Chapter 53: Taste of His Own Medicine

Feeling the surging fighting energy in his palm, Lin Meng spread the corners of his mouth wide and showed a wicked smile.
His legs moved forward swiftly and his steps were agile.
In a blink, he had already gone a few meters forward.
This speed was astonishing!

“Little loser, you won’t be able to escape this time.
Cloud Piercing Palm!” As Lin Meng shouted, his hand was completely enveloped in fighting energy and he smacked straight towards Yun Feng’s Gate of Vitality!

Everyone watching the duel immediately held their breath.
What a Cloud Piercing Palm! It blocked all of Yun Feng’s ways out.
If she couldn’t dodge to avoid it at an even quicker speed, her head would only end up being smashed to pieces!

“Master Lin, kill her! Kill her!” Lin Meng’s supporters, who were watching the battle, shouted.
They seemed to be able to see Yun Feng being smashed and mutilated!

Lin Meng smiled deeper.
He smacked his hand down on Yun Feng, who wasn’t moving, with the sound of a gust of wind.
Little loser, you must die today!

“Yun Feng!” Ze Ran’s heart felt painful when he saw this and he couldn’t help but yell loudly.
Why didn’t she dodge? If she didn’t dodge, she would be killed!

Yun Feng, who was still standing there, only watched Lin Meng attack her.
Her feet didn’t even move a little.
Anyone else, including Mei Bing, would have moved away skillfully.
However, who was Yun Feng? What could Lin Meng, who was at the peak of level 3, possibly do to her?

The moment that Lin Meng got closer and was about to hit Yun Feng’s Gate of Vitality with his hand, Yun Feng moved!

She rushed forward with her slim body at a creepy speed.
She didn’t retreat but advanced instead! This move sent everyone into silence.
They looked at her in shock.
What was she doing? Digging her own grave?

Lin Meng laughed madly in his mind.
However, before he could laugh.
“Bang!” He felt that his chest was being punched heavily by someone.
The pain of a torn muscle made his facial features twist.

Yun Feng’s fist punched firmly in Lin Meng’s chest.
That seemingly slender fist created a dent on the body of a warrior who was at the peak of level 3!

“Poof!” Blood gushed out of Lin Meng’s throat, spurting on the ground.
Lin Meng knelt on the floor messily as he covered his chest with his hand.
He didn’t have any power to stand up again because of the pain there.
The location of his Qi meridians in his body also became a bit weird.
A scorching sensation surged out from there.

Lin Meng was horrified.
He immediately looked up, facing Yun Feng, who was expressionless at this moment, with his pale face.
He said with shaking lips, “What… did you do to me?”

Yun Feng slowly put down her fist.
A tiny plume of red elemental force disappeared quickly, so quick that nobody noticed.
Seeing Lin Meng’s pale face covered with cold sweat, Yun Feng slowly cracked a smile.

“How does it feel to have your Qi meridians damaged?”

“What… What!” Lin Meng’s black eyes immediately widened to the extreme, as if they were about to jump out of his eye sockets.
The vital energy and blood in his chest surged and he couldn’t help but spurt out a big mouthful of blood again.
Lin Meng tried to mobilize his fighting energy once again, but desperately found that the Qi meridians in his body had already been burnt by that weird heat!

Lin Meng’s Qi meridians were damaged.
All the money, energy and hope the Lin family put on Lin Meng, and even that recommendation spot at the Martial Arts Institute which he was bound to get, all vanished like soap bubbles!

“Yun Feng, you little bitch! How dare you…” Lin Meng glared at Yun Feng with blood at the corners of his mouth and resentment in his black eyes, as if he wanted to turn his gaze into a sharp sword, killing this little girl in front of him.

Yun Feng’s faint smile remained at the corners of her mouth.
Looking at Lin Meng kneeling on the ground at this moment, her eyes were full of coldness.
He got a taste of his own medicine!

People watching around couldn’t hear the conversation between the two of them, including Mei Bing.
They only saw that Lin Meng directly knelt on the ground after being punched, vomiting blood.
And yet, this was enough to make everyone gasp again.
Even those who yelled and asked Lin Meng to kill Yun Feng earlier, went completely silent right now.
They all looked extremely pale.

Lin Meng, Lin Meng who was at the peak of level 3, was knocked down on the ground by Yun Feng’s punch.
Then, how strong was Yun Feng? Had she reached level 4? She was a new student who had just been admitted this year.
Level 4… What a genius! What a great talent! Even Mei Bing and Lin Meng couldn’t compete with her at all!

Those watching the duel couldn’t help but turn to Mei Bing, the most powerful student at the Martial Arts Institute.
After seeing that he wasn’t really surprised, they all felt their hearts shake.
The top student of the Martial Arts Institute, Mei Bing, was indeed different.
He could still remain calm even when such a shocking incident happened in front of him! However, the others had no idea that it was because Mei Bing had already seen how powerful Yun Feng was with his own eyes.
That time, he was the same as these people.
Stunned! Couldn’t believe it!

Lin Meng was speechless as he knelt on the ground.
Yun Feng also didn’t say a word.
The campus was in a strange silence.
Mei Bing frowned.
Up till this point, the result of the duel was already very obvious.
Lin Meng was punched to the ground by Yun Feng.
With such strength, who else would dare to say that Yun Feng was a loser?

At this moment, as long as Lin Meng surrendered, this duel would end.
However, Lin Meng, who was kneeling on the ground, still hadn’t said anything after a long time.
Even if Yun Feng killed him, he couldn’t blame anyone.

Lin Meng was completely torn right now.
A breath of blood was stuck in his chest and couldn’t be relieved.
He couldn’t accept that his Qi meridians were damaged at all and he couldn’t even face all the senior members of the Lin family either!

Lin Meng hated Yun Feng, but he also blamed himself.
Why did Yun Feng come back to life again after she died at his hands back then? Her Qi meridians were undoubtedly damaged by him.
So why could she beat him up like this with a punch right now?

At this moment, he couldn’t say anything about surrendering at all.
Surrender? Who was he? If he surrendered now, where would the Lin family’s face and his own face be? Not to mention doing so in front of Yun Feng.
This little bitch, he should have slapped her a few times more back then to completely destroy her!

Lin Meng’s vicious eyes glittered.
Yun Feng only smiled coldly.
He thought she would be done after damaging his Qi meridians? That wasn’t enough!

While pondering in his mind, Lin Meng suddenly felt the coldness rising gradually from Yun Feng’s body.
His heart couldn’t help but tighten.
She really wanted to kill him! Lin Meng wasn’t a fool.
Under such a circumstance, he had to save himself, even if it meant that he would lose his face completely! Being alive was much better than anything else!

He abruptly opened his lips stained with blood.
Before Lin Meng could say that he surrendered, he felt a piercing pain in his shoulder, which made him scream uncontrollably.

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