Chapter 523: Yun Feng Accepts a Disciple (1)

Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m an independent cultivator.”

Xia Qing was greatly enlightened.
There were independent Cultivators everywhere.
They were independent and free to do whatever they wanted.
It was much more difficult for them to practice than others.
Yun Feng’s identity as an individual Cultivator was the most suitable explanation.

“Qingqing!” A female voice came from outside the house.
It was very gentle and beautiful.
The little girl stuck her head out and looked around.
“My mother is calling me.
I’ll tell you when I’m back.” She turned around and ran out.

Yun Feng took out the Sound Transmission Jade with a flip of her hand and her aura seeped into the jade.
“Qu Lanyi? Qu Lanyi?” Yun Feng called out a few times, but Qu Lanyi didn’t reply.
She frowned more and more.
They were truly separated.

Her fainting was caused by the exhaustion of her mental strength.
She didn’t know how long it had been since she fainted this time.
The mental strength in her body had only recovered by half.
The recovery speed this time was much slower than before.

“Kid.” The ancestor’s voice sounded in Yun Feng’s head.
Yun Feng was shocked.
Why did the ancestor sound exhausted? “Ancestor, what’s wrong?” Yun Feng asked anxiously.
The ancestor heaved a long sigh.
“The West Continent is different from the East Continent.
You may not be able to feel anything, but there seems to be a certain element in the West Continent that is quite oppressive to the soul.
I’m exhausted from the pressure right now.”

What? Yun Feng’s mental strength surged out, but she couldn’t detect any strange fluctuation.
Perhaps the thing that could suppress souls existed in the air.

“Kid, you have to be careful on the West Continent.
Everything depends on you.
I must sleep for a while, or I won’t be able to make it.” The ancestor’s voice slowly lowered until it was silent.
Yun Feng nodded.
It was fine as long as the ancestor was fine.
However, the West Continent was indeed too strange.
A pressure that targeted the soul? Luckily, the ancestor only felt a little tired.
If the pressure was too strong, wouldn’t the ancestor be annihilated?

“Sister!” Xia Qing’s voice came.
Yun Feng eased the expression on her face.
She was now 16 years old, but her mind was much more mature than those of her age.
In addition to the increase in her strength and realm, her horizons were far beyond those of her peers.
It was quite refreshing for Yun Feng to hear this ten-year-old girl call her sister.

“Mother said that it’s good that you can move.
Let’s eat together!” There was a kind smile on Xia Qing’s little face.
Yun Feng had a very good impression of this child.
Not to mention that she was her savior, she should be rewarded for her kindness.

“Alright.” Yun Feng got up from the bed.
Even though her body was still sore, she was fine.
She got off the bed and followed Xia Qing out of the room.
Yun Feng also saw other things clearly.
They were much more difficult than she thought.

The two straw houses were built next to each other.
The roof was a bit ragged.
If there was a rain, the house would undoubtedly leak.
There was a small yard outside.
A few chickens and ducks were eating outside.
There was a low messy fence on the edge.
Other than that, there was only some licorice piled there.
There was nothing else.

A woman was sitting in front of a table in the yard.
The table was also very small and there were three benches around it.
Yun Feng walked over and glanced at the food on the table.
She could see that even though they were just plain porridge and side dishes, they were the most sumptuous meal the mother and daughter could offer.

Xia Qing sat on the bench with a smile on her little face.
Yun Feng looked at the woman next to her.
Even though she was in a shabby room and was wearing tattered clothes, she exuded a peaceful and calm temperament.
She wasn’t a bumpkin at all.

“How do you feel, Miss?” asked the woman.
Yun Feng found that the way she talked was elegant.
There must be a sad story in this family.

“Thank you for saving me, my Lady.
I’m Yun Feng.
I’m already fine.”

Xia Qing whispered Yun Feng’s name quietly on the side.
The woman smiled.
“It’s great that you’re fine.
Let’s eat.
It’s just some rough food.
Please don’t mind.”

Yun Feng chuckled.
How would she mind? She ate the food without hesitation.
A hint of relief flashed through the woman’s eyes when she saw this.
The three of them hadn’t eaten for long when Yun Feng frowned.
A group of footsteps was walking towards them.
They didn’t seem friendly.

Xia Qing seemed to have noticed it too.
She immediately stood up and ran to the fence to take a look.
She turned around and shouted, “Mother, they’re here again!”

The woman’s expression froze.
She immediately pulled Yun Feng up and pushed her into the straw hut.
After closing the door, the woman warned, “Lady, don’t come out.
We’ll be fine.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything when she was pushed in.
She just followed the host’s arrangement.
After being pushed into the straw hut, Yun Feng waved her hand and hid in the space.
She stood in front of the broken window and saw everything outside.

Xia Qing protected her mother behind her.
Even though her skinny body couldn’t block anything, there was a trace of courage and determination on her little face.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slowly curled up.
She had a good personality.

After a while, a group of people had already arrived outside the fence.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes slightly.
The leader… was also a little girl? “Ka Cha”, the little girl in the lead kicked the already unbearable fence into pieces.
After this kick, the fence all fell on the ground.
The little girl who kicked the door walked in arrogantly with four or five men behind her.
They were all level-5 warriors.

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“Xiaomin, there’s nothing for you to smash here anymore.” The woman put her arm around Xia Qing’s shoulder and looked at the arrogant little girl in front of her with gentleness in her eyes.
It didn’t seem like it was the first time they met.
They seemed to be old friends and she knew what the little girl wanted to do.

“Hm! I’m not in a good mood today!” The little girl turned around and looked around.
When she saw the two dilapidated straw houses, the corners of her mouth curled up and she extended her finger.
“Smash them!”

Seeing this, Xia Qing immediately became a bit frightened.
Ignoring his mother’s advice, he rushed in front of the little girl with a big stride.
The little girl was so shocked that she took half a step back.
A warrior immediately stepped forward and swung his fist.
Xia Qing’s body agilely dodged to the side.

“Xia Xiaomin! Are you done? My mother and I have already cut off all ties with the Xia family.
We don’t owe you anything..
We don’t owe the Xia family anything!”

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