r>Xia Qing replied happily.
From time to time, Little Fire and Lan Yi would interject.
The four of them had a harmonious relationship, which made Xia Xiaomin even more jealous.
Even the two Magic Beasts and Xia Qing looked very familiar.
Damn it!

They arrived at the cave they went to yesterday.
Yun Feng led Xia Qing in, and Xia Xiaomin followed closely.
When she saw some low-level Magic Beasts, Xia Xiaomin exclaimed in admiration.
Yun Feng said a few words to Xia Qing and let her practice alone.
Xia Qing sat there with her eyes closed.
Right now, she had to comprehend the Array of Contract, which Yun Feng couldn’t help with.

Yun Feng came to a big tree on the side and sat down.
The reason why Yun Feng came here to practice with Xia Qing was that the elemental density here was a bit thicker than outside, which was beneficial for Xia Qing to comprehend the Array of Contract.
Yun Feng could certainly use ores to forcibly increase Xia Qing’s level, but this wouldn’t be good for Xia Qing’s future development.
She certainly couldn’t do this.
It was better to practice step by step steadily.
Only with a stable foundation would the future development be endless.

Yun Feng took out her Sound Transmission Jade.
She had been trying to contact Qu Lanyi for the past few days, but there had been no news from Qu Lanyi.
Yun Feng wasn’t worried.
With Qu Lanyi’s strength, he would be fine, but he was missing.
Yun Feng also felt a bit uneasy in her mind.
What was wrong with Qu Lanyi?

“Is that a Sound Transmission Jade?” Yun Feng raised her head and saw Xia Xiaomin looking at the Sound Transmission Jade in her hand with glittering eyes.
Yun Feng grunted and put the jade away.
Xia Xiaomin said, “Shouldn’t you teach me something too?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“What do you want to learn?”

Xia Xiaomin’s eyes glittered.
“I want to contract with a Magic Beast! I want to become a summoner!”

Little Fire grunted in disdain.
Xia Xiaomin blushed and looked at Little Fire.
“Why are you laughing? If Xia Qing can become a summoner, why can’t I?”

“That stupid girl has potential.
You… don’t have any.” Little Fire revealed a wicked smile.
The cute boy’s face looked very handsome.
Even though he looked like a kid, he was also a handsome boy.
Xia Xiaomin blushed and her heart suddenly pounded wildly.

“I… I can do it too…”

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Yun Feng leaned on the side lazily and Meatball on her shoulder moved its body.
Xia Xiaomin’s eyes immediately glittered.
“That… That white one is so cute…”

Meatball didn’t care at all.
It jumped onto Little Fire’s red hair and wiggled its butt at Xia Xiaomin.
Little Fire burst into laughter.
“This guy looks down on you too!”

Xia Xiaomin’s eyes suddenly turned red.
Yun Feng signaled Little Fire to stop talking.
“Since you’ve agreed to the Xia family’s request, I’ll certainly teach you.
You can become a summoner if you want.
Can you sense the elements from the Magic Beasts?”

Xia Xiaomin blinked several times.
“Elements… What’s that?”

“If you can’t sense the elements from the elements, you won’t be able to become a summoner.” Yun Feng said indifferently.
Xia Xiaomin immediately closed her eyes, but her brows furrowed tighter and tighter.
She couldn’t feel anything, nothing at all!

“You can’t sense it.
You don’t have the qualification to become a summoner.” Yun Feng concluded.
Xia Xiaomin was a bit unwilling to accept reality..
“Why can’t I? I can do what Xia Qing can do!”

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