Chapter 534: Kiss (1)

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The three areas occupied one third of the area of Wind Moon City.
Yun Feng had learned about the layout of the city on the enormous map of Wind Moon City.
The three areas occupied one third of the area, while the residential area and other ordinary areas occupied one third.
The last third was the branch hall of the Bright Moon Palace.

Qu Lanyi was in Wind Moon City.
Where could he be? Was he in the residential area or in the area of the Magic Union? When they talked last time, Qu Lanyi sounded weak and he even asked her to save him.
Given his current situation, he shouldn’t be staying in the city.

Yun Feng frowned and thought for a while.
She could only wait for Qu Lanyi to contact her again.
Perhaps he could find her on his own.
Yun Feng looked in the direction of the Summoning Union with a hint of yearning in her mind.
There weren’t many summoners on the East Continent, and she wouldn’t have such an opportunity to come into contact with the world of pure summoners.
Meeting other summoners was a rare experience for Yun Feng.

Yun Feng also found that there were very few people who went in and out of the Summoning Union as compared to the other two large organizations.
When she stood here, almost nobody came in and out of the Summoning Union, while the members of the other two large organizations came in an endless stream.
There were also many pairs of eyes looking at the Summoning Union with envy and jealousy.

Those who could enter and leave this place would undoubtedly be summoners!

“Master, let’s go in and take a look,” said Lan Yi telepathically.
Yun Feng pondered for a moment.
She could only wait for Qu Lanyi to contact her… She nodded and smiled gently.
They were about to leave when a voice came from behind.

“My Lady, we’re here.
The Summoning Union is just ahead.” Yun Feng turned around slightly and saw a tall, well-proportioned, beautiful woman walking over from behind.
The woman had beautiful hair hanging down her head and a hint of coldness in her almond eyes, making her look unapproachable.

“Okay,” replied the woman casually.
She walked with an air of elegance.
Yun Feng glanced around and saw that the woman was wearing a ring on her hand.
The ring was dark blue with nine water drops on it.

A level-9 summoner? Yun Feng raised her brows slightly and looked at the ring on her hand.
The Monarch Level ring gradually became simpler after the changes.
Little Fire stayed in the Hidden Moon Village, so Yun Feng naturally put away the Ring of Contract of Fire.
She only had Lan Yi’s ring of wind on her hand.
The surface of the green ring had changed, leaving only a huge leaf with a gentle green light.
Yun Feng wondered if there would be no patterns on this ring when she reached the Lord Level.

The woman walked past Yun Feng and glanced at her.
Yun Feng lowered her hand and smiled at the woman.
The woman also put on a smile, but her arrogance was self-evident.

A cold and arrogant summoner, Yun Feng evaluated in her mind.
She stepped aside slightly and let the girl enter first.
After the girl walked in, the people outside whispered, “A summoner! She looks so arrogant.
It’s hard to get close to her.”

“That’s right.
Didn’t you see that? She’s looking down at everybody!”

Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
The girl just then was alright.
She wasn’t as arrogant as these people made her out to be.
Yun Feng could understand this kind of envy, jealousy, and hatred.
Yun Feng ignored them and walked in with Lan Yi.

“Eh? Another one walked in!”

“Is she the little girl who was standing here just then?”

“She… She’s also a summoner?!”

They could see summoners on the West Continent, and this was the branch of the Bright Moon Hall after all.
It wasn’t unusual for them to see summoners, but this was the first time they saw one at such a young age! She… She was only in her teens!

Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder straightened its body curiously.
Everybody would think that such a cute Magic Beast was a pet.
A cute and harmless Magic Beast had already become a popular pet, but summoners never cared about such a thing.
Nobody had such a Magic Beast with them.
This was something that those who were not summoners would show.

Walking on this path, Yun Feng also saw the general area of the Summoning Union.
There was a bright sign of the Summoning Union hanging on a building.
This should be the place where the summoners gathered.
Yun Feng looked around.
There were two neighboring houses on both sides of the building.
One was an auction house and the other didn’t have any sign.
The woman who came in first was standing at the entrance of the gathering place.
Yun Feng walked over and heard the respectful voice of the man standing at the door.

“Level-9 summoner, welcome.
Please come inside.”

The woman didn’t say anything.
She still looked proud and cold, but she looked back at Yun Feng, as if she was a bit surprised to see her here.
Yun Feng smiled at her.

“Little girl, this is the Union of Summoners.
Did you come to the wrong place?” The man at the door said with a smile.
A glint of understanding flashed through the eyes of the girl standing at the door.
She pushed the door open and walked in.

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Lan Yi raised his brows slightly.
Yun Feng wanted to laugh a little.
Did she not look like a summoner at all? Besides, she was wearing a ring on her hand.
Did this man think that it was purely for decoration?

Yun Feng was about to go in without saying anything.
The man suddenly raised his arm.
Although he was still smiling, his words were a bit harsh.
“Little girl, you can’t go in.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She looked at the man in front of her with her black eyes and wanted to say, “Are you looking down on me?” At this moment, the door was gently pushed open and a bright laughter came.
It was very strong.

“Haha, good, good.
This time…” The man who was talking loudly was a bit startled when he saw the situation at the door.
“What’s going on?”

The man standing at the door immediately bowed.
“Lord He! This little girl came to the wrong place.”

The man who was talking loudly glanced at Yun Feng and suddenly became completely serious.
The man next to him also had the same expression.
The two of them subconsciously glanced at the ring on Yun Feng’s hand, and then at Lan Yi behind her.

“How should I address you, my young friend?” Lord He chuckled at Yun Feng.
The man at the door was startled and looked at the two men in front of him, not knowing what to do..
What… What was going on?

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