Chapter 529: How Dare You Touch Someone I Protect (1)

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Yun Feng chuckled.
“Qingqing, let’s go back first today.
Your mother must’ve been waiting anxiously.” Looking at the sky, it was already dusk.
Xia Qing nodded and suddenly thought of something.
“Master! Let me see your Array of Contract!”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
Xia Qing pulled Yun Feng’s arm from behind and shook it coquettishly.
“Just a look.
Just a look!” Looking at those eyes full of desire, Yun Feng was helpless.
She understood Xia Qing’s feelings.
If her ancestor had a physical body back then, she would’ve definitely wanted to see her ancestor’s Array of Contract.

In the end, she nodded with excitement and anticipation on her little face.
She stared at Yun Feng with her big eyes.
How would her teacher’s Array of Contract be? It must be very powerful!

Yun Feng closed her eyes slightly, and the space around her seemed to be frozen in an instant.
Suddenly, the empty space in front of Yun Feng emitted a burst of light.
The Array of Contract with five colors appeared.
The moment the Array of Contract appeared, Little Fire and Lan Yi both looked serious and even respectful.
They had both experienced Yun Feng’s Array of Contract.
The Array of Contract was the shackle of a contracted Magic Beast!

Yun Feng slowly opened her eyes.
The Five-Colored Array of Contract suddenly released a huge amount of mental strength that spread to the surrounding area like lightning like an electric current.
Yun Feng quickly suppressed it, preventing it from affecting the surrounding area.
The low-level Magic Beasts felt the terrifying pressure and instantly disappeared without a trace.

“So… powerful! Five colors!” Xia Qing widened her eyes and looked at Yun Feng’s Array of Contract in shock.
The five colors complemented each other and glittered.
Xia Qing was full of pride and pride in her heart.
Her teacher was so powerful!

Yun Feng smiled and was about to put away the Array of Contract when she saw a familiar black shadow suddenly jump out and land right in the center of the contract!

Little Fire and Lan Yi looked shocked.
Yun Feng blinked and looked at Meatball, who was standing in the center of the contract with a cute face, a bit confused about the current situation.

“Meatball, come out.” Yun Feng called out.
The Array of Contract wasn’t something that could be entered casually.
Yun Feng couldn’t sense any elemental energy on Meatball.
God knew what would happen when it entered the Array of Contract!

“Nana!” Meatball cried in a low voice.
“Little Fire, what did it say?” Yun Feng asked quickly.
Little Fire frowned and said, “I don’t know.”

The Array of Contract changed abruptly after Meatball’s shout.
This change was unexpected, and even Yun Feng didn’t expect it! The five colors of the Array of Contract disappeared quietly.
Yun Feng was shocked.
What was going on?

The five colors slowly faded until they completely disappeared.
Little Fire roared, “Meatball, what are you trying to do?” Meatball ignored it.
Its little body suddenly jumped up and circled in the air.
Yun Feng suddenly felt a strong pressure coming towards her.
The pressure of this power made her unable to resist at all!

A glint of light suddenly flashed through Meatball’s eyes.
Yun Feng grunted in pain and knelt on one knee.
Seeing that, Xia Qing ran over and called out anxiously.
Little Fire and Lan Yi wanted to rush into the Array of Contract without thinking, but they were bounced off!

“Nana!” Meatball suddenly shouted.
Yun Feng only felt that the oppressing force invaded her body.
She couldn’t resist at all! With the help of this force, her mental strength was forcibly entangled with it.
Yun Feng’s black eyes widened and her pupils shrank abruptly.
This was… a coercive contract! She had been coercively contracted by Meatball!

The powerful force entangled in Yun Feng’s body forcefully until her mental strength completely merged with this force.
Yun Feng knelt on the ground in pain with beads of sweat on her forehead.
Meatball wouldn’t hurt her while enduring this pain.
This was the only thing Yun Feng knew.

The color of the Array of Contract, which had just lost its color, slowly regained its color.
Five colors flashed again, and Meatball, who had stopped in the center of the town, jumped up and left the Array of Contract.
The Array of Contract disappeared in the next second.
Yun Feng felt that her mind was in chaos.
She only felt that things were a bit unbelievable.
Usually, summoners contracted Magic Beasts, but she had never thought that she would be contracted by force!

“Yun Feng.” A shout sounded in Yun Feng’s mind.
Yun Feng’s mind was in chaos, and that voice seemed indistinct.
“My name is… Na Xie.”

“Na Xie?” Yun Feng mumbled softly.
She suddenly opened her black eyes and saw Meatball’s grape-like big eyes.
The pain that her body suffered just then slowly disappeared.
Yun Feng looked at Meatball.
“Na Xie?”

Meatball jumped a few times in excitement and jumped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder.
It rubbed Yun Feng’s cheeks hard.
Yun Feng was startled.
That voice just then was… Meatball?!

“Master, are you alright?” Xia Qing watched on the side worriedly, fearing that something would happen to Yun Feng.
If anything happened to Yun Feng, it would be her fault! Why would she watch the Array of Contract?

“Master, how is it?” Little Fire and Lan Yi immediately ran over.
Little Fire wanted to grab Meatball without thinking.
It was the one who caused Yun Feng’s pain just then! Meatball suddenly bared its teeth at Little Fire’s outstretched hand, and its sharp teeth glittered.
Its originally cute face quickly became extremely ferocious.
Xia Qing was so scared that her face turned pale.
How could such a cute Magic Beast have such an expression?

“I’m fine!” Yun Feng said quickly.
She looked at Meatball with her black eyes and then at her finger.
That feeling was right.
That was the process of contracting a Magic Beast.
After experiencing Little Fire and Lan Yi, Yun Feng was even more familiar with this feeling.
She was absolutely certain that she had already established a contract with Meatball, but there was no Ring of Contract!

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A contract with a Magic Beast didn’t form a Ring of Contract? That was against common sense! However, Yun Feng didn’t have a third ring on her finger except Little Fire and Lan Yi’s Ring of Contract.
She touched it with her finger in disbelief.
No, indeed not!

“Master, what exactly happened just then?” Lan Yi asked with a deep voice as he looked at Meatball with his blue eyes.
Yun Feng frowned.
“I contracted with Meatball just then.”

Little Fire and Lan Yi were both shocked.
Xia Qing was a bit confused.
Yun Feng stood up and tried to contact Meatball through her mind, but she found that she couldn’t reach it.
That hidden power seemed to be sleeping inside her body after the previous entanglement..
It had already contracted her, so why couldn’t she reach it?

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