Chapter 521: The Difficulty of Leaving (3)

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Yun Feng turned a deaf ear to him.
This cheap father must have a noble identity and an unscrupulous personality.
If this cheap father followed her, then this trip would be a disaster.
Holding the principle of avoiding trouble, Yun Feng continued to ignore him.

Finally, the day of departure arrived.
Zhan Li knew that he couldn’t persuade Yun Feng, so he had no choice but to give up.
He wanted Yun Feng to take a few more people with her, but Yun Feng rejected him again.
In the end, Zhan Li had no choice.
“My daughter, whoever dares to bully you on the West Continent must tell me! I’ll rush over and skin them alive!”

Yun Feng chuckled in her mind.
Her cheap father must be waiting for this opportunity to slip away.

Before they set off, Yun Feng informed Ao Jin with the Sound Transmission Jade.
After hearing that Yun Feng was going to the West Continent, Ao Jin burst into loud laughter.
“There are still some things that the Dragons can’t deal with.
When I’m done, I’ll go to the West Continent to find you!” Yun Feng smiled and cut off the connection.
Although the people of Mu City knew that she was leaving, they didn’t know the exact time.
Yun Feng didn’t want to see them off.
Early in the morning, Yun Feng was ready to leave quietly.

Yun Sheng, Mu Xiaojin and Yun Jing all came to send her off.
They were all worried in their minds.
Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
With her current strength, the chance of her being bullied was truly pitifully low.
It was already good that she didn’t bully others.
Coupled with Qu Lanyi, the light-element mage, it was impossible for her to die.

“I’m leaving,” said Yun Feng casually.
She rose and soared to the sky.
Lan Yi and Little Fire had already returned.
Meatball hopped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder.

Without saying goodbye or feeling sad and reluctant to part, Yun Feng turned around neatly and flew towards the outermost area of Mu City without looking back.
She soon disappeared.

Tears welled up in Mu Xiaojin’s eyes.
Yun Sheng held Mu Xiaojin in his arms, feeling a bit suffocated in his heart.
There was no other expression on Yun Jing’s solemn face, but his clenched fists slowly loosened at this moment.

They left.
The genius summoner that the Yun family was proud of finally left the East Continent and embarked on a new journey.

After leaving Mu City, Yun Feng headed west.
The West Continent was on the west side of the East Continent.
There was a detailed description of the West Continent in the journal left by her master.
The system of the West Continent was different from that of the East Continent.
The East Continent contained the four empires and the secret balance force of the Mercenary Union.
The East Continent had always been relatively peaceful, but the West Continent was completely different.

According to the journal, the system of empires existed on the West Continent a long time ago, but the power of the sects controlled the empires instead of the royal family.
There were originally three empires on the West Continent, but gradually, the power of the royal families declined.
The power of the sects rose.
In the end, the sects completely replaced them.
The system of empires completely disappeared from the West Continent and was replaced by the power of the sects.

Right now, there were three major sects on the West Continent that replaced the original three empires.
The three major sects were the Bright Moon Hall, the Ancestral Forest Hall and the Thousand Snow Hall.
The three halls were like the three empires, opposing and suppressing each other.
Unlike the system on the East Continent, the people on the West Continent were born without any system restriction.
The number of mages and warriors could be said to be equal.
The birth of summoners was much easier than on the East Continent and the ratio was also higher.

There were only one or two summoners on the East Continent that were rarely seen in a hundred years, but there were more than a hundred summoners on the West Continent.

There were also three special organizations on the West Continent, the Warrior Union, the Magic Union and the Summoning Union.
These three special organizations had their own relative independence, but the members of the three sects had the same ratio in them.
It could be said that the three sects operated these three alliances together and neither of them gave in to the other.
There were also frequent conflicts between the three sects.

Without the secret balance power of the Mercenary Union on the East Continent, the balance on the West Continent was completely suppressed by the three halls.
Either the three of them lived together, or one of them would dominate the world.

The balance among the three halls continued for hundreds of years just like that.
It continued until now and the development of the forces of the three halls became more and more entrenched.
It wasn’t easy to overthrow any of them, so the three halls also gave up.
Even though the local struggles didn’t stop, they still looked peaceful on the surface.

Yun Feng learned about the situation on the West Continent from her master’s journal.
She was stunned.
The two continents were indeed different.
The bloodline was the fundamental difference.
On the West Continent, the number of mages and warriors was equal and there were also a lot of summoners.
This was something that was impossible on the East Continent.

However, in terms of strength, the East Continent and the West Continent were comparable.
Although the West Continent didn’t lack mages and summoners, the overall strength of the warriors on the East Continent couldn’t be underestimated.
Besides, there was also the Mercenary Union.
Besides, the obstacle between the two countries that was hard to cross, the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.

Between the East, West and Central Continents, there was a tall and long ridge.
This ridge was called the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
The Foggy Forest that Chunfeng Town was next to was just a small part of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
The Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range was also the area where Magic Beasts lived.
This was the world of Magic Beasts.
Anyone who wanted to cross this place would die here.

It was impossible to cross the Thousand Beast Mountain Range from the ground, but it was a different story in the sky.
Even though they would encounter Magic Beasts in the sky, it was much easier than on the ground.

Yun Feng and the others naturally passed through the air.
It wasn’t that there wasn’t any communication between the East and West Continents, but this communication was also intermittent.
If there was anything, the envoys would just ride their flying mounts back and forth.
There were only a few people who could have flying mounts, and there were also very few Monarch Level experts who could fly.

They soon arrived at the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
A faint layer of white clouds floated under Yun Feng’s feet.
Yun Feng could vaguely see the enormous dark area below.
That was the area where Magic Beasts were active.
Little Fire and Lan Yi had been tense along the way.
As Magic Beasts, they were more sensitive to certain powerful auras.

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Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“Nobody is stupid enough to provoke us.” Right after Qu Lanyi said that, weird laughter came from the front.
The laughter was extremely harsh.
Little Fire and Lan Yi immediately burst out with fierce momentum and looked ferocious..

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