Chapter 494: My Temper Has Never Been Good (4)

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Yun Feng looked up and glanced at the members of the Mu family.
“My temper has never been good, especially when my family is insulted like this!”

Madam Zi was dumbfounded, and so were the other members of the Mu family.
Mu Yinghua, who had been knocked out by Yun Feng, got up awkwardly with dust all over his face.
He touched the place where Yun Feng had hit him and his black eyes were full of shock.

“Yun Feng, that’s your brother! Why is your brother with her?” Mu Yinghua walked to her, enduring the pain and standing next to Lady Zi.
It was obvious that Lady Zi hadn’t come back to herself yet.
Mu Xiaojin had come back on such an important day! She had even brought someone back with her.
It was Yun Feng’s brother! She even scolded him without thinking!

Madam Zi wanted to bang her head against the wall right now.
She wanted to redeem herself, but she didn’t know what to say.
Everything she said was wrong.
So, she bit her lips and stood there.
Now that Mu Xiaojin was back, Mu Yinghua’s right of inheritance would certainly be canceled.
After all, Mu Xiaojin was a child of the main wife and wasn’t restricted by the age of inheritance.
Thinking of this, Madam Zi felt indignant.

“My brother is certainly with her, because she’s my future sister-in-law!” Yun Feng smiled.
Mu Yinghua and Madam Zi both turned pale.
The members of the Mu family all widened their eyes curiously.
Mu Xiaojin and Yun Sheng both blushed and were a bit shy.
However, Yun Sheng still held Mu Xiaojin’s hand generously and admitted it indirectly.

Mu Xiaojin blushed and held Yun Sheng’s hand hard.
She looked up bravely.
She knew that she must take back what belonged to her and her brother today.
It couldn’t be anyone else!

“Aunt, why am I here to take everything from the Mu family, you asked? Because I’m from the main family, because of the rules of the Mu family’s ancestors! Nobody is more qualified than me!”

Madam Zi straightened her body slowly and forced a smile.
“Do I have to give it to you just because you want to go back? How many years have I been taking care of the Mu family? More than half of my life! What have you done for the Mu family? What right do you have to come here and ask to go back to the Mu family?”

Mu Xiaojin bit her lips.
Yun Sheng shook her hand encouragingly.
Mu Xiaojin raised her head and said loudly, “Aunt, do you want me to tell you what you’ve done?”

Lady Zi turned pale and looked like she was about to collapse.
Mu Yinghua quickly steadied her and yelled, “Mu Xiaojin, are you done? Everybody can see that my mother has been working for the Mu family all these years! You’ve made no contributions to the Mu family at all, but you dare to make a fuss here with your identity! Why? Do you think you’re great with Yun Feng’s support?”

After saying that, Mu Yinghua turned around and looked at Yun Feng.
“Yun Feng, this is a family matter of the Mu family.
You’d better stay out of it, or it’ll ruin your reputation!” Mu Yinghua was finally awake at this moment.
He knew that he had been dreaming the whole time.
Yun Feng didn’t have any feelings for him at all.
Perhaps, she had been watching him make a fool of himself from the beginning.

“I certainly won’t interfere with the Mu family’s business, but Madam Zi must pay a price for what she said just then.
The members of the Yun family aren’t easy to deal with!”

Yun Feng was just like that.
She could ignore other people’s family affairs, but when anyone offended the Yun family, she certainly would care! Even the from the royal family of the country had been annihilated by her! Although Madam Zi of the Mu family didn’t mean it, Yun Feng wasn’t a kind person either.
How would he let her go so easily?

“Yun Feng! You should spare people wherever possible! My mother doesn’t know that he’s your brother.
Why are you so aggressive?” Mu Yingyong, who had been hiding on the side, stood up.
Perhaps he saw that his mother was about to be punished, so he, as a son, should step forward and shout, ignoring the fear in his heart.

It had already become a farce.
None of the residents of Mu City left.
On the contrary, it seemed that the other members of the Mu family were all relatives and in-laws.
Mu Yinghua and Mu Yingyong were the only ones who were related to Lady Zi by blood.
Right now, only the two of them stood up for her.
The others had all become mute.

“Spare her? You should’ve said that to your mother! As a concubine, you didn’t abide by your duty and wanted things that you didn’t deserve.
You even used all kinds of means to force the main wife to death and tortured the children that she gave birth to.
Why? Doesn’t your mother understand the principle of letting people off when they can?” Yun Feng said coldly as she glanced at Madam Zi coldly.
Madam Zi’s body trembled abruptly and her lips turned even paler.

“What nonsense are you talking about? My mother didn’t do that! Mu Xiaojin left the Mu family on her own.
My mother didn’t force her at all!” Mu Yinghua looked at Mu Xiaojin with fury in his eyes.
“Mu Xiaojin, your surname is also Mu! Do you want people to laugh at the Mu family?”

Mu Xiaojin smiled sadly and her eyes turned cold.
Her brother was already dead.
If she hadn’t met Yun Feng, she wouldn’t have had the courage to come back.
Her surname was indeed Mu, but the Mu family had never treated her as a member of the Mu family!

“My surname is Mu! If I had a choice, I would rather give up this surname! My mother was forced to die by you, Zi Hua! My mother only wanted the food that you had completely detained! She went to find you for my brother and me so that we wouldn’t starve to death! In the end, she brought back my mother’s body! Zi Hua, what you did was too outrageous.
Even the heavens wouldn’t forgive you!”

Mu Xiaojin burst into fury.
Her questions were so loud that Lady Zi didn’t even have the energy to refute them.
Everybody was quite shocked.
It was a serious crime to murder the main wife! If Lady Zi had really done that, she would’ve died under the Mu family’s punishment!

“You’re slandering me!” Mu Yinghua shouted back crazily.
Mu Yinghua was so angry that he was shivering.
“Mu Xiaojin! Stop talking nonsense!”

“She knows clearly whether she did it or not! Zi Hua, say something! If you really didn’t do it, say something!” Mu Xiaojin roared as her eyes turned a bit red.
All her family members had already left her.
How much courage did she need to stand here right now? Not only did she want everything that belonged to them, but she also wanted this woman to receive the punishment she deserved!

“I… I…” Madam Zi trembled and looked extremely pale.
Mu Yinghua was very worried.
“Mother, it’s fine.
I know you didn’t do it..
I know!”

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