Chapter 492: My Temper Has Never Been Good (2)

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“Madam Zi, speaking of the two kids born by the main wife, how do you know they won’t come back? If they come back, aren’t you stepping over the line?”

Madam Zi’s expression froze for a moment.
“About that… We’ve been searching for a year and we still haven’t found them.
Those two kids have never come back either.
There’s nothing I can do.”

“Then, why didn’t you hold the succession meeting when they were still here?” Yun Feng asked again.
Madam Zi’s face was obviously much darker.
“Those two kids are younger than Ying Hua.
How could they take care of the Mu family at such a young age? My husband wouldn’t be willing to hand the family business over to them!”

Yun Feng nodded thoughtfully.
“What if they come back on the day of the succession?”

Madam Zi raised her head abruptly and couldn’t hold her expression anymore.
Seeing that, Mu Yinghua immediately said, “It’ll be great if they can come back.
Am I right, Mother?”

Madam Zi was stunned for a moment and immediately said, “That’s right! After all, they’re the main wife’s child.
If she can come back, it’ll be a different story…”

Yun Feng didn’t ask any more questions.
She believed that these questions would make Lady Zi restless for several days.
Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit awkward, Mu Yinghua quickly said, “Yun Feng, you can be the witness this time.
What do you think?”

Madam Zi couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief after hearing that.
Her expression eased again as she greeted Yun Feng with a smile.
“Yes, Yun Feng.
Be a witness for the Mu family in case anything happens in the future.”

Yun Feng smiled with her red lips.
“I’m very happy to.
If anything happens in the future, you’ll have to go through me first if anyone questions you.”

Lady Zi and Mu Yinghua both smiled, and so did Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng.
The four of them looked at each other and smiled, but they were thinking the opposite.

In the three days before the succession meeting, Mu City was very lively.
The succession of the Mu family was a major event for the Mu City, perhaps even more important than the succession of the leader of the empire.
In the eyes of the people of Mu City, the successor of the Mu family was the most important.

Mu Yinghua was already considered the heir of the Mu family.
Naturally, some people in the city remembered the two children that the main wife gave birth to back then.
However, the two children had disappeared in the past year and people in the city more or less understood what happened.

For the past few days, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi had been walking around the town casually.
They had shaken off the members of the Mu family, so they certainly received a lot of attention.
Both of them were used to it and heard a lot of interesting things along the way.

For example, how did Madam Zi destroy the other concubines and children of the Mu family’s master? Those who were younger than Mu Yinghua were safe and sound, but those who were older than Mu Yinghua were all dead or gone for no reason.

Along the way, Yun Feng also knew Madam Zi’s cruel methods.
She truly didn’t show mercy and killed people without spilling blood.
This woman’s heart was ruthless, vicious and disgusting.

The administration of Mu City in the past few days had been much stricter.
Many people who looked like soldiers were going in and out, as if they were searching for something.
Yun Feng sneered.
Lady Zi was indeed shocked by what she said.
She was afraid that Mu Xiaojin and Mu Canghai would jump out from somewhere.
Her search was going to be in vain.

The Mu family had been celebrating the past few days.
Many juniors had been flattering Mu Yinghua and trying to rope in the future master of the Mu family.
Mu Yinghua was surprisingly busy these days.
He didn’t have time to talk to Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi.
Soon, it was the day of the succession.

Yun Feng woke up early in the morning and heard the busy noises outside.
It was the Mu family’s big day today.
The succession convention would be held in the square in front of the Mu family.
Most people in Mu City would come to watch and witness the coronation of the new leader.

After tidying up, Yun Feng opened the door and saw Qu Lanyi, who had been waiting for her.
The two of them immediately stood in the sky and looked down at the Mu family’s mansion below them.
Yun Feng looked at the square in front of the Mu family’s door.
Even though there was still some time before the succession convention, there were already a lot of people from the Mu City gathered there.

Yun Feng’s body suddenly slid across the sky and came to the city gate of Mu City at a speed that was almost invisible to the naked eye.
The dragon-shaped jade pendant in her hand flashed and Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin came out of the Dragon Palace.
After they came out, Yun Feng felt a different level of aura than before.

“Brother, congratulations.” Yun Feng said to her brother with a smile.
Yun Sheng smiled.
“She’s only at the Commander Level.
She’s still a long way from catching up to my sister.”

Yun Feng burst into laughter and patted Mu Xiaojin’s head.
“Xiaojin, your strength is improving much faster than I thought.”

Mu Xiaojin put on a sweet smile.
She was already a level-8 mage and could be considered an expert.

“Are you ready?” Yun Feng suddenly became serious, and so did Mu Xiaojin.
She took a deep breath and looked into Mu City.
Her brother and her home used to be there, but they were wrong.

But no matter what, they had to take back what belonged to them!

“I’m ready.
I’ll take back what belongs to me and my brother!” Mu Xiaojin’s eyes changed.
There was a fierceness that she had never shown before, which made her gentle appearance much stronger.
Yun Sheng smiled in relief.
“Don’t worry.
I’ll be with you.”

Mu Xiaojin nodded.
Yun Feng coughed and interrupted their eyes.
Mu Xiaojin blushed and looked at Yun Feng shyly.

“Ahem! Let’s not talk about when you became so intimate.
Just let me stay with you! I’ll be waiting for you there, Xiaojin!” The corners of Yun Feng’s eyes curved up as she gave Mu Xiaojin a comforting smile and flew away with Qu Lanyi.
Qu Lanyi approached Yun Feng and said in a low voice, “Is there an affair between your brother and Mu Xiaojin?”

Yun Feng’s temples throbbed.
“That’s not an affair!”

Qu Lanyi took another step closer.
“Got it, got it.
Only Fengfeng and I are in an affair.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She simply waved a fire element at Qu Lanyi fiercely and quickly.
A beam of white light blocked Qu Lanyi’s way and blocked Yun Feng’s attack.
“I’m done.
I’m done..”

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