Chapter 505: My Patience is Limited (3)

The middle-aged man burst into laughter again and threw the letter of war aside.
He leaned against the chair with his hands and crossed his fingers, looking as lazy as ever.
“Why are you in such a hurry? The war hasn’t reached the Cashya Royal Palace yet, has it?”

The person next to him heaved a long sigh.
“President, it will, soon.
It’s said that the Fengyun Empire has already entered the territory of the Cashya Empire.
They can attack the Cashya Royal Palace in a short time.”

“Oh?” The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows and rubbed his chin.
“Ovey and Shengyao are on the Fengyun Empire’s side.
Those two old foxes are quite smart.
I would’ve done the same if I were them.”

“President!” Someone called out with a troubled look.
“If you don’t show up, the Cashya Empire will probably disappear.
The balance of the East Continent will be broken soon.”

The middle-aged man waved his hand in frustration.
“Got it.
You’ve said this so many times that I can almost hear the problem.
If you say it again, I’ll just abandon the matter!”

The person next to him immediately fell silent.
The middle-aged man sat there and tapped his fingers on the back of the chair.
“I’ve always disliked Carson of Cashya.
I can use this opportunity to get rid of him.”

“President…” The person next to him couldn’t help but widen his eyes.
The middle-aged man chuckled and touched his chin again.
“Why? Do you think I’m very handsome and smart to use someone else to kill my enemy?”

The man’s face twitched.
The middle-aged man burst into laughter.
“Haha! Don’t worry.
The Cashya Empire won’t be destroyed.
Only one person will die.”

The person next to him kept shaking his head.
In the end, he was just using his position to take revenge.
“Are you thinking that I’m using my position to take revenge?” The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows.
The person next to him quickly shook his head, and his heart couldn’t help but shrink.

“You’re not entirely wrong to think that.
Putting that aside, Cashya has always surpassed the three empires on the East Continent.
It’s a good opportunity for us to balance things out.
The Yun family isn’t just any other family.
Yun Feng isn’t an ordinary person either.
The Yun family won’t become a subsidiary of any empire.
That’s why I let the Yun family exist.”

The people on the side were enlightened after hearing that.
The middle-aged man snorted in disdain.
“Do you have any brains? Learn more from me!” The corners of the mouth of the person on the side suddenly twitched a few times and he didn’t say anything else.
The middle-aged man picked up the letter of war he threw aside, and read it with great interest.
Those few lines seemed to be infinitely interesting.

“Get out of here.
Don’t bother me until they attack the Cashya Royal Palace.”

The person who stood with his hands by his side could only walk out helplessly after hearing that.
He shook his head and sighed as he walked.
The president was indeed not an ordinary person.
He was indeed… not a normal person.

The Fengyun Empire’s attack was unstoppable.
It was unstoppable on the land of the Cashya Empire.
Although the Cashya Empire could resist the attacks for a while, it was still suppressed by the Fengyun Empire.
The Cashya Empire’s defense line kept collapsing and retreating.
The Fengyun Empire’s attack kept moving forward.
Yun Feng was at the front.

The attack route of the Fengyun Empire was very obvious.
It went straight to the royal palace and there was no invasion anywhere else.
Even though the Cashya Empire was attacked, the civilians didn’t feel like they were fighting at all.
Rather than a war, it was more like a personal feud.

The Cashya Royal Family was like a cat on a hot pan after encountering the great enemy.
However, after realizing that the Fengyun Empire’s target was the royal family, the members of the Cashya Royal Family were even more terrified and they all ran away in panic.

Yun Feng smiled indifferently when she heard the news.
As long as the key members were still here, the others didn’t matter.
The Fengyun Empire’s attack was even faster.
With Yun Feng as the vanguard, the soldiers of the Fengyun Empire were more like sidekicks.
They watched Yun Feng attack domineeringly time and time again.
Under the large-scale attacks of gorgeous magic, the army of the Cashya Empire only had ten to twenty percent of its power left.
This was also the reason why the Fengyun Empire attacked so quickly.
With a powerful summoner, it was like having an elite army that was brave and good at fighting!

As everyone expected, the army of the Fengyun Empire had already invaded the capital of the Cashya Empire in just a few days.
After the army of the Fengyun Empire entered the capital, it meant that the Cashya Royal Family had reached the point where they couldn’t resist.

After stopping all the attacks, Yun Feng took Little Fire and Lan Yi to the royal palace of the capital of the Cashya Empire.
Standing in the sky above the royal palace, Yun Feng looked at the heavily guarded palace with a cold smile and shouted in a low voice, “Emperor Cashya, do you think you can stop me like this?”

“Swish, swish, swish…” A few figures rushed out and surrounded Yun Feng and Little Fire Lan Yi.
The three of them glanced at them coldly and didn’t care.
The emperor of the Cashya Empire slowly came out of the palace.
The citizens of the capital were already here.
If he didn’t show up at this moment, wouldn’t it be too embarrassing?

“Yun Feng! There’s no grudge between Cashya and Fengyun! How can you start a war over a personal grudge?”

Yun Feng burst into laughter.
“There are personal grudges.
I came here today to settle this personal grudge.
Hand Carson over and I’ll spare your life!”

“Yun Feng! Where do you think this is? Do you think this is a place where you can do whatever you want?” The emperor of the Cashya Empire had already been enraged after being forced to this point.
He had been forced to his doorstep, and he was even forced to hand over his brother.
How could he accept this? The dignity of an emperor was stomped on by Yun Feng at this moment!

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“My patience is limited.
Don’t blame me for being merciless!” Yun Feng’s face turned cold as she waved her hand fiercely.
A scorching and bright fire element appeared instantly.
The wand appeared in her hand and the fire element roared.
The people surrounding her immediately avoided it in panic and were almost swallowed by the fire element.

“Roar…” The roar of a wild beast sounded.
A green figure suddenly rose from a corner of the ground and dashed towards Yun Feng.
Yun Feng turned her head slightly and Little Fire had already flashed out.
It waved its wolf claws fiercely and the green figure retreated a few steps in panic.

“Green Cloud Wolf?” Little Fire looked at the enormous green wolf-shaped Magic Beast in front of it.
The two of them looked extremely similar in size.
If it weren’t for the fact that the colors on their furs were completely different, Little Fire and this Green Cloud Wolf could be said to be brothers..

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