Chapter 496: If You Want It, Take It (2)

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Mu Yinghua’s body fell slowly.
The Water Arrow penetrated his chest completely.
He blocked Mu Xiaojin’s attack and saved Madam Zi’s life.

“Yinghua!” Madam Zi’s hands were covered in blood.
She was at a loss of what to do.
Why did he rush here? Damn it, was she in the wrong?

“Mother…” Mu Yinghua wanted to say something, but he could only utter one word.
His body trembled and he was completely lifeless.
Madam Zi sat there in a daze.
After a few seconds, she finally lost her mind.

“You killed him! You killed my son! You murderer! I’m going to kill you!” Lady Zi shouted and wanted to rush down.
Her facial features were all twisted.
Mu Xiaojin retracted her hand, and the Water Arrow floated in the air as water elements.
She asked Yun Feng and Yun Sheng not to stop that crazy woman.
She stood there and watched Lady Zi run towards her so relentlessly as if she wanted to fight her to the death.


A loud slap sounded.
Mu Xiaojin’s raised hand slowly fell.
There was a red and swollen finger mark on Lady Zi’s cheek.
Her body also stopped because of the slap.

“You’re the one who killed him.” Mu Xiaojin looked at Madam Zi coldly with her black eyes.
Madam Zi was dazed for a moment.
Then, she burst into laughter and collapsed on the ground.

The scene finally came to an end.
The other dozens of members of the Mu family watched everything, dumbfounded.
The people of Mu City were also stunned.
So, Madam Zi had done such a thing.
It was only right that her son died.

Mu Xiaojin took out the jade pendant that Madam Zi held firmly in her hand and held it in her hand.
There was still a trace of warmth on it.
Mu Xiaojin was suddenly relieved.
Then, an indescribable sorrow surged up.
Yun Sheng came over at this moment and held her gently in his arms.
Mu Xiaojin looked up at him and smiled.

“From now on, you should know who the master of the Mu family is!” Yun Feng stood on the stage and glanced at everyone.
“Whoever is suspicious or dissatisfied, come to me!”

Everybody was shocked.
The Mu family would be different from the others from now on, because after it got its new owner, the Mu family had an unprecedented supporter, Yun Feng, the summoner!

The handover of the Mu family went very smoothly.
The other members of the Mu family didn’t even breathe loudly.
Mu Xiaojin was qualified to inherit the Mu family.
Who would be suspicious? Even if they were dissatisfied, who would dare to vent it? Mu Xiaojin was Yun Feng’s future sister-in-law right now.
Whoever was dissatisfied would be seeking death!

Speaking of which, if the Mu family and the Yun family became in-laws, the Mu family would receive countless benefits! It was a dream for the Mu family to establish a relationship with the Yun family.
The Mu family had gained a lot from the death of Madam Zi and her two sons.

The Mu family soon forgot about Madam Zi and her two sons.
It was also beyond Mu Xiaojin’s expectation that she would become the head of the Mu family.

She stayed in Mu City for a few days to accompany Mu Xiaojin out of the Mu family.
Mu Xiaojin still had a lot to learn.
Yun Sheng was quite talented in this area and helped Mu Xiaojin a lot.
Yun Feng once joked that she might as well marry into the family.

Although Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin didn’t know where their relationship started, they were both loyal people once they fell in love.
Yun Feng was already certain that Mu Xiaojin would be her sister-in-law.
She also discussed with Yun Sheng that she should tell her father about this so that she could propose to the Mu family.

The matter of the Mu family couldn’t be settled until a while later.
Yun Sheng slowly postponed the marriage proposal and focused on helping Mu Xiaojin deal with the Mu family.
Now that the matter of the Mu family was over, Yun Sheng certainly stayed here.
Yun Feng was about to go back to Chunfeng Town when her Sound Transmission Jade rang.

“Young Lady!” Yun Feng was shocked when she heard Wang Ming’s voice, which sounded a bit anxious.
Yun Feng was with Yun Sheng, Mu Xiaojin and Qu Lanyi right now.
The four of them were talking about something.
When the voice came, they all frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Yun Feng started to feel uneasy for some reason.
The Sound Transmission Jade flashed a few times and a voice came from the other side.
“My Lady, something happened to the Yun family!”

Yun Feng and Yun Sheng’s faces suddenly darkened.
Yun Feng held the Sound Transmission Jade and couldn’t help but shout, “Tell us! What happened?”

“A lot of unknown people attacked the Yun family! The Red Maple Mercenary Team just received the news and they’re rushing to Chunfeng Town!” Yun Feng squeezed the Sound Transmission Jade fiercely and cut off the communication.
She immediately walked out.

“Xiaojin, it seems that I can’t keep you company anymore.”

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Mu Xiaojin immediately nodded and asked Yun Sheng to follow her.
Yun Feng walked to the door and saw that her brother was following her.
She turned around and stopped.
“Brother, stay here.”

“The Yun family is in trouble.
How can I be here?” Yun Sheng frowned.
It would be weird if he could stay here peacefully at this moment!

Yun Feng shook her head.
“They attacked the Yun family with a group of people of unknown origin.
They must be targeting me! Since their target is me, it’s fine as long as I appear!”

Yun Sheng stepped forward and held Yun Feng’s shoulder.
“Even if they are targeting you, I’m not an outsider! If someone wants to bully my sister, I won’t just sit back and watch!”

Qu Lanyi walked to her and said solemnly, “You’re free to do whatever you want here.
If they’re targeting Fengfeng, this place will be attacked sooner or later.
If you don’t stay here, what will she do? If someone strong comes, the Mu family will be destroyed.”

Yun Sheng was startled.
He looked at Mu Xiaojin, who bit her lips and said guiltily, “Xiao Feng, I’m the one who implicated you…”

Yun Feng smiled.
“What nonsense are you talking about? I’m the one who implicated you.
I’m the one who implicated the Yun family.” Yun Sheng clenched his fists and knocked Yun Feng’s head.
Yun Feng looked up in shock.

“What nonsense are you talking about? What do you mean you implicated the Yun family? You’re the reason why the Yun family has its current achievements.
Feng is the pillar of support for the Yun family! You’re not the one who’ll drag the Yun family down, understand?”

Yun Sheng looked at Yun Feng warmly with his black eyes full of trust and affection.
Yun Feng touched the place where her brother hit her and chuckled.
“Got it..”

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