“Whoever insults the Yun family and hurts people of the Yun family deserves to die!”

Lin Meng burst into laughter as he looked at Yun Feng a bit crazily with his black eyes filled with a strong disdain, as if he was looking at an ant.
“Just you alone? You loser who has damaged Qi meridians?”

After hearing this, everyone gasped.
They all looked at Yun Feng with a hint of shock in their eyes.
Damaged Qi meridians? God… A person who had damaged Qi meridians beat Wang Youcai to death.
How… was that possible?

Ze Ran was also stunned and couldn’t accept the truth.
He gazed at Yun Feng a bit anxiously.
It turned out her Qi meridians were damaged.
No wonder she didn’t have a teacher.
No wonder…

The smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth didn’t disappear.
She looked at Lin Meng with a glint of viciousness in her black eyes.
“Lin Meng, do you have the guts to fight with me?”

Lin Meng froze, as if he was startled by what Yun Feng said.
His mouth then slowly cracked open.
The group of people behind him also couldn’t restrain themselves and burst into laughter.
How arrogant!

“Hahaha, you cracked me up! Haha! How dare a loser with damaged Qi meridians say something like that? Fight with you? Hahah!”

“Master Lin, if she wants to die so badly, just grant her wish.
She can’t wait to dig her own grave right now.”

The group laughed loudly and the words they said were piercing, but Lin Meng felt delighted.
He must kill Yun Feng.
Even though he had no idea why she survived, he was very willing to grant her request since she wanted to die again!

Yun Feng stood there and glared at those laughing people coldly.
Such a calm look made the laughing people a bit enraged.
Being stared at by such eyes, they felt a little weird!

“Master Lin, kill her! You’re a loser, but you still want to fight.
If you want to die, don’t regret it!”

“That’s right! Teach her a lesson!”

The group of people behind Lin Meng also made a clamor of voices.
They shouted louder and louder, attracting students from the outer campus.
Many students from the inner campus also rushed over after hearing the noises, including Mei Bing who had always been cold.

Once Mei Bing came out, everyone made way for him again, even with a slightly respectful look.
Whether it was the students from the outer campus or the inner campus, they all dared not be impolite in front of the most powerful student in the Martial Arts Institute.
Even those behind Lin Meng had no choice but to restrain themselves.

When Lin Meng saw Mei Bing, astonishment flashed through his heart.
He had never thought that such an incident would attract Master Mei here.

“Mei Bing, are you here to join in the fun?” Lin Meng smiled at Mei Bing.
Mei Bing didn’t even glance at him.
He gazed at Yun Feng instead and nodded gently at her.
Then, Mei Bing replied to Lin Meng.

“Why are you making such a fuss?”

Lin Meng’s eyebrows pulsed several times gently, but he didn’t have any signs of anger.
And yet, the fire at the bottom of his heart had already risen.
He used to be on an equal footing with Mei Bing in the past.
However, ever since he reached level 4, there had been a step that couldn’t be crossed between the two of them.
He must also yield in front of him!

I’m just accepting a duel.”

A duel? Mei Bing raised his eyebrows.
He couldn’t help but look at Yun Feng.
After seeing the indifferent look on Yun Feng’s face, he knew she was the one who started this duel.
When the students from the inner campus heard that there was a duel, they were thrilled.
And after they knew that someone requested to fight with Lin Meng, their jaws dropped one by one.
Who? Who dared to request a duel with Lin Meng who was at the peak of level 3? Did that person have a death wish?

Ze Ran vigilantly glanced at Mei Bing who had just come out.
The energy in him was much more powerful than that in Lin Meng.
If this person was with Lin Meng… Thinking of this Ze Ran’s face turned pale again.
He looked at Yun Feng.
She didn’t have any emotional changes after Mei Bing came.
Ze Ran was also relieved after knowing this, but then, the duel that was about to begin lifted Ze Ran’s heart up high once again.

“Alright then, I’ll be the judge of this duel.” Mei Bing said indifferently.
Everyone was stunned.
Yun Feng glanced over and saw Mei Bing smile gently.
She didn’t say anything else.
Lin Meng stood there with a slightly weird expression and finally chuckled.

“Fine, fine.
It’s also my honor to have you, Mei Bing, as our judge.”

All the students watching around gasped.
In the end, someone even cheered.
Mei Bing, the most powerful student in the Martial Arts Institute was the judge of the duel.
Besides, this was a duel between Lin Meng, who was at the peak of level 3 and was the second strongest person of the Martial Arts Institute, and a newly-enrolled student! Such a battle made everyone feel unbelievable and also extremely excited!

Mei Bing stood there and said coldly, “Both parties accepted this duel voluntarily.
If one of you dies or is injured, the other party will not take responsibility for it!”

Those who supported Lin Meng looked at Yun Feng in disdain.
If Lin Meng didn’t send her to her grave this time, he wouldn’t be Lin Meng anymore! Besides, this was a fair duel.
Even if she died, the Yun family couldn’t do anything!

“Master Lin, don’t show her mercy!”

“Right, do what you need to do!”

When Mei Bing heard them, his eyebrows moved slightly.
He had seen Yun Feng’s strength, so he knew clearly that Yun Feng from the Yun family had a higher level than him! The result of this duel was very obvious.
Lin Meng wouldn’t be able to escape death.

Mei Bing raised his hand and glanced at the two of them in the battlefield with his black eyes.
He then dropped his hand, making a sound in the wind.
“The battle begins!”

Lin Meng’s strength at the peak of level 3 immediately burst out.
His entire body looked like a small mountain, giving people some kind of pressure.

“This time, I won’t let you live loser!”

Yun Feng stood opposite Lin Meng and didn’t release any fighting energy.
She just stood there calmly, smiling coldly at Lin Meng.
“I won’t let you live either.”

Lin Meng gently narrowed his black eyes as he gathered his fighting energy on his palm.
Looking from afar, there seemed to be a faint halo around that palm.
The students from the inner campus that were watching all gasped when they saw that.
That was a combat technique!

Mei Bing couldn’t help but frown after seeing that.
Lin Meng used a combat technique when he made his first attack.
It seemed that he wanted to kill Yun Feng with a strike!

Apart from a strong body, a warrior was also powerful because of his combat techniques.
Combat techniques could maximize the effects of the fighting energy and the use of combat techniques would greatly increase the power of the warrior as well, even allowing him to take the opponent’s life within one attack!

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