Chapter 535: Kiss (2)

“Yun Feng,” replied Yun Feng casually.
Both men burst into laughter.
“Yun Feng, you’ve come from afar.
Please come in.” Yun Feng nodded and walked in without being pretentious.
The two men stood at the door and watched Yun Feng’s back as she walked in.
They were silent for a while.

“My lords, she…” The man at the door said shakily.
The two men glanced at him coldly, and the man at the door didn’t dare to say anything anymore.

“Is she with you?” Lord He looked at the man next to him.
The man shook his head.
“She’s not with you either?” Lord He shook his head.
The two of them looked at each other.
“Maybe she’s with him.” The man chuckled, but Lord He seemed to be deep in thought.
In the end, he gave a meaningful smile.
“Maybe she’s just an unexpected guest.”

Yun Feng pushed the door open and entered.
She felt a different vibe.
A spacious hall appeared in front of her.
A dozen people were doing things in the hall.
Some were looking through documents, some were looking at things on the display boards, and some were chatting privately.
When she walked in, everyone looked at her with a lot of surprise.

“A newcomer?” A voice came up.
Yun Feng looked over.
A handsome young man came over with a pair of glasses on his nose bridge.
He looked at Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder with a smile in his eyes.
“A Magic Pet?”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
Meatball cried out in dissatisfaction.
The young man laughed and turned his wrist, holding a notebook in his hand.

Yun Feng glanced at him.
The young man pushed the eyes on the bridge of his nose.
“You’re indeed a newcomer.
Little girl, are you here for a tour or to join the Summoner Union? Every summoner wants to join the Summoner Union.
There are a lot of good things here that you can’t imagine.” The young man winked a bit mischievously.
“I’m Ling, the registrar here.”

Yun Feng glanced at the green ring on the man’s hand.
“Yun Feng.”

“Good girl.” The man smiled approvingly as he quickly wrote something down with the pen in his hand.
Yun Feng’s temples jumped a few times.
Did this man take advantage of her because he was older than her? Good girl? She was no longer a child.

“Where did you come from?” The man’s black eyes glittered, as if he was looking forward to the answer to this question.
Yun Feng pursed her lips.
Should she say that she came from the East Continent? No, she couldn’t.

“Then keep it a secret.” The young man didn’t ask anymore and continued writing.
“Age.” Yun Feng replied.
“Sixteen.” The young man raised his eyebrows this time.
“Sixteen? I thought you were only eleven or twelve!”

Yun Feng’s expression turned cold.
Even though she wasn’t tall and her body wasn’t very mature and voluptuous and her face didn’t have much mature charm, she couldn’t only be eleven or twelve!

“Next is the most important question.
Miss Yun, what’s your level of strength?” The young man changed his tone and smiled gently at Yun Feng.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up as she showed the ring on her finger.
The young man’s black eyes suddenly darkened.

“Miss Yun, I hope this isn’t an ornament or something to please the public,” said the young man solemnly.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“Do you need to be tested?”

The young man was dazed for a moment.
Meatball wiggled its butt happily, as if it was mocking the young man for underestimating others.
The young man pushed his glasses and suddenly burst into laughter.
“Of course not.
But if someone questions you, my Lady, you’ll have to deal with them yourself.”

After saying that, the young man made a few final strokes with the pen in his hand and then handed something to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng received a badge with four stars on it.

“All summoners in the Summoning Union are divided into five tiers, from one-star to five-star.
One-star includes level 1 to level 5, two-star includes level 5 to level 9, three-star includes the Commander Level, four-star is your tier and five-star is above.”

Yun Feng understood in her mind.
Five tiers.
It meant that she wasn’t the only Monarch Level summoner on this West Continent.
A Lord Level summoner had already appeared! The West Continent was indeed extraordinary!

“The treatment of the five levels is also different.
A four-star member like Miss Yun is already a VIP of the Summoning Union and a powerhouse in the upper-middle level.” The young man chuckled.
“It’s your first time here, Miss Yun.
Let me introduce you.
The Summoning Union is an organization of the summoners of the three halls.
The summoners of the West Continent exchange their minds and make friends here.
The summoners of the Summoning Union receive different treatment from the three halls according to their levels.”

Yun Feng nodded.
If she could join the Summoning Union on the West Continent, she wouldn’t have to worry about food and clothes anymore.
People would treat her as a VIP wherever she went.

“Of course, the benefits of the Summoning Union aren’t just that.” The young man smiled meaningfully.
“Only Magic Beasts can make summoners crazy.
The Summoning Union holds a Magic Beast Auction regularly.”

Yun Feng was stunned.
The Magic Beast Auction!

“The auction house on the side isn’t an ordinary one.
It’s a Magic Beast Auction House that’s only open to summoners.
The Magic Beast Auction will be held there regularly.
At that time, all kinds of Magic Beasts will appear and there will be no lack of rare ones.
If you like one, you must buy it.”

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The Magic Beasts of summoners could be replaced.
According to the different types of contract, the difficulty of changing them was different.
However, for a more powerful Magic Beast, summoners didn’t care even if they would suffer great damage when they forcibly terminated the master-servant contract.
They were willing to do anything to pursue a stronger power!

The Magic Beast Auction could be said to be a great convenience for summoners.
There would be all kinds of Magic Beasts here, including rare ones.
As long as you could afford the price, there would be no Magic Beasts that you couldn’t get.
This was much easier and safer than hunting in the wilderness by yourself!

“Ah, right, right.
The Magic Beast Auction will be held in a few days.
Miss Yun, you must come.” Ling chuckled and bowed to Yun Feng.
“Miss Yun, take a look for yourself.
I’ll get back to work.” Ling then turned around and left.
Yun Feng looked around the hall and found someone looking at her.
It was the level-9 summoner who was looking at her curiously.
Yun Feng smiled and looked away..

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