all.
After all, you can’t see them elsewhere.
If you miss this opportunity, you won’t be able to see them again.”

After Ling said that, the atmosphere became heated again.
Some people couldn’t wait any longer and shouted, “Take it out!”

Ling smiled casually and glanced at the people in the hall.
“These three Magic Beasts are all rare species.
Their price certainly won’t be comparable to the ones in front.
The lowest price is fifty ultimate ores.” As soon as he said that, the people in the hall gasped again.
Fifty ultimate ores? Damn! That’s unreasonable!

The level-9 summoner’s expression also tightened.
Fifty ultimate ores? A hint of embarrassment flashed on her cold face..
In the end, she slowly heaved a sigh of relief.
She was going all out!

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