Chapter 536: Kiss (3)

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She walked to a huge noticeboard and looked at the information on it.
The information column was divided into two parts.
On the left side were some recent events, such as the Magic Beast Auction in a few days.
On the right side was some information that looked like a bounty mission.
Lan Yi’s blue eyes glanced over the bounty information and suddenly froze.

“Master…” Lan Yi called in a low voice.
Yun Feng also raised her head and glanced at the bounty mission.
When she saw the information that seemed to have the highest bounty at the front, her expression completely darkened.

The first mission with the highest bounty was to capture someone.
Although that person didn’t have a name, there was a detailed description and even a creepy picture.
Yun Feng looked at the person in the picture with her black eyes.
She couldn’t be more familiar with that person.
It was Qu Lanyi!

“That troublemaker!” Yun Feng cursed fiercely.
She looked at the person who issued the bounty.
It was the Bright Moon Hall! What exactly did he do to provoke the Bright Moon Hall?

“Are you interested in the bounty mission, Miss Yun?” Ling’s voice came again.
He had just left when he came back.
Yun Feng raised her brows.
“Don’t you have something to do?”

Ling smiled and raised his arm to change the first bounty mission.
He smiled slightly.
“I’m here to do something.
The reward for this bounty has increased again.
It can be said to be very generous.
I wonder who this unlucky guy is.
He offended the Bright Moon Hall? He’ll suffer.”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth twitched a few times as she suddenly thought of something.
“Is this bounty information specifically targeted at the Summoning Union, or is it… universal?”

Ling pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose.
“Of course, it’s universal.
The Warrior Union and the Magic Union will probably be thrilled with such a generous reward.
I heard that the reward was directly issued from the headquarters of the Bright Moon Hall.
All areas under the jurisdiction of the Bright Moon Hall should have this information right now.
However, this kind of reward isn’t very attractive to summoners.
It’s a different story if there’s a Magic Beast reward.”

Yun Feng stood there, and the frustration that had just subsided appeared in her mind again.
Qu Lanyi was facing the Bright Moon Hall, all the masters in the Bright Moon Region! Warriors and mages were endless! Luckily, there were no summoners, or else…

“Why? Do you want to join, Miss Yun?” Seeing that Yun Feng was staring at him, Ling asked curiously.
Yun Feng smiled.
“How can I not join such an interesting thing?”

Ling was a bit surprised.
Then, he reached out and took the notice.
“Since Miss Yun is interested in joining, we can take off this notice.”

Yun Feng heaved a sigh of relief.
It seemed that if someone joined, the information would be removed.
Fortunately, she was only dealing with a group of people, but there were still quite a lot of them.

“If the Chief of the Bright Moon Hall knows that a summoner is joining, they’ll be so happy.” Ling chuckled as he took out a pen and wrote something on his notebook again.
He then handed the information strip to Yun Feng.
“Turn left when you go out.
That’s the mission management office.
Someone will tell Miss Yun where to take the mission.”

Yun Feng nodded and was about to turn around and leave, when Ling suddenly extended his arm and blocked Yun Feng gently.
The beautiful eyes behind the glasses were full of curiosity.
“Miss Yun, you’re so enthusiastic.
Is it because the bounty is on a handsome man?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“I’m not greedy for beauty.”

Ling looked regretful as he touched his face with his finger.
“I see.
I thought if you like handsome men, I could recommend myself.”

Yun Feng’s expression froze.
Ling chuckled.
“I was just kidding.
I’m going back to work.” A gentle smile appeared at the corners of Ling’s mouth as he turned around and left.
Yun Feng, however, felt a gust of cold wind blowing on her.
Lan Yi said, “Master, I think this man is more dangerous than Qu Lanyi.”

Yun Feng pursed her lips and walked out of the door.
She didn’t care about danger at all.
The only thing she cared about was what exactly happened to Qu Lanyi.

Hanging the four-star badge on her chest, Yun Feng pushed the door and entered the room on the left.
There was no one in the room.
It seemed that the bounty mission of the summoners was just for sightseeing.
If it had nothing to do with Magic Beasts, summoners wouldn’t do anything.
The receptionist, who was napping, was also shocked when she saw Yun Feng.

When she saw the four-star badge on Yun Feng’s chest, she immediately jumped up.
“M-Master! W-What do you need?”

Yun Feng handed over the message note in her hand.
After reading it, the receptionist immediately took out the Sound Transmission Jade and said something.
Then, she took out a token and gave it to Yun Feng.
“My lord, you’re going to the branch to accept missions.
This is the entry token.”

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Yun Feng didn’t say anything else.
She turned around and left.
The receptionist was still in a daze.
After a long time, she finally mumbled, “A summoner accepted a bounty mission.
Would anyone believe me if I told them…”

Walking out of the Summoning Union, Yun Feng’s mood was shrouded in a layer of dark clouds.
“Lan Yi, keep your whereabouts a secret and try not to be discovered.
Find out if Qu Lanyi is in Wind Moon City.”

Lan Yi nodded and immediately left.
Meatball on his shoulder called softly, “You’re going to look for him too?” Yun Feng asked tentatively.
Meatball nodded.
Yun Feng smiled and caressed Meatball’s body with her finger.
“Thank you.”

Meatball cried a few times.
Ever since she contracted Meatball for no reason, although Yun Feng still didn’t understand what Meatball said, she had a bit more tacit understanding than before.
She could guess pretty well.
Meatball’s body turned into a beam of light and disappeared.
Yun Feng stood on the street and looked at this Wind Moon City that was neither big nor small.
She cursed fiercely in her mind, Qu Lanyi, you troublemaker!

The Sound Transmission Jade didn’t ring, and Yun Feng didn’t receive any reply when she contacted Qu Lanyi.
Since he said that he was in Wind Moon City, she must find him even if she had to search the entire Wind Moon City!

Yun Feng turned around and walked into the ordinary residential area of Wind Moon City.
When the others saw the badge on Yun Feng’s chest, their eyes glittered and they kept glancing over in astonishment.
At this moment, Yun Feng was like a glowing body.
She attracted the attention of countless people on the street.
How remarkable was a four-star summoner?

“My… My Lord…” Some people boldly came to talk to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng, who was deep in thought, suddenly realized what was going on.
She finally realized that she had become the center of attention.
Her body flashed and she quickly disappeared..
The person who wanted to talk to her just watched her disappear foolishly.

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