Chapter 533: How Dare You Touch Someone I Protect (5)

The continuous rise made Xia Xiaomin understand what power was.
Her strength had risen to this level in a short time.
In the Hidden Moon Village, Xia Xiaomin was already considered a genius.

When Xia Xiaomin appeared in front of Xia Qing with an arrogant look, Xia Qing knew that what was supposed to come would come.
Xia Qing stood in front of her mother and looked at Xia Xiaomin with her eyes.
Xia Qing listened to Yun Feng’s instructions and cultivated on the ground, consolidating her strength constantly.
Compared to Xia Xiaomin, Xia Qing’s strength was obviously inferior.

“Level 2? Hahaha, Xia Qing, you deserve to be stepped on by me!” Xia Xiaomin laughed proudly.
She, who was at level 6 at the moment, was a bit arrogant.
“You’ve dirtied the Xia family’s place.
Get out!” Xia Xiaomin’s eyes showed viciousness.
Xia Qing bit her lips.
She had to bear with it! She didn’t have the strength to fight head-on right now!

“Do you think I’ll let you walk out? Crawl out on your knees!” Xia Xiaomin waved her hand and a ball of yellow earth elements flew towards Xia Qing and her mother, turning into an arrow that was about to pierce into their legs!

“Mother!” Seeing this, Xia Qing immediately turned around and protected her mother.
She closed her eyes and didn’t feel the pain she expected.
Her surroundings were quiet.
Xia Qing slowly opened her eyes and saw a young man with his back facing her.
His fiery red hair was fluttering slowly!

Little Fire bared its sharp teeth and grabbed the Earth Arrow released by Xia Xiaomin fiercely with its hand.
Under everyone’s astonished gaze, it squeezed its hand fiercely.
“Crack!” The Earth Arrow instantly shattered and turned into powder!

Its eyes were filled with the brutality of Magic Beasts.
Dark red fire elements slowly oozed out of its body and a huge pressure came.
Xia Xiaomin’s face completely turned pale.
Why… Why did it stay?

Its handsome and young face was full of anger at this moment.
It was so scary that everybody was frightened just by looking at him.
“You dare to touch the person I’m protecting?” A deep voice sounded.
Xia Xiaomin and the other members of the Xia family were all silent.
Their bodies couldn’t help but tremble.
If they knew this was here, they wouldn’t have come even if they were beaten to death!

“I… I… I…” Xia Xiaomin trembled so hard that she couldn’t say anything.
Little Fire suddenly jumped and its human form instantly disappeared.
The enormous Fire Cloud Wolf appeared in front of everyone!

“Roar…” A wolf’s howl came from the Xia family, shattering the sky.

Yun Feng only took half a day to reach Wind Moon City.
She walked all the way from the Hidden Moon Village to the east.
Yun Feng didn’t know how far she had traveled in this half a day and how many mountains she had crossed.
She only knew that her impetuous heart couldn’t calm down.
When she reached the city gate of Wind Moon City, Yun Feng’s heart was even more anxious.

Lan Yi remained silent on the side.
He could feel Yun Feng’s frustration.
Deep down, Lan Yi thought Qu Lanyi was a troublemaker who always made his master worry about him.
This made Lan Yi feel bad about Qu Lanyi.
He was a bit annoyed now.

There were a few people wearing the same clothes standing at the city gate of Wind Moon City.
Yun Feng looked at the traces of moonlight on their clothes and understood that these people guarding the city should belong to the Bright Moon Hall.
The sects had replaced the power of the royal families in this land.
Naturally, a lot of positions and functions were fulfilled on behalf of the royal family.
The power of the sect seemed to be more accepted by people.
After all, if you wanted to join a sect, you only needed to be strong enough to be recognized.
However, if you wanted to join the royal family, even if you had the strength, you couldn’t.

In this Western Continent, it was a glorious thing to be able to join the three halls.
If they could get a good job, their ancestors would be glorious.

Therefore, the members of the Bright Moon Hall were all civilians.
They didn’t have the hierarchy of bloodlines, but they were also divided into levels.
In order to climb up the stairs, they had to step on other people’s bodies.
As long as they had power and desire, there would always be bloodshed.

The person standing at the gate looked serious and didn’t smile.
There were a lot of people going in and out of the city gate, but they were also orderly.
The few people guarding the city had sharp eyes and didn’t let anyone pass unchecked.
Yun Feng also probed secretly and was a bit shocked.
The guards of a branch hall were all level-9 warriors.
Was the sect stronger than the royal family?

The guards of the branch hall were at level 9.
The leader of the branch hall should be at least at the Commander Level, or the Monarch Level.
The leader of the Bright Moon Hall should be at the Lord Level.
Yun Feng estimated the situation.
There were indeed hidden dragons and crouching tigers on the West Continent.
There must be a lot of talents in the branch hall.
She should be careful on this continent.

Yun Feng could be said to be able to do whatever she wanted on the East Continent right now.
The four empires were all extremely fearful of her.
However, on this West Continent, Yun Feng’s strength at the Monarch Level could only compete with a branch hall.
Naturally, she couldn’t do things too freely.
There were still a lot of things to do on this continent.
If she caused a group of forces to be dissatisfied with her, it would be troublesome.

She only hoped that Qu Lanyi hadn’t cause any too serious trouble for her… As soon as this thought flashed through Yun Feng’s mind, she smiled in self-mockery.
When she crossed the city gate with Lan Yi, Lan Yi’s appearance caught the attention of the city guards.
A few pairs of eyes glanced over at the same time and slid over Lan Yi’s body like a scanner.
That was all.

The two of them walked into Wind Moon City, where one of the halls of the Bright Moon Hall was located.
This city looked pretty decent and wasn’t very prosperous.
The number of people passing by was only average.
After all, it contained only a branch hall.

Ever since Yun Feng entered Wind Moon City, she had noticed something.
There seemed to be a lot of people who wore rings on their fingers on the West Continent.
Most of them might be tamers, but there was also the possibility of summoners.
After all, summoners weren’t extinct on the West Continent.
It was still possible to meet them, for example, if they came to the Summoning Union.

There were three special organizations on the West Continent, the Warrior Union, the Magic Union and the Summoning Union.
As the name suggested, these three special organizations were made up of people of three professions.
Some other professions also had their own unions, but they were obviously nothing compared to these three organizations.

Yun Feng had only walked a few steps in Warrior Union City when she saw three roads that led to different areas.
There was a bright photo at the intersection that clearly showed the locations of the three major organizations on the shoulders.
Yun Feng looked at the area and saw all kinds of stores.
It seemed that the three major organizations had subdivided the regions very carefully, which made it easier for her to choose.
If she was a warrior, she would enter the area of the Warrior Union.
There would certainly be everything that a warrior needed.
The other two areas were the same..

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