Chapter 491: My Temper Has Never Been Good (1)

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The two people who escaped met Yun Feng just like that.
Perhaps this was the beginning of the change in their fate.

At first, Mu Xiaojin’s narration was still intermittent and even slightly trembling.
However, she had already returned to normal in the end.
Her big eyes also looked at Yun Feng bravely, as she faced this unbearable memory of hers bravely.


After Mu Xiaojin said everything, Yun Sheng suddenly extended his arm and grabbed Mu Xiaojin’s body with one hand.
He then put his arms around her and hugged her.
Mu Xiaojin blushed and didn’t know what to do.
It was her first time being held so tightly by Yun Sheng.

Mu Xiaojin, whose face was flushed, leaned in Yun Sheng’s arms quietly like this.
Feeling the warmth in Yun Sheng’s arms, bubbles of joy rose in her heart.
She slowly grabbed Yun Sheng’s clothes with her little hand and held them firmly in her palm.

Yun Feng suppressed the anger that kept rising in her mind and touched Mu Xiaojin’s head.
She took a deep breath and pushed the door open and walked out.

The night breeze was slightly cold.
The door behind Yun Feng closed gently.
Inside was a pair of people who were embracing each other.
Yun Feng looked up at the blue starry sky with stars glittering on it.


“It’s already so late.
What are you still looking at?”

Yun Feng turned around and saw Qu Lanyi leaning against the door lazily.
She smiled casually and looked back at the room at the back.

“Hm? Are you inviting me to spend the night with you?” Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng and smiled.
He glanced at Yun Feng’s room, as if he knew that a relationship was growing inside.

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She walked to Qu Lanyi and asked, “Do you know what I want to do right now?”


Qu Lanyi raised her eyebrows.
“A killing spree?”

Yun Feng sneered.
“It will only take one night to burn down the Mu family’s mansion.”

Qu Lanyi was dazed for a moment after hearing that.
Then, he chuckled and slid his finger over the side of Yun Feng’s face slowly.
“That will be too boring.
I’ve heard some good news.”

“Good news?”

Qu Lanyi nodded with a cunning look in his eyes.
“However, you must pay me something.”

Yun Feng’s expression turned cold.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and suddenly leaned forward.
He quickly grabbed Yun Feng’s arm and pulled her forward gently.
Their faces had already shortened to only a few millimeters away in an instant.
Their breaths sprayed on each other’s skin, bringing slight heat.


Qu Lanyi’s charming facial features suddenly became closer.
Yun Feng only felt that her lips were touched by something warm and pressed against it fiercely.
Then, their bodies separated abruptly.

Qu Lanyi gently wiped his lips with his finger.
His tongue slipped out and he licked his lips seductively like a vixen.
He winked at her.
“I’ve received the reward.
I’ll tell you.”

“Hah…” Yun Feng’s fist came with the sound of wind.
Qu Lanyi dodged it with a smile.
Looking at this girl who had been angered by him, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright, alright.
It doesn’t matter if I take advantage of you.” Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng’s fist with his hand and pulled her into his arms.
Yun Feng’s back fell into his warm arms, and the redness on her face became even redder.

“It’s going to be a big day for the Mu family in a few days.” What Qu Lanyi said made Yun Feng stop attacking.
Qu Lanyi smiled and held her even tighter.
“I heard that the next heir of the Mu family is Mu Yinghua.”

Hearing that, Yun Feng put on a cold smile and pushed Qu Lanyi away.
She took a few steps forward.
“Heir? He’s no longer one from now on.”

Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin were sent to the Dragon Palace by Yun Feng again.
The Mu family’s succession convention in a few days was also announced to Mu Xiaojin.
With the encouragement and support of Yun Feng and Yun Sheng, the Mu family was going to welcome the real successor at the convention!

Mu Yinghua had been very attentive to Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi over the last few days.
Lady Zi came to visit them from time to time.
Yun Feng didn’t see anyone else from the Mu family except them.


After the breakfast incident that day, Mu Yinghua came with Madam Zi.
Both of them seemed delighted, as if something good had happened.

“You look so happy.
What’s the good news?” Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi sat at the table and looked at the two of them, who looked delighted.
Judging from the time, it should be the day of the succession.
They were so happy because everything about the Mu family was about to be taken.

“You’re right, Yun Feng.
The Mu family’s big day is in three days!” Lady Zi was beaming with joy.
Mu Yinghua also said to Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi happily.

You can’t miss the big day of the Mu family.” Mu Yinghua sounded very gentle.
Yun Feng shivered and Qu Lanyi chuckled.

“If you invite us, we’ll definitely stay.
Don’t you agree, Fengfeng?”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth twitched.
Seeing that Mu Yinghua’s eyes suddenly glittered, she coughed and skipped the topic.
“What exactly is the event? Can you tell me?”

Lady Zi saw Qu Lanyi’s reaction from the side.
What she said just then not only ignited the fire in Mu Yinghua’s heart, but also ignited the fire in Lady Zi’s heart.

“To be honest, I’ve been managing the Mu family for the past few years.
I’ve been under a lot of pressure as a housewife.
Fortunately, I’ve survived all these years.
My husband died early and the two kids of my sister’s family suddenly disappeared.
We’ve been looking for them for a year, but we still haven’t found them.
I’m afraid something has happened.” Madam Zi looked sad.
If Yun Feng didn’t know the inside story, she would’ve been easily coaxed by this housewife.

“Luckily, Yinghua is already a grown-up.
It’s time for me to be relieved from my responsibilities.” Lady Zi looked at Mu Yinghua comfortingly, and Mu Yinghua smiled.

“Mother, don’t worry.
I’ll take good care of the Mu family..” Mu Yinghua looked at Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi, who both ignored him.

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