Yun Feng was speechless.
She put Meatball into the bracelet when she went to the Martial Arts Institute.
This little guy certainly wasn’t willing to, but bringing it into the Martial Arts Institute would cause some troubles.
After all, having a Magic Beast was something too extravagant.
Although the Yun family could still afford it, this would make people jealous after all.
The less trouble the better.
She hated trouble.

“Na! Nana!” Meatball made some roar-like sounds angrily, but that clearly couldn’t achieve the effect.
It didn’t know how to say anything, apart from “na.” Yun Feng’s black eyes gazed at Meatball after all.
After a while, she grabbed Meatball’s neck and brought it in front of her.
Those two pairs of eyes of a human and a beast looked at each other.

“Why can’t I feel your elemental force?” Yun Feng finally asked after staring at it for a long time.
She didn’t care about this meatball at first, but now, it made her extremely confused.
It was a Magic Beast, but why did it have any elemental force in its body?

Meatball’s huge eyes spun and looked at Yun Feng with an innocent face, as if it didn’t know as well.
Yun Feng’s mental strength surged out quietly to detect Meatball carefully.
And yet, she found nothing.

What… exactly was it?

“Ancestor, is it possible that a Magic Beast doesn’t have elemental forces?” Yun Feng, who couldn’t get any answers, asked her ancestor for help.
The ancestor was knowledgeable, especially in the area of Magic Beasts.
His knowledge was like a vast number of stars and he was a living library to Yun Feng.

“Hm… Such a situation is very very rare, almost none at all… but that doesn’t mean that these beasts don’t exist.” What the ancestor said made Yun Feng astonished.
She glanced at Meatball she was holding in her hands with a weird look.
Perhaps it was some impressive existence?

“Just like humans, there are some abandoned existences among the Magic Beasts.”

“Abandoned… existences?”

They were born without elemental forces and were born weak.
They’re destined to be stepped on by the other Magic Beasts.
No matter how hard they struggle, they won’t be able to change their fate.”

Yun Feng understood now.
Just like humans, a very small number of people were born without any qualities.
Taking the East Continent as an example, a small part of people were born with no Qi meridians or couldn’t practice because of various reasons.
Did this apply to the Magic Beasts?

Yun Feng’s black eyes couldn’t help but sink.
If it weren’t that her mental strength was strong, she, who had damaged Qi meridians, would have had the same fate as Meatball.
Yun Feng swung Meatball’s chubby body in her hands and made it protest again.
Yun Feng felt blue when she looked at Meatball right now.

“However…” What the ancestor said made Yun Feng shocked.
There was a “however?”

“There’s also another kind of existence among the Magic Beasts.
It’s not that they don’t have any elemental force.
It’s just that humans can’t sense it.”

“Who… are they?”

The ancestor sighed gently and seemed a bit emotional.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but breathe tensely.
“There’s a special species among the Magic Beasts, which surpasses all the others.
They’re called the Gods of Magic Beasts.
They have earth-shattering powers and can destroy everything they want to destroy by just lifting a hand.
Even summoners, who always have contact with Magic Beasts, don’t know a lot about them.
They’re existences at the top of the pyramid of Magic Beasts and can be regarded as the most mysterious existences in the Vast Continent, Fantastical Beasts!”


Fantastical Beasts! Yun Feng’s pupils immediately shrank.
They were existences at the top of the pyramid of Magic Beasts.
Even summoners knew very little about them.
They were so mysterious, so powerful!

Yun Feng glanced at Meatball and thought in her mind.
This little thing was either an abandoned creature or an existence at the top.
There was truly a huge difference.
However, rather than the possibility of it being a Fantastical Beast, Yun Feng preferred the former one.

“Haha, kid, if Meatball is a Fantastical Beast, then you’ve got a treasure.” The ancestor’s words made the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curl up slightly.
A Fantastical Beast? Could it look just like this? Fat like a ball? Besides, Fantastical Beasts weren’t cabbages.
They weren’t easy to catch.
How would she possibly encounter an existence that people in the world had so little knowledge about so easily? She would never believe that Meatball was a Fantastical Beast.

“Ancestor, how would a Fantastical Beast look like this?” Yun Feng swung Meatball in her hands intentionally and made Meatball extremely discontented.
The ancestor smiled a bit embarrassedly, then let out a long sigh.

“Ah, it’s still uncertain whether Fantastical Beasts are real or not.
I heard that the one who encountered a Fantastical Beast was an absolute powerhouse from a few thousand years ago.
As for now, people tend to think of Fantastical Beasts as creatures in legends.
After all, nobody has seen any of them.”

“You haven’t seen them as well?” Yun Feng was very surprised.
After all, her ancestor had extraordinary achievements, but even he hadn’t seen one before?

“Haha, kid, Fantastical Beasts aren’t something that people like me can encounter.
Those powerful and mysterious Fantastical Beasts are the lifelong dream of summoners, and also a dream that can never be fulfilled…” There was frustration and sorrow in the ancestor’s words.
If summoners could contract with Fantastical Beasts, the entire Vast Continent would shake.
Summoners who entered a contract with Magic Beasts were invincible beings! Even the most powerful Magic Beasts would have to yield to them!

Looking at Meatball in her hands, Yun Feng pursed her lips.
She released her hands and dropped Meatball down.
Its fluffy body turned around to face Yun Feng with its back, like it was pissed off, showing only its round little butt, which made Yun Feng dumbfounded.
This meatball had a temper.

The ancestor felt that Yun Feng’s mood got better gradually and his heart was slightly moved.
Looking at this beautiful little face, a smile of relief appeared on the ancestor’s handsome face.
Perhaps this kid could truly fulfil the dream that nobody could.


Due to Wang Youcai’s death, the Martial Arts Institute was eventually shrouded in a layer of shadow.
It wasn’t a big deal.
It was just a battle.
There were countless battles on the East Continent and an innumerable number of people who died in these battles.
Besides, when both parties agreed that life and death didn’t matter, you could only blame yourself for not being skillful enough if you died.

However, Wang Youcai’s death was a bit different.
He was related to Lin Meng.
A person who had a relation with the Lin family died at the hands of the Yun family, their enemy.
How would the Lin family just let them get away?

Yun Feng and Ze Ran met on the outer campus of the Martial Arts Institute early in the morning.
Ze Ran was very excited, but Yun Feng was extremely calm.
If someone else beat Wang Youcai to death, that person would have to think about the consequences of coming to the Martial Arts Institute again.

Ze Ran was a little worried at first, but seeing how calm Yun Feng was, he was completely relieved.
He couldn’t help but feel much better.
After all, Ze Ran should be happy or even… proud to have made a friend like Yun Feng!

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