Chapter 51: Finally Here (1)

Listening to Ze Ran talking about some interesting things, Yun Feng felt a lot better.
The two of them were now isolated by almost all the kids who had just been admitted.
Nobody dared to get close to them and even seemed a bit strange when they looked at them, but Yun Feng didn’t care at all, so neither did Ze Ran.
They felt quite comfortable with being isolated.

“Yun Feng, let me tell you, everyone in our family has such a personality…” Ze Ran joked with Yun Feng with a smiley face.
His smile was as warm as the sun, which made Yun Feng’s heart feel warm.
In this unfamiliar world, he was the first person who treated her so sincerely, apart from her father and brother.

“You should pay me a visit at my home someday.
Hehe, I told my family that I became friends with you and they scolded me.
Haha, I’ve never seen my father so nervous before!” Ze Ran smiled beamingly.
The two deep dimples on his cheeks gave a little more brightness to this sunshine boy.
Yun Feng nodded with her black eyes full of smiles.

“Really? You said yes! Oh yeah! That’s wonderful! My father will definitely be thrilled!” Ze Ran immediately jumped up when he saw Yun Feng nod.
The childish side of him was fully shown.
After all, they were indeed kids right now.
It was just that Yun Feng was a bit different.

“Who’s Yun Feng? I’ll give you three seconds.
Come here quickly!” In the outer campus that was originally a bit quiet, a rude shout suddenly came.
The arrogance in those words made all the kids in the outer campus look serious.

Yun Feng frowned slightly and looked over with her black eyes.
She saw that the door that connected the inner campus and outer campus was kicked open rudely by someone.
An ugly and ferocious boy walked in.
Once he entered the outer campus, he started yelling.
The person he was looking for was her.

Yun Feng stood there calmly and didn’t say a word.
Ze Ran stood in front of Yun Feng nervously, which made Yun Feng smile gently.
Why did this boy stand in front of her no matter what happened?

The ugly and ferocious boy looked around with cold glitters in his eyes, sending the kids on the outer campus into silence.
He was looking for Yun Feng, the new student who killed Wang Youcai on the first day of school!

“Fuck, where’s Yun Feng?” The ferocious boy shouted loudly with an extremely impatient look.
He grabbed a random student from the outer campus and said with a gruff voice and a hideous face, “Tell me, where’s Yun Feng?”

The student of the outer campus, who was being grabbed, trembled.
He couldn’t answer the question because he was busy getting rid of the big hands holding onto his collar.
However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get away from the owner of these hands.

“Damn it! Tell me quickly!” The ferocious boy exerted himself and picked up the entire student with his hands! The students watching couldn’t help but turn pale.
Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
That ugly guy was a level-2 warrior.

“Alright, why are you so rude? We’re just looking for someone.
Put him down.” A slow voice came from the inner campus.
Then, a Young Master in luxurious clothes walked over.
He was a bit handsome, but there was a hint of viciousness in his eyes.
A few other people followed him here.
When the students of the outer campus saw them, they all gasped!

“Hm! You got lucky! I’ll spare you for Master Lin’s sake!” The ugly and ferocious boy threw the student in his hands away.
The student fell on the ground nearby messily and had already begun spitting out blood.
How would these students in the outer campus possibly be able to withstand a casual throw by a level-2 warrior?

The ferocious boy looked at the student, who was spitting out blood, and a dark, evil smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.
He turned around and nodded at the Young Master, bowing respectfully.
He didn’t look as arrogant as he did earlier at all.

Yun Feng stood nearby and stared at that Young Master in luxurious clothes firmly with her black eyes.
Many memories, which were full of endless humiliation and sorrow, flashed through her mind!

“The Yun family? Yun Feng? Hahaha, you little loser.
Do you think the Yun family is great? What’s so impressive about having a summoner? Aren’t you still being stepped on underneath my feet? Hm? Are you upset? If you’re upset, get up!”

“It’s the honor of the Yun family that you can die at my hands.
Don’t worry.
I’ll make it quick.
I still have mercy!”

Those humiliating and arrogant words, that ferocious, grinning face, the vicious fists that hit this body and the evil intention of damaging the Qi meridians.
Yun Feng took a deep breath to calm the fierce fire in her mind.
She gently closed her eyes.
When she opened them again, a glint of light flashed through!

Lin Meng, you’re finally here?

Lin Meng stood there with the fierceness of a master.
After all, he could smash plenty of these kids in front of his eyes with one hand, with his strength at the peak of level 3.
He glanced around slowly and finally found someone behind a boy.
Lin Meng’s pupils shrank abruptly and shot out a hint of viciousness.
She was indeed alive.
She was truly lucky.

The few people who witnessed Lin Meng beat Yun Feng to death back then, also changed their expressions after seeing Yun Feng.
They couldn’t think of a reason why this person, who was already dead, came back to life again!

There was a sneer at the corners of Lin Meng’s mouth.
He slowly came over as the students of the outer campus made way for him, then surrounded them again out of curiosity.
Lin Meng slowly walked over and raised his eyebrows at Yun Feng next to Ze Ran.

“You’re alive.
Members of the Yun family are indeed like cockroaches.”

Ze Ran’s face darkened and felt a little powerless.
How would he be able to stop them with his strength? How was he supposed to protect Yun Feng?

While Ze Ran was frustrated, he felt that his body was pulled by someone gently.
Ze Ran looked at the girl behind him in shock.
At this moment, that gorgeous face was covered with a layer of coldness and even had a trace of viciousness!

Yun Feng pushed Ze Ran to the side.
Looking at Lin Meng, who was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, in front of her, the scene of Yun Feng’s tragic death that day circled in her head.
The unbridled sorrow and anger she had before she died also kept lingering in her mind!

“If you want me to die, you’ll have to see if God allows it.”

Lin Meng’s eyes narrowed.
His warrior power at the peak of level 3 gushed out fiercely.
People standing behind him also stepped back slightly as they looked at Yun Feng with a teasing smile, as if she was someone who was about to die.

“You’re quite courageous.
How dare you kill someone from the Lin family?” Lin Meng narrowed his eyes and his voice also became a lot colder.
Yun Feng only gave a faint smile.

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