pire is preparing for war.”

Emperor Ovey’s breath tightened.
“War… Against whom?”

Yun Feng looked at Emperor Ovey with deep meaning in her black eyes.
“Cashya, of course.
The Fengyun Empire’s only target this time is Cashya.” Yun Feng emphasized the word “only”.
Seeing that Emperor Ovey was obviously relieved, she chuckled.
“Don’t worry, Your Majesty.
The Fengyun Empire is only targeting Cashya.
Even so, Ovey should take a stand.
Otherwise, don’t blame me if you get involved.”

Yun Feng had already made her intentions clear.
It’s fine if you don’t stand on my side, but don’t blame me if I hurt you.
If you stand on my side, I’ll certainly protect you.

“With the Fengyun Empire’s current situation, what are the odds of winning a war?” Emperor Ovey asked solemnly.
Yun Feng burst into laughter and stood up.
“Your Majesty, do you think I’m useless as a summoner?”

The Emperor of Ovey’s face suddenly twitched.
Yun Feng stared at him with her black eyes.
“Carson of the Cashya Empire is already at the end of his rope.
When his advantage is no longer his advantage, what chance does he have?”

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Emperor Ovey burst into laughter after hearing that.
He also stood up from his throne with a smile on his face.
“You’re right.
The Fengyun Empire should be invincible with a summoner like you! Ovey will be the Fengyun Empire’s strongest ally.
Yun Feng, don’t worry.”

Yun Feng nodded.
“Your Majesty, that’s a relief.
I’ll visit the Shengyao Empire with reassurance.”

“Why don’t you stay for a few more days? Then I can entertain you.” Emperor Ovey came to her and asked her to stay.
Yun Feng smiled gently.
“No, I’m running out of patience.
Goodbye.” After saying that, she disappeared from the room.

“Your Majesty…” His assistant, who had been silent the whole time, called out with a trembling voice.
The Emperor of Ovey, who was still smiling just then, immediately stepped down.
Beads of sweat on his forehead fell one after another, as if he had passed a life-and-death moment.

“Ovey doesn’t have a choice.
If I say no, I’m afraid Ovey will suffer today.” The Emperor of Ovey said with a deep voice.
His assistant on the side nodded abruptly and wiped the sweat on his forehead.
A large part of his back was already drenched in sweat in a short time.

“Your Majesty, I really didn’t expect Master Yun Feng to be such a young person…”

The Emperor of Ovey put on a wry smile.
“If Ovey had such a talent, Ovey would be the one laughing right now.
It’s a shame that the Emperor of Karan didn’t know how to cherish her…”

“Your Majesty, what about that envoy of Cashya?”

The Emperor of Ovey frowned.
“What else can we do? Ask him to go back! We’ll make our stance clear when the war starts!”

The close aide nodded and immediately bowed.
The Emperor of the Ovey Empire was indeed a wise old fox.
He was able to make a decision so calmly at such a sensitive time.
The Ovey Empire had chosen its own front after Yun Feng’s visit.
The Shengyao Empire certainly wasn’t a fool.
Yun Feng didn’t tell them about Ovey’s situation, but the Emperor of the Shengyao Empire had a rough idea.

Without a doubt, Shengyao also chose to side with Feng Yun.
For Ovey and Shengyao, this was a one-option question.
They didn’t want to offend Feng Yun and couldn’t afford to offend her..

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