Chapter 510: Godfather (4)

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The man chuckled and casually sat on a chair.
He rubbed his chin with his hand.
“When you passed out, I asked you.
You didn’t reject me.
Of course, I took it that you agreed.”

Yun Feng’s temples pounded quickly again and she decided to ignore him completely.
Seeing that Yun Feng didn’t say anything, the middle-aged man raised his thick eyebrows.
“I’m a great father.
I’m handsome and have outstanding strength.
I’m truly rare among people.”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth twitched again secretly.
At this moment, Yun Jing walked in.
“Feng, you’re awake?” Yun Feng smiled when she saw Yun Jing.
“Father, I’m fine.”

Yun Jing’s serious face didn’t change much.
He just nodded and glanced at the middle-aged man’s helpless expression.
“Brother Zhan, about Feng…”

The middle-aged man touched his chin and stared at Yun Feng with his black eyes.
“Brother Yun Jing, Yun Feng doesn’t lack a father, but I happen to lack a daughter.
I certainly won’t steal your father’s position.
I’ll be her godfather!”

Yun Feng and Yun Jing’s temples throbbed again.
This man didn’t seem to listen to them at all.
How could he just take someone else’s daughter so easily? It was useless even if they rejected him.

“Uncle, it’s not a bad thing to have a godfather.” Qu Lanyi chuckled.
The middle-aged man nodded with a smile.
“That’s right! Why don’t I take you as my daughter too?”

Qu Lanyi froze.
“Forget what I said.”

“Hahahaha, Brother Yun Jing, I truly like this girl.
I haven’t had a son or a daughter until now.
It’s not easy for me to find a kid I like.”

Yun Jing’s brows moved slightly.
Yun Feng sighed helplessly.
“There are plenty of likable kids apart from me.”

The middle-aged man chuckled and walked over.
He touched Yun Feng’s head with his big hand.
Yun Feng didn’t dodge.
The man’s big hand messed up her hair.

“Girl, I like you and I want you to be my daughter.
It’s useless even if you refuse.
I’m a stubborn old man!”

Yun Feng was about to say something when another figure rushed in hurriedly.
“P-Presi…” The middle-aged man’s face darkened when he heard that.
He looked at the man who suddenly came in with an awful expression.

“You’re bothering me again?” The middle-aged man suddenly changed into a different person.
His fierce aura suddenly appeared, which was completely different from his friendly smile just then.

The person who rushed in bowed to Yun Jing.
“Master Yun, I’m really sorry.
Did my master cause any trouble?”

Yun Jing shook his head.
“No, Brother Zhan has been very polite.”

The person laughed awkwardly.
The middle-aged man waved his hand, as if his good mood had been ruined.
He looked at Yun Feng, then reached out and stuffed something into her hand forcefully.
“My daughter, this is my gift for you.
Take it.
Right, remember my name, Zhan Li.”

After saying that, the middle-aged man said goodbye to Yun Jing and left with the man who had been shocked ever since Zhan Li stuffed the things into Yun Feng’s hands.
After the two of them left, Yun Feng slowly opened her palm.
Lying in the center of her palm was a small accessory with a unique shape engraved on the surface of the accessory.
Yun Feng widened her black eyes and looked at the unique shape engraving.
Her heart tightened slightly.
She wasn’t unfamiliar with this pattern at all.
Every time she came to the Mercenary Union of Ge Yuan, this was the same pattern engraved on the Mercenary Union building of Ge Yuan!

Zhan Li, this middle-aged uncle who wanted to acknowledge her as his daughter for no reason, must be related to the Mercenary Union.
Perhaps she could ask Mr.
Zheng Ran if he was familiar with the name Zhan Li.

Everything on the East Continent had already been decided.
The Yun family didn’t join the Fengyun Empire.
After that, the Cashya Empire picked a new emperor from the royal family.
They didn’t dare to have the thought of taking revenge on the Fengyun Empire at all.
Even though the Yun family remained neutral, all the countries knew that the Yun family would take extreme measures if they provoked the Yun family.

After Carson died, Yun Feng was the only summoner on the surface of the East Continent.
Ovey and Shengyao couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
They were still grateful to Yun Feng in their minds.
After all, Carson had always been superior to the other three countries.
Sometimes, his actions and behavior were a bit too extreme and he crossed the line.
The other three countries couldn’t do anything about it either.
It was great now.
Everyone had returned to their initial level, and they were even more fanatical about the birth of summoners.

None of the four empires dared to persuade the Yun family, but the Fengyun Empire was lucky after all.
Mu Xiaojin and the Mu family, who were close to Yun Sheng, were both citizens of the Fengyun Empire.
The Shang family and the De family were sensible people.
After learning about Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin, they invited the Mu family to the capital and took charge of the situation.
The Shang family and the De family tried to please the Mu family.
After all, the Fengyun Empire had an absolute advantage over the other three empires in the Fengyun Empire.

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Facing the invitation of the two families, Mu Xiaojin chose to decline.
Firstly, she wasn’t mature or courageous enough to participate in the meeting.
The Mu family would be completely controlled by the Shang and De families.
Secondly, the Mu family was based in Mu City, which was a natural defense.
Although the Mu family wanted to develop, they weren’t that ambitious.
Although the Mu family under Mu Xiaojin had Yun Sheng’s help, it had just started.
It was inappropriate to run before learning how to walk.

Yun Sheng also told Yun Feng about the situation.
Yun Feng nodded and agreed.
That was the right decision.
She also asked about the Mu family.
The other members of the Mu family all respected Mu Xiaojin and were very obedient.
The members of the Mu family were also smart.
Mu Xiaojin was the pillar of the Mu family right now.
Without Mu Xiaojin, the Mu family would be nothing.
They would at most be the second-rate family they used to be.
The two families wouldn’t even bother to talk to them, nor would they send someone to the Mu family for an important decision like they did right now.

The Mu family was also honored.
Even though the Mu family didn’t move away, their status was different from before.
In the past, the Mu family was a second-rate family, but now, they were one of the secret decision makers of the Fengyun Empire.

Yun Feng’s body was recovering rapidly under the nourishment of time and there weren’t any major problems.
She only took over half a month to completely recover.
Such a recovery speed was truly rare.

Zhan Li hadn’t been here since he left that day.
Even though he didn’t come to Chunfeng Town, he was everywhere.
Yun Feng’s Sound Transmission Jade was left with his voice by force.
The Sound Transmission Jade would ring a few times every day..
“My daughter, did you miss me?”


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