Chapter 538: Kissing (5)

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“I’m a bit hungry.” Qu Lanyi smiled and glanced at the food.
Yun Feng smiled and sat there with her arms crossed.
She looked at Qu Lanyi with her black eyes.
“Tell me now.
What did you do to offend the Bright Moon Hall?”

Qu Lanyi leaned against the bed lazily.
Her short hair was a bit flamboyant.
Looking at Qu Lanyi, Yun Feng found him both strange and familiar.
“Where’s your long hair? Why is it like this?”

Qu Lanyi touched her hair.
“Fengfeng, do you like long hair? I’ll grow it again.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
“Answer my question.”

Qu Lanyi curled his lips and chuckled.
“It’s all because I’m too charming.
Some women wanted to have me, but I certainly wouldn’t listen to them.
Naturally, I made it clear that I’m already yours by fighting them, Fengfeng.” Qu Lanyi’s lips curled up slowly.
He said this in a teasing manner, but Yun Feng had a different feeling in her ears.

The cause of the incident was very simple.
After Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng were separated, he landed in a place.
Coincidentally, he ran into a woman who fell in love with him at first sight.
Naturally, Qu Lanyi didn’t care for her at all.
He didn’t expect that the woman would try to take him back.
Qu Lanyi didn’t listen to her.
Then, there was a huge battle, and Qu Lanyi escaped.
However, he didn’t expect that a bounty would be issued directly.
He had been fleeing miserably ever since.

After hearing that, Yun Feng asked in a deep voice, “Do you know who the woman that chased and beat you up is now?”

Qu Lanyi grunted lazily with disdain on his face.
“She’s the daughter of the Hall Master of the Bright Moon Hall.
That idiot.”

“You should feel honored that the daughter of the Hall Master of the Bright Moon Hall has taken a fancy to you.” Yun Feng sneered.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and leaned forward slightly, gazing into Yun Feng’s eyes.
“Fengfeng, do you mean it?”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
She slightly turned her head away and didn’t say anything else.
Qu Lanyi extended her hand and held Yun Feng’s chin, fixing her face.
At this moment, Qu Lanyi’s eyes glittered with an inexplicable light, which made Yun Feng nervous.

“I’ve said it before.
I don’t like women, but I like you.” Qu Lanyi moved closer and his hot breath came out.
“I’ve said that you’ll be my wife one day.”

Yun Feng’s breath tightened, and her heart raced.
Qu Lanyi approached her again, and their breaths merged.
“Do you think you can escape?”

The man reached out his hand and put it on Yun Feng’s back.
He suddenly raised his hand that was holding her chin and pressed his scorching hot lips down, blocking Yun Feng’s words.

Yun Feng only felt an electric current spreading from her lips to her body.
She wanted to refuse, but the raging tongue had a chance to invade her body.
Yun Feng’s little face instantly turned red when Qu Lanyi invaded, and her body trembled gently.
Qu Lanyi’s black eyes darkened.
He was about to deepen the kiss when he heard a loud shout.

There was a gust of wind and a black shadow that came quickly.
Qu Lanyi grunted and let go of Yun Feng.
He held his injured arm and looked at Meatball, which was baring its teeth at him.

The door had already been opened.
Lan Yi stood at the door and said unhurriedly, “Master, Brother Fire is here.” Yun Feng was stunned.
She looked outside and saw Little Fire standing there awkwardly and Xia Qing, who was blushing.

Yun Feng’s ears immediately turned red.
Did they… see everything?!

Among the three people standing at the door, Xia Qing’s face was especially flushed, like a cooked shrimp.
Her big eyes rolled back and forth, and her little heart in her chest kept pounding.
Her lips moved slightly.
“Master…” She had just opened her mouth to speak when Little Fire suddenly covered her mouth and glared at her fiercely.
Xia Qing blinked innocently, not understanding why it didn’t let her speak.

Yun Feng had completely calmed down at this moment, and the blush on her face had also completely faded.
Meatball looked at Qu Lanyi unhappily, and the little fangs in its mouth kept glittering.
A thought popped up in Qu Lanyi’s mind.
These third wheels were truly a hindrance! He and Fengfeng’s rare intimacy was interrupted like this.
Who knew when the next time would be?

“Why did you bring Qingqing here?” asked Yun Feng.
Lan Yi walked into the room with a rather calm attitude.
Little Fire let go of Xia Qing’s hand that was covering her mouth and also walked in.
Xia Qing rushed to Yun Feng’s side and chuckled.
Yun Feng touched her head with her hand.

“The Xia family has already stopped.
They probably wouldn’t dare to do anything even if they had more courage.
I felt stuck there and got bored, so I brought her here with me.” Little Fire leaped and sat on the table directly.
It looked at Xia Qing with a glint in its black eyes.

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“Master, who is he? Is he your husband?” Xia Qing looked at Qu Lanyi, who was lying on the bed, curiously, and blushed.
Qu Lanyi chuckled at Xia Qing, which made her blush even more.
Her husband was a handsome man!

“…” Yun Feng was silent.
Qu Lanyi replied, “Little girl, do you still not understand what happened just then?” Qu Lanyi blinked.
The red color that Yun Feng had finally faded away came back to her again, making Meatball scream in frustration.
Qu Lanyi put on a smile and stopped talking.

“Master, what’s wrong with him?” Little Fire raised its brows and glanced at Qu Lanyi, slightly surprised at his change.
He used to be neither a man nor a woman.

Yun Feng briefly explained the whole story.
Little Fire only grunted in disdain after hearing that.
Lan Yi raised its brows slightly and didn’t say anything.
Meatball, on the other hand, pointed its butt at Qu Lanyi and wiggled it provocatively.

“My teacher has a love rival!” said Xia Qing as she clenched her fists.
Yun Feng was startled and smiled awkwardly.
“Qingqing…” “I believe my teacher will beat her!” Xia Qing’s big eyes were glittering.
Yun Feng curled her lips helplessly, while Qu Lanyi smiled happily.
“That’s right.”

Qu Lanyi became serious the next second.
“You’ve accepted the bounty.
Are you giving up now?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“Of course I won’t give up.
This hunt has just begun..
Rather than staying with the prey, I’d rather go with the hunters.”

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