Chapter 525: Yun Feng Accepts a Disciple (3)

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“Sister Yun… Are they both Magic Beasts?” Xia Qing blinked and asked curiously.
Yun Feng chuckled and walked over to pull Xia Qing over.
The woman’s heart inexplicably tightened when she saw Xia Qing approach those two Magic Beasts, fearing that those two Magic Beasts would hurt her child.

“Look carefully.” Yun Feng pulled Xia Qing in front of Little Fire and Lan Yi.
Although she was a bit scared in her mind, Xia Qing still mustered up the courage and observed them carefully.
Lan Yi was very gentle and didn’t release too much of the aura of a Magic Beast, but Little Fire was completely different.
Although he had the appearance of a cute boy, he was full of brutality all the time.

“What are you looking at?” roared Little Fire impatiently.
It crossed its arms behind its head and looked away coldly.
Xia Qing flinched and suddenly smiled.

Little Fire gritted its teeth.
“Human, what are you laughing at?”

Xia Qing smiled sweetly at Little Fire.
“I have a name.
It’s Xia Qing.”

Little Fire was startled.
Then, it turned its head in disdain.
Yun Feng chuckled and touched Little Fire’s head again.
Little Fire put on an unnatural smile.
The sharp teeth of the Cloud Wolf were still there, shining slightly with white light.
If anyone else touched its head, Little Fire would bite it.

“Master, what can I do for you?” asked Lan Yi.
Yun Feng smiled and pointed at the two houses that had been destroyed.
“It’s nothing big.
I owe these two a huge favor.
It’s time to return it.”

Little Fire and Lan Yi both nodded and disappeared without a word.
Yun Feng smiled gently at the woman.
“Madam, don’t worry.”

The woman was completely stunned.
She couldn’t come back to her senses at all.
A summoner.
A summoner said she owed them a favor.
And now, she asked a Magic Beast to help build a house? This was the first time they had received such treatment in the world!

After all, Xia Qing was still a kid.
She put aside her initial nervousness and wasn’t too afraid of Lan Yi and Little Fire.
The two of them repaired the house at a very fast speed.
Little Fire, who had transformed into a human form, was also doing quite well.
However, it was very unhappy to see Xia Qing, who was always chattering on the side, and it always looked impatient.

Yun Feng and Xia Qing also joined them.
Xia Qing’s questions and Little Fire’s roars came from time to time.
The woman watched from a distance, and her heart was still in shock.
Seeing Xia Qing’s appearance, the woman’s eyes glittered and she abandoned the thought that had slipped through her mind.
Was she too greedy?

Very soon, the two wooden houses were already built.
Compared to the original straw house, this house was more solid and durable.
The woman didn’t know how to thank the summoner anymore.
Nobody would believe that she could let the summoner build the house herself.

Xia Qing looked at the house that had been built and cheered for a while.
The enthusiasm of a kid made Yun Feng smile too.
Soon, it was night time.
The woman prepared the food a bit cautiously.
After all, there were two Magic Beasts suddenly.
She didn’t know if they would eat them.

Yun Feng smiled gently.
“It’s fine.
They can be eaten.” What she said finally eased the woman’s anxious mind.
Xia Qing sat next to Yun Feng happily.
A summoner.
This sister was a summoner! Xia Qing’s heart began to stir and a thought was about to emerge in her mind!

Every child had the dream at the bottom of their heart, which was to become a summoner! This was a wish that didn’t differentiate between regions.
It was a wish that was easier to achieve on this West Continent!

“Where’s Meatball?” Little Fire mumbled.
Meatball should’ve automatically entered the bracelet space after Yun Feng fell unconscious.
As soon as it said that, Yun Feng felt that something small darted out of the bracelet space and went straight to her shoulder.

“Ah!” Xia Qing was shocked.
When she saw Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder, her eyes were full of love and she looked forward to touching it.

Yun Feng chuckled.
With Mu Xiaojin’s experience in the past, she didn’t dare to give Meatball to anyone else easily.
She could only look at Xia Qing helplessly.
“It doesn’t like strangers getting close to it.”

Xia Qing was very regretful.
The woman was stunned again.
She looked at Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Although the woman didn’t know much, she knew that it was also a Magic Beast!

Meatball rubbed its body against Yun Feng’s cheek, looking a bit worried about her.
Little Fire couldn’t help but roll its eyes.
“What can possibly happen to Master?”

Meatball turned around and was startled when it saw Little Fire.
Its cute face froze for a few seconds before it suddenly cried out happily, louder and louder than before.
“Nana, Nana!”

Little Fire’s face suddenly flushed, and embarrassment flashed through it.
Nobody could understand what Meatball said, except Little Fire.
It seemed that Meatball said something to Little Fire, which made him very embarrassed.

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“You meatball, I’m going to eat you!” Little Fire was enraged in the end.
It jumped up and let out a wolf howl deep in its throat.
The woman’s face turned pale after hearing that.
She also deeply understood that they looked no different from humans, but they were indeed Magic Beasts.

Meatball suddenly jumped up and the two of them immediately chased after it, playing the game of hunting.
Lan Yi sighed helplessly and Yun Feng also smiled.
If Little Fire was human, it would be a cocky kid.

The two of them chased each other outside happily, while the remaining people ate quietly in the room.
Yun Feng put down the bowl and chopsticks in her hand and looked at the woman with her black eyes.
“My Lady, do you need my help?”

The woman’s hand that was holding the bowl suddenly trembled.
Xia Qing looked at her mother and didn’t say anything.
The woman slowly put on a smile, looking very sad.
“This is a family matter.
How can I trouble you to come out?”

Yun Feng nodded to show that she understood.
“My Lady is right.
It’s not appropriate for an outsider like me to interfere with family matters.
However, it’s not right to live here forever.
Why don’t you move to the village?”

The place where Xia Qing and her mother lived was the outermost area of the Hidden Moon Village.
It could be said that it was a wilderness outside the village.

The woman turned pale again.
Xia Qing put down his bowl and chopsticks.
“The Xia family won’t allow us to go back.”

Yun Feng didn’t ask anything.
Seeing that the woman didn’t want to talk about it, she didn’t ask anymore.
The meal passed just like that.
Little Fire and Meatball seemed to be a bit tired from chasing.
Meatball jumped on Little Fire’s head and sat there.
Little Fire didn’t care about it.
When night fell, Yun Feng lay on the bed and thought about things quietly..

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