Chapter 504: My Patience is Limited (2)

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Ovey and Shengyao both chose their sides after Yun Feng’s visit, and the envoys of Cashya, who were sent to the two countries, was sent back coldly.
The Emperor of Cashya was angry, but didn’t know what to do.

Everything happened because of Carson.
Carson was none other than the emperor’s brother, who had already told him everything.
It was already too late when the emperor understood the situation.
He scolded his brother, but he couldn’t change his tension with Yun Feng.
The emperor had no choice but to take the risk and cooperate with the two countries to deal a fatal blow to the Fengyun Empire.

The Emperor of Cashya approved Carson’s dissemination of the secret.
Both of them hoped that the independent cultivators could seriously injure the Yun family, even if it was just to teach Yun Feng a lesson.
However, they didn’t expect the news to die down after a while.

Carson had planned to capture Yun Jing to threaten Yun Feng, but his plan failed in the end.
The Cashya Empire was in an extremely awkward and sensitive situation right now.
Whenever the Fengyun Empire made a move, Cashya would be frightened.
They didn’t need to think to know who the Fengyun Empire was targeting.

Even though the emperor was related to Carson, the emperor would usually give up on the bond.
In the emperor’s eyes, nothing could compare to his throne.

After learning that the envoys sent to Ovey and Shengyao had been sent back, the emperor knew that he was going further and further down the wrong path.
Everything happened because of Carson.
It was his personal grudge.
Was he going to drag the entire Cashya Empire down with him?

“Brother!” While the emperor was thinking, Carson rushed in anxiously.
“I heard that the two envoys are back.
What are Ovey and Shengyao’s attitudes?”

The emperor glanced at Carson coldly with fury burning in his mind.
He was the reason why Cashya was in such a situation! “Carson, why did you have to mess with Yun Feng?”

Carson’s face darkened after hearing that.
“What she has in her hand is what I want! If I don’t take what she has, are you going to give it to me? I spent so much of my cultivation for the international contest, and you’re blaming me now?”

The emperor moved his lips.
If it weren’t for the international contest, Carson wouldn’t have been weakened so much.
Carson, who used to be a Monarch, had dropped to the peak of the Commander Level.
If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t be like this right now!

“What? You want to blame everything on me?” Carson’s face turned cold.
The emperor suddenly sighed.
“That’s not what I think.
I’m just frustrated.
The envoys sent to Ovey and Shengyao have been sent back.
Those two countries still refuse to say anything.”

“Do you want me to do something special?”

The emperor shook his head.
“It won’t do us any good to infuriate the two empires.
They’re sly old foxes.
Your tricks won’t work.
Besides, the Fengyun Empire is doing more and more.
We don’t have time to worry about anything else.”

“If she didn’t steal the Divine Essence Grass, I would’ve returned to my original level a long time ago!” Carson gnashed his teeth and roared.
He was still upset about Yun Feng stealing the Divine Essence Grass back then.
He could’ve returned to the Monarch Level with the Divine Essence Grass, but in the end, someone else took advantage of him.

“There’s nothing else we can do,” said the emperor coldly.
Things had already reached a point where they couldn’t stop.
It seemed that the war between Cashya and Fengyun couldn’t be avoided anymore!

“Cashya, get ready for battle!” said the emperor in a deep voice.
Carson nodded furiously and added another line to the wrongs Yun Feng had done him in his mind.
Yun Feng, it’s all because of you!

After Yun Feng returned from Ovey and Shengyao, all the preparations of the Fengyun Empire were done.
The Shang family and the De family expressed that they would completely obey the Yun family’s command, and all the mobilizing troops of the Fengyun Empire were ready to go.
There was still no news from the headquarters of the Mercenary Union, which was beyond Yun Feng’s expectation.
The Mercenary Union secretly balanced the existence of the East Continent.
Now that an empire was about to die, it was a bit strange that the Mercenary Union didn’t care about it.

Zheng Ran was the Vice President of the Mercenary Union stationed in the Fengyun Empire.
He only told Yun Feng to be careful.
Yun Feng smiled.
It was good that the Mercenary Union didn’t interfere, otherwise she would have to deal with these difficult people.

Yun Feng had already informed Ovey and Shengyao that the Fengyun Empire was ready to attack.
The emperors of the two empires immediately agreed and would provide the Fengyun Empire with all necessary supplies and evacuation.
However, the emperors of the two empires said that they could provide supplies, but they didn’t provide any force.

Yun Feng didn’t really care.
Both countries had to protect themselves, so she let them be.
Perhaps the two countries were afraid that the Fengyun Empire would attack them after dealing with Cashya.
Of course, that was just the two old foxes’ imagination.

In the first year of the establishment of the Fengyun Empire, the reborn empire of the East Continent, which had a new name, finally declared war on the enemy!

A letter of war was quickly delivered to the emperor’s hand.
The emperor was so furious that he trembled and flushed.
In the end, he couldn’t hold back anymore and tore the letter into pieces.

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The Fengyun Empire declared war on the Cashya Empire for no reason other than to fight!

There was only one line on the letter of challenge.
It was arrogantly.
No wonder the emperor was so angry that his face turned red.
There was no reason for the declaration of war!

The war was completely stirred up.
The battle between Fengyun and Cashya was about to begin.
Ovey and Shengyao tried to protect themselves, but they secretly helped the Fengyun Empire.
The battle on the East Continent was inevitable.

In the headquarters of the Mercenary Union, a lazy-looking middle-aged man was sitting on a chair, holding the letter of war that Yun Feng wrote.
The man read it a few times and finally burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, this summoner is quite arrogant.
There’s no reason for the war? Interesting.”

The middle-aged man read the letter a few more times with great interest.
Someone on the side finally couldn’t stand it anymore.
“President, the Fengyun Empire has already launched an attack on the Cashya Empire..
Do you still have time to read the letter of war here?”

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