Chapter 499: If You Want It, Take It (5)

“It seems that these bees have gone crazy.
Even if they have to die, they must pounce on the flowers with all their might,” said Qu Lanyi softly.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“The best way to deal with the bees is to get rid of them once and for all.”

Qu Lanyi raised his eyebrows and looked at Yun Feng’s beautiful side profile and the curve of her red lips.
“Swish, swish, swish!” A few figures appeared in front of them.

“Yun Feng, hand over the Crystal Beast!” Many pairs of greedy eyes looked at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng put away the weapon in her hand.
“If you want it, come and take it yourself!”

The group of people who came to ask for the Crystal Beast laughed when they heard this.
“Of course we’ll get it ourselves! We suggest you don’t resist, or you’ll suffer a lot!”

Yun Feng looked at the five people standing in front of her.
The weakest among them was at the peak of the Commander Level.
The number of powerhouses she met today was rarely many.
All the powerhouses of individual cultivators on the East Continent were probably here.

The temptation of the Ultimate Crystal Beast was obvious.
More importantly, Yun Feng was a fat lamb waiting to be slaughtered in the eyes of these people! Even though the summoner was powerful, and even though she contracted two Magic Beasts, so what? The advantage in numbers was enough to beat this so-called summoner into a pulp!

“Bullying us with numbers,” said Qu Lanyi coldly.
The five experts immediately snorted in disdain.
“Don’t talk to us like that.
Independent Cultivators don’t care about anything! We only take what we want!”

“We don’t want to force you either! Yun Feng, you should know that even though you’re quite strong, you have no chance of winning in front of the five of us! Do you want to hand it over or let us take it? You’d better think carefully!”

Yun Feng burst into laughter.
Her laughter made these powerhouses a bit scared.
She flipped her fair hand and two jumping elements appeared in Yun Feng’s palm.
On one side was the green wind element and on the other was the thunder element that was emitting a buzzing sound!

Qu Lanyi immediately understood Yun Feng’s intention after seeing this.
He looked at everyone gloatingly and suddenly raised his arm, throwing a powerful light ball at the five people!

The five of them immediately dispersed after seeing that.
“Seems like you want to do this the hard way!” The five of them shouted and attacked Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi fiercely!

Yun Feng stood there and didn’t move at all.
Her hands had already clasped together quickly.
The moment the two elements combined, a huge energy wave swept out like a storm with her as the center.
The entire space seemed to shake slightly!

“What… is this?” The five experts only felt fear rising from the depths of their bones when they saw this.
The energy fluctuation that was faintly emitted was like a heartbeat, smashing heavily on their hearts again and again!

Thanks to her continuous training, Yun Feng’s fusion of elements was already quite proficient.
In just a few seconds, the wind element and the thunder element had already fused perfectly.
A ball of green and purple energy had already been born with silver snakes that kept flying around.

“She has fused the two elements!” Someone shouted.
The other experts all changed their expressions and looked at each other in bewilderment.
They all turned around and ran away at the same time!

Yun Feng laughed and threw the fused elemental ball in her hand towards the five of them like a perfect parabola.
“Since you’re here, stay.”

The five of them gritted their teeth and ran away desperately.
She was crazy.
She had fused the two elements together! If they exploded, all of them would die here!

The fireball flew to the center of the five of them at an unstoppable speed.
The eyes of the five of them widened abruptly with fear that couldn’t be concealed anymore in their eyes.
Yun Feng stood far away and only said softly, “Explode.”

“Boom…” A towering energy storm spread out from the center of the explosion of the elemental ball.
The hills around Chunfeng Town were all razed to the ground.
The five powerhouses had already lost all their ability to resist after a series of explosions.

“No!” An unbearable roar sounded.
The crazy energy storm swept everything around like a huge vortex, swallowing everything it could swallow!

“What’s going on up ahead?” Another group of experts who were rushing here suddenly stopped.
They were still a long distance away from Chunfeng Town.
Even though the huge energy fluctuation in front of them was far away, it still made them feel cold.

“Did something happen?” Someone asked.
While these people were hesitating, energy waves came from Chunfeng Town thousands of miles away!

“What?” Everyone was shocked.
In the next second, they instinctively ran crazily to avoid the terrifying energy spread.
Everyone ran desperately, but a few of them were still swallowed by the terrifying energy.

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“Boom, boom…” The ground and the space shook violently for a few times before they stopped moving.
The experts who survived all turned pale.
Looking at everything on the ground that was a mess and the broken limbs that were torn in an instant, they couldn’t say anything for a long time.

“I’m leaving,” said one of the experts with a pale face.
Then, he ran away without looking back.
The others looked at each other.
The scene in front of their eyes indeed made them lose the courage to approach.

“Let’s all go back.
If there’s anyone who’s not afraid of death, just go forward.
Who exactly is it? What technique is this? It’s so terrifying!”

Some freelance martial artists left one after another.
They weren’t so crazy that they didn’t know how to back down in the face of the fear of death.
Some of them were unwilling to leave immediately, but after a long time, they still chose to leave.
They would be sending themselves to their deaths if they tried to steal the crystal beasts.
Even if the attack just then was done by another powerhouse that had already stolen the crystal beast, they didn’t have the ability to take it back!

Yun Feng stood in the air and breathed heavily.
The fusion of elements just then consumed a lot of her mental strength.
She wouldn’t mind doing it again if there were more people who were unafraid of death.
She could do it once more, and once more only.
With Yun Feng’s current strength, she could only use the fusion of elements twice.
The prerequisite was that the energy couldn’t be too strong each time.
She could only use the world-destroying energy once..

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