Chapter 500: Let’s Fight (1)

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Yun Feng’s elemental fusion practice wasn’t just about controlling the speed of the fusion of elements, but also the energy released by the fusion of elements more precisely.

“Nobody will come here to die again.
These independent cultivators are very smart.” Qu Lanyi walked over and examined Yun Feng with his mental strength.
He was relieved when he found that she didn’t do anything reckless.

“That couldn’t be better.” Yun Feng looked at the remaining bodies on the ground with a cold expression.
She looked back at the Yun family’s mansion.
“Let’s go.”

Two figures flashed quickly in the sky, aiming for the sky above the Yun family’s mansion!

At this moment, the inside of the mansion of the Yun family was very tense.
The sounds of fighting kept echoing in the sky.
The other people in Chunfeng Town were all hiding in their homes and didn’t dare to go out.
Today, Chunfeng Town was full of the smell of death and terror.
It was even more so in the Yun family.
Many bodies had collapsed in the mansion.
They were the soldiers of the Yun Army!

“Don’t resist anymore.
You’ll only die if you resist!” A feminine voice came out.
Then, another soldier of the Yun Army fell on the ground.
The person who spoke slowly took out the longsword that was stabbed into his body.
He looked at Yun Jing, who was protected by the Yun Army and the Red Maple Mercenary Team, with a wicked smile.

“We only want Yun Jing.
Yun Jing, would you rather watch someone else die for you than have the courage to come out?”

“Master Yun! Don’t listen to his nonsense.
We’re protecting the Yun family.
These warriors died for the Yun family and what they believed in!” Wang Ming waved his giant sword and fought with the invader.
He protected Yun Jing firmly behind him and didn’t let anything happen to him.

“That’s right, Master! We’ll die a worthy death!” The soldiers of the Yun Army shouted loudly.
Their voices carried the pride of fighting for the Yun family.
They were willing to die for the Yun family!

Yun Jing waved his hand and fended off an enemy who was about to launch a sneak attack.
He looked at the miserable scene in front of him with a deep gaze.
Even though this person clearly wanted him, he knew the purpose behind his back clearly, to blackmail Feng!

“You talk too much.
Just go to hell!” The man with arched eyes glared at Wang Ming fiercely as he swung his longsword.
Wang Ming laughed.
“You’re just in time!” The broadsword in his hand rushed forward and the two weapons clashed with a loud sound.
Wang Ming’s face darkened.
This guy was stronger than him!

The man with arched eyes smiled viciously as he exerted strength in his hand.
Wang Ming’s wrist felt numb and the blade in his hand was already firmly suppressed.
His body also staggered and knelt on the ground.

“You’re overestimating yourself!” The man with arched eyes said as he swung the longsword in his hand towards Wang Ming’s skull with a cold glint.
It seemed that he wanted to kill Wang Ming with one strike!

“Damn it!” It was already too late for Wang Ming to dodge.
He could only release all the fighting energy in his body, hoping that he could resist the power of this fatal attack.

“Die!” The man with arched eyes roared as his sword slashed down with the wind.
Seeing that, Yun Jing roared, “Captain Wang!”

“Clang…” It was the sound of metal being broken.
The man with arched eyes looked at the sword in his hand in shock.
The sword that was still intact a second ago had lost most of its blade in the next second, leaving only a small part of the sword in his hand!

“Roar!” The roar of a wild beast sounded.
Before the man with arched eyes could see what was going on, he saw a dark red figure flashing in front of his eyes, followed by a beam of light.
Then, he was thrown to the other side.

“Argh!” A scream burst out of his mouth.
He fell on the ground and his body kept twitching.
He pressed his hand against the wound on his chest, and blood gushed out continuously, dying his clothes red in an instant.
A claw mark of a wild beast cut his body.
If the wound was any deeper, he would die on the spot!

“Brother Fire, leave him alive.” Lan Yi descended from the sky and put away the giant and beautiful wings, stopping Little Fire’s next attack.
Looking at the man with arched eyes, who was twitching on the ground, Lan Yi’s eyes turned cold.
“He can still live for a while longer.
It’s enough for Master to ask something.”

Little Fire grunted in disdain.
It stretched its body and raised its head to howl at the sky.
“Roar… I’m going to kill!”

All the intruders who were still fighting were stunned.
Seeing the two Magic Beasts that suddenly appeared here, everyone couldn’t help but shake.
Then, seeing that their leader was sent flying by a claw and seemed to be seriously injured, all the intruders had the idea of retreating.

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“Don’t even think about leaving!” Both Lan Yi and Little Fire roared.
Green light and dark red light immediately flashed in the sky.
Miserable noises came one after another.
The invader fell on the ground without any resistance.
There were even more corpses on the ground.
Most of them were the invaders’ corpses.
The two Magic Beasts followed Yun Feng’s order.
Whoever hurt the Yun family would be killed!

The man with arched eyes, who was struggling on the ground, was also dumbfounded when he saw this scene.
He rubbed his body backwards in a mess and didn’t care about his wounds anymore.
The pain seemed to be completely paralyzed by death.
He only wanted to leave this place with all his heart.
He wouldn’t dare to come even if he had a hundred thousand guts!

“I think I’m a bit late.” A voice suddenly appeared in the air.
The soldiers of the Yun Army and the members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team all looked up and everyone was surprised!

“My Lady!”

This shout completely drained the color out of the face of the man with arched eyes.
He kept moving towards the corner, hoping that this Young Lady wouldn’t notice him.
However, he failed.
The slim girl fell from the sky and landed right in front of him.
Her clear black eyes looked straight at him.
They didn’t emit any killing intent at all, but they made the man with arched eyes feel terrified.

The screams continued and his body body started to tremble.
He was confident that he could bring Yun Jing back this time, but he didn’t expect such an outcome!

“Master!” Lan Yi and Little Fire walked to Yun Feng after cleaning up everyone.
The two beasts were so enraged that the brutal aura on them had already surged out.
Even Lan Yi, who had always been gentle, was the same.

Yun Feng glanced at the dead bodies on the ground and saw the soldiers of the Yun Army and the Red Maple Mercenary Team..
Her eyes darkened and she grabbed the man with arched eyes who was lying on the ground fiercely.

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