Chapter 506: My Patience is Limited (4)

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The Green Cloud Wolf and the Fire Cloud Wolf were both branches of the Cloud Wolf.
The Cloud Wolf was a branch of the Wolf Clan, and most of them were fire-element Cloud Wolves.
Wind-element Cloud Wolves were considered rare.
After all, if a wolf-type Magic Beast had a high speed, they would be even stronger with their sharp claws.

“I didn’t expect to meet someone from the same clan here.” The Green Cloud Wolf looked at Little Fire with its wolf eyes.
After observing for a while, it suddenly smiled.
“I thought we were from the same clan, but it seems that we’re a bit different.”

Little Fire’s wolf eyes suddenly burst out with bloodthirst.
“I don’t want to kill you.”

The Green Cloud Wolf glanced at Yun Feng with a hint of envy in his eyes.
“Your master looks pretty good.”

Little Fire burst into laughter with endless pride.
Even though contracting was regarded as a humiliation, the contracted Magic Beasts understood the real taste.
The freedom of the Magic Beasts was restricted, and even most of the dignity of the Magic Beasts would be trampled.
However, Little Fire didn’t.
He should feel lucky to have a master like Yun Feng.

“Of course.
How can someone who can contract with me be bad?”

Yun Feng glanced at the Green Cloud Wolf on the side.
Was that Carson’s contracted Magic Beast? This was the first time she saw it.
He had been drooling over Lan Yi in that cave.
It was indeed a wind-element Magic Beast.

The wolf’s body suddenly trembled, as if it had received Carson’s order It suddenly jumped and launched an attack at Little Fire.
Little Fire dodged keenly and roared at the Green Cloud Wolf, “You’re not my match!”

The Green Cloud Wolf smiled wryly.
“I cannot control myself.
You should know that.”

Little Fire roared in frustration.
If it was another Magic Beast, it would be fine, but it was from the same clan.
Besides, this Green Cloud Wolf clearly didn’t have the consciousness to attack.
A contracted Magic Beast couldn’t disobey the summoner’s order.
As long as Carson gave the order, the wolf would fight even if it couldn’t beat its enemy!

“Master, leave this guy to me!” Little Fire roared.
Yun Feng nodded.
She could tell from its body size that Little Fire was a bit similar to this Green Cloud Wolf.
She didn’t mind letting Little Fire deal with it.

The Green Cloud Wolf’s attacks became fiercer and fiercer, but Little Fire only dodged and didn’t attack.
Seeing this, the Green Cloud Wolf couldn’t help but smile wryly again.
“You don’t have to do this.
Even if we’re from the same clan, we’ll fight when we have to!”

“You’re not qualified to order me!” Little Fire roared in frustration and avoided the claws of the Green Cloud Wolf.
Seeing that, the Green Cloud Wolf’s eyes glittered.
“I can’t resist his order.
I’ll attack until I die!”

Little Fire’s black wolf eyes glittered.
“If you can hit me, just do it!”

Yun Feng and Lan Yi stood in the sky, while Green Cloud Wolf and Little Fire fought.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and looked down.
“Carson! Do you only have the courage to let your contracted Magic Beast out?”

The emperor’s expression changed slightly.
Slowly, Carson walked out from behind him.
Yun Feng burst into laughter.
“Coward, you’re finally out?”

Carson’s face changed.
Yun Feng raised her voice and said, “Emperor Cashya, Carson is the only one I want.”

The emperor’s expression changed.
Carson shouted, “Shut up! My brother won’t believe you!”

“When the Fengyun Empire attacked the Cashya Empire, did it cause any casualties? Emperor Cashya, you should know my intention.
I only have one target.”

The emperor remained silent.
Carson burst into laughter.
“Yun Feng, it’s useless to sow discord! My brother won’t abandon me! He has no reason to abandon me after what I did for the Cashya Empire!”

“Emperor Cashya, my patience is limited.” Yun Feng looked at the emperor coldly.
If he still insisted on his opinion, she wouldn’t show mercy either.
Cashya might be eliminated today.

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“Tut-tut, it seems that I came at the right time.” A lazy voice sounded.
Yun Feng was shocked.
She didn’t notice anyone approaching! Lan Yi spread his wings and stood in front of Yun Feng, looking at the man who suddenly appeared in the sky vigilantly.

“Don’t worry about me.
I’m just here to watch the fun and take care of some things at the same time.” The man stood in the air lazily with an indifferent expression on his face, which couldn’t be underestimated!

Yun Feng stopped caring about the man and said to the emperor coldly, “What do you think? Have you thought about it?”

The man chuckled after hearing that.
“Emperor Cashya, I advise you not to make a big mistake because of a small matter.
It’s not that you don’t understand this.”

Carson was enraged.
“Why do you have to talk so much? Where are you from? Are you with that girl?”

Hearing this, the corners of the man’s mouth, which was still smiling just then, suddenly dropped.
He looked at Carson with his black eyes, and the expression in his eyes made Yun Feng feel oppressed.
The man waved his hand, and the towering palace of the Cashya Royal Palace suddenly collapsed under a fierce invisible force!

“Emperor Cashya, my patience is limited too.”

The emperor’s face darkened when he saw that the man in the sky had shattered a part of the palace.
He had never been as humiliated since he became the emperor.
He clenched his fists, and the veins on the back of his hands bulged.

Yun Feng also turned around and looked at the man who suddenly appeared.
In that moment just then, she felt a distinct pressure.
That momentum made her feel slightly oppressed.
The strength of this man in front of her wasn’t below hers! There were only a few experts who could reach the Monarch Level on this East Continent.
Yun Feng wasn’t familiar with him, but she knew that this man must be of a high status.

“Who are you?” The emperor raised his head and shouted furiously.
He was infuriated by the man whose identity was unknown, but he still kept his rationality.
This man must have some capital to be so arrogant.

The middle-aged man burst into laughter.
“Hahahaha! Do I have to answer your question? Emperor Cashya, are you going to hand Carson over or not?”

“Bullsh*t! Kid, is this the helper you found? It seems that you do have some skills.
Do you think you can eliminate Cashya? The Mercenary Union won’t just let you go!” Carson roared from the bottom..
He looked at the Green Cloud Wolf fighting Little Fire with his eyes and felt frustrated in his mind.
What a useless Magic Beast!

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