Chapter 540: Magic Beast Auction (2)

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Yun Feng chuckled and petted Little Fire’s head.
Ling put away the book in his hand and smiled gently at Yun Feng.
“The Magic Beast Auction has already started.
I’ll take you there.
With your level, you’ll have an independent private room that won’t be disturbed by anyone.”

Yun Feng walked out of the door under Ling’s guidance.
Ling glanced at Qu Lanyi, who was following her.
“Miss Yun, this is…”

“A servant,” Yun Feng replied briefly.
“Why? Can’t I bring one?”

Ling pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and chuckled.
“A servant? I wonder if you need another one, Miss Yun.
How about myself?”

A fierce light flashed through Qu Lanyi’s eyes.
He stepped forward and stood between Yun Feng and Ling, looking straight into Ling’s eyes.
“My Young Lady doesn’t need anyone else.”

Ling took half a step back politely.
“Please don’t mind me.
I was just kidding.
I’m very satisfied with my current position.
I have no intention of becoming a servant.” Ling turned right and Yun Feng saw a building on the side with the word “Auction House” on it.
Ling opened the door gently and smiled at Yun Feng.
“Miss Yun, please come in.” After saying that, Ling lowered his head slightly and waited for Yun Feng to go in.
Yun Feng walked in.
Once she entered a spiral staircase, she found a passage on the other side.
Ling’s voice came from behind her.
“Miss Yun, please go upstairs.”

Ling walked over and led the way for Yun Feng on the stairs.
Yun Feng followed him, holding Xia Qing’s hand and Qu Lanyi on the other side.
The stairs were also unusually spacious.
It wouldn’t be crowded even if the three of them walked side by side.
Little Fire and Lan Yi were the last.
Meatball, who was standing on Yun Feng’s shoulder, was unusually quiet at this moment.
It was looking around with its big eyes.

The spiral staircase was very high.
After walking for a while, Ling stopped in front and opened a door, leading Yun Feng inside.
Yun Feng glanced at the spiral staircase, which was still extending upwards.

Opening the door, there was a wide corridor with ten doors.
Ling opened one of the doors and slightly bowed to invite Yun Feng in.
After Yun Feng entered, she found herself in a very luxurious room.
One of the walls of the room was completely transparent, and there was an auction on the outside.
The rooms of the Park City Auction House were a bit similar to this one, but the scale and facilities were much smaller.
It was obvious that the economic strength of the Summoning Union was extraordinary.

Yun Feng glanced outside through the transparent wall.
The main hall of the auction house was already filled with people one after another.
The Magic Beast Auction this time had attracted a lot of people.

“The Magic Beast Auction is always held in Wind Moon City?” Yun Feng asked as she glanced at the people below and saw a familiar figure.
The level-9 summoner she met a few days ago was also sitting there.

Ling didn’t leave.
Instead, he stood at the door and answered Yun Feng’s question with a smile, “Of course not.
This time, Wind Moon City won the right to hold it.
The Magic Beast Auction can be held anywhere on the West Continent.”

“Are the people here all summoners?” Yun Feng asked casually.
Ling chuckled.
“Miss Yun, your questions are truly sharp.
The Magic Beast Auction isn’t only open to summoners.
Anyone interested in Magic Beasts can participate.”

“The Magic Beast Auction hosted by the Summoning Union accepts outsiders?” Qu Lanyi stood aside.
He was a servant right now and couldn’t sit down.

Ling pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose again.
“Although the organizer is the Summoning Union, other people are the ones who provide the Magic Beasts.
The Summoning Union is just the organizer.
It has no right to dictate who should come and who shouldn’t.”

Seeing the green ring on Ling’s hand, Qu Lanyi’s eyes glittered.
“Are you a summoner too?”

After a while, Ling looked at the ring on his hand and chuckled.
“Sorry about that.
This is just something for show.”

Yun Feng glanced at everyone on the scene.
Naturally, these people couldn’t all be summoners.
Judging from the number, there should be people from other professions too.
Magic Beasts weren’t only useful for fighting, but they could also be mounts or even pets.

“Miss Yun, the auction is about to begin.
I’ll take my leave first.” Ling bowed slightly and said, then pushed the door open and walked out.
Xia Qing’s little face was full of excitement.
She wouldn’t have experienced such an event if it weren’t for Yun Feng.

“Master, what kind of Magic Beasts will there be? I’m looking forward to them!” Xia Qing stared at the auction stage with his big eyes.
It was empty at this moment, but it still attracted Xia Qing’s attention.
Yun Feng smiled.
She could understand Xia Qing’s feelings.
Everybody in the hall must be feeling the same.

As the light in the main hall dimmed, the noise immediately died down.
The lights on the auction stage suddenly turned on, illuminating the entire stage.
Soon after, a figure slowly walked up from behind.

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“Everyone, I’ve kept you waiting for a long time.
The Alliance welcomes you with sincerity.
I hope you can return with satisfactory goods today.”

Yun Feng slowly raised the corners of her lips.
Xia Qing shouted in shock, “It’s that big brother!”

Ling stood on the auction stage with a professional smile on his face and said with a relaxed and easy tone, “Thank you for your anticipation.
The Magic Beast Auction begins now.”

The atmosphere in the main hall suddenly became tense.
Everyone’s face was full of excitement.
Even Yun Feng couldn’t help but look forward to seeing what kind of Magic Beast was to be auctioned first.

Ling clapped his hands, and a man came out of the back of the auction stage with a small cage.
There was a thick curtain on the outside of the cage.
After the man put the cage on the auction stage, Ling finally lifted the curtain after putting on the white gloves.
Everybody looked over.
Some of the people sitting behind even stood up and craned their necks to look ahead.

“Golden Rat, an earth-element Magic Beast.
It doesn’t have strong attack power, but it’s the most awesome as an ornamental Magic Pet,” introduced Ling with a smile.
The Golden Rat in the cage was covered in soft white fur.
The most astonishing thing was that its white fur was glittering with golden light.
Together with its cute little face, the golden light around its body became bigger and bigger..
The Golden Rat paced around in the cage uneasily, and the golden light on its body gradually spread out.

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