Chapter 511: Marriage (1)

“I miss you a lot! Tell me what you want! I can even get you a Magic Beast!”

Such a conversation had to be repeated several times every day.
Yun Feng was already numb in the end when she heard it.
This father of hers was unusually passionate about her, as if she was his biological daughter.
He doted on her so much that she almost died.
Yun Feng suspected that she might really be his daughter in her previous life.
After all, that old man looked middle-aged, but she really couldn’t be sure how old he was in reality.

Yun Feng was so annoyed every day.
She was always indifferent to such enthusiasm.
Zhan Li didn’t seem to care.
Yun Jing could only shake his head helplessly.
He shouldn’t be surprised that his daughter was so well-liked.

Yun Feng had never acknowledged Zhan Li, her cheap father.
She had said many times that she wasn’t his daughter.
Zhan Li was stubborn and was an extremist who did whatever he wanted.
In the end, Yun Feng was tired, and decided that he could do whatever he wanted.

She had already heard about Mr.
Zheng Ran.
Zheng Ran didn’t know anything about the name Zhan Li.
Yun Feng told him what Zhan Li gave her, especially the familiar engraving.
Zheng Ran was silent for a while before he answered.
Those who had that kind of thing were usually people from the headquarters of the Mercenary Union.
He didn’t know the details.

Yun Feng was a bit surprised that Zhan Li was from the headquarters of the Mercenary Union.
However, considering the timing of his appearance in Cashya, he must’ve been sent by the headquarters to mediate the situation, even though things seemed to have been messed up later.

Yun Feng decided not to continue exploring Zhan Li’s identity.
This father’s identity must be very honorable.
In terms of identity on the East Continent, Yun Feng was above all the royal families right now.

Qu Lanyi stayed in the Yun family, of course.
Yun Jing had a good impression of Qu Lanyi.
After all, Qu Lanyi had always stood on the Yun family’s side during the Yun family’s disasters.
He had saved his life.
Qu Lanyi and Yun Jing were very close.
Yun Feng saw his smile from time to time, like a cat that had eaten its fill.

Ao Jin was still dealing with things in the Dragons.
As the Young Master of the Dragons, he seemed to have more things to deal with.
Occasionally, he talked to Yun Feng in a hurry.
Ao Jin said that he would come to find Yun Feng after he was done and asked her to wait for him.
Yun Feng agreed with a smile.

The East Continent was peaceful.
Nobody could compare to the status of the Yun family.
Yun Feng fulfilled all the promises she made back then.
Not only did the Yun family achieve their former glory, they even surpassed it!

Yun Feng calculated the time.
Now that the matter on the East Continent was settled, she should set off for the West Continent.
She was going to find the branch of the Yun family on the West Continent and she was going to bring Mu Canghai back to life! However, before that, she had to do something.

Yun Feng slowly pushed open Yun Jing’s study.
At this moment, Yun Jing was sitting in front of the table with a straight face and looking at something.
When he saw Yun Feng come in, he put down the things in his hand.

“Feng, what’s the matter?” Yun Jing looked at his daughter, whom he had been deeply proud of, with his black eyes.

Yun Feng smiled.
“Father, about brother and Xiaojin, should we prepare?”

Yun Jing was stunned for a moment.
Then, there was a hint of relief on his face.
“Yes, Sheng’s marriage should be prepared.
Mu Xiaojin is a good kid.
She matches Sheng’s personality very well.”

Yun Feng chuckled and walked to her father’s side.
She stopped Yun Jing’s shoulder and leaned against it a bit coquettishly.
“Father, my brother might stay in Mu City in the future and won’t come back.
Will you feel lonely?”

Yun Jing’s body stiffened for a moment, and then he sighed softly.
“Children have to leave when they grow up.
There will be a day when young eagles leave their nests.”

Yun Feng hugged her father’s shoulder.
“Father, I’ll always be with you, okay?”

Yun Jing stood up slowly and touched Yun Feng’s head with his hand.
His black eyes were full of relief.
“Feng, you have a brighter future than that.
I’ll just watch you here.”

Yun Feng smiled and put her arm around Yun Jing.
“You’re right, father.
I know where my home is no matter how far I go.”

The corners of Yun Jing’s mouth rose slowly as he let his daughter act cute to him.
He looked up at the bright sky outside the window and a loud bird’s cry resounded in the sky.

The news of the marriage between the son of the Yun family, Yun Sheng, and the current leader of the Mu family, Mu Xiaojin, immediately spread across the East Continent.
The four empires on the East Continent were all amazed at this union.
Many famous families were extremely regretful and wished that their daughter were married Yun Sheng.
The Mu family took such a huge advantage.
Then, the famous families and the royal families were tempted to do something to Yun Feng again.
However, when they thought of Yun Feng’s current strength and identity, they really didn’t want to push their children forward.
They didn’t know if their children were worthy.

Yun Jing informed Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin about the details.
The wedding was on the tenth day of this month.
It was a lucky day.
Yun Sheng agreed readily.
Mu Xiaojin blushed shyly.
The scene of her meeting Yun Sheng at Masang School of Magic was still vivid in her mind, as if it were yesterday.
She would become Yun Sheng’s wife in a while.

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The members of the Mu family were delighted.
Once the date was announced, the entire Mu family mobilized.
Even Mu Cheng was stirred, all for Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin’s wedding.

When the wedding was less than three days away, congratulatory gifts came endlessly.
The wedding was held in Mu City.
All the families in Chunfeng Town were not reluctant to give generous gifts after that, so Yun Jing could only accept them.
Yun Sheng soon sent news that the gifts came from the four empires.
The gifts from the royal families and the other families had already piled up into a mountain and were still being delivered endlessly.

When Yun Feng heard this, she smiled a bit gloatingly.
Her brother’s wedding had become an opportunity for these royal nobles to curry favor.
If they could send something, they would certainly send as much as possible.

There were surprisingly a lot of congratulatory gifts.
The members of the Mu family were feeling proud and miserable at the same time.
The royal families and the nobles didn’t just send congratulatory gifts to represent the status of the Mu family.
However, there were too many gifts, so many that the Mu family didn’t know how to deal with them anymore.

Qu Lanyi said indifferently that he didn’t have anything and could only send a blessing.
Yun Feng, however, thought that it was the most practical gift.
Ao Jin wanted to give her a generous gift, but Yun Feng rejected him directly.
The relationship between the Dragons and humans was very awkward.
Ao Jin was just one of the extraordinary ones.
As the Young Master of the Dragons, he couldn’t be too willful and reckless.
If other members of the Dragons knew that he gave the treasures of the Dragons to humans, they would probably be enraged.

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