Chapter 489: Wishful Thinking (5)

The four people in the main hall were chatting happily.
At this moment, someone suddenly barged in and walked straight in without any greeting.
His eyes also greeted Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi very impudently.

“Which between you is Yun Feng?” said the person who came in.
Both Madam Zi and Mu Yinghua changed their expressions slightly.
Madam Zi rose quickly.
“This is my second son, Mu Yingyong.
He’s straightforward and a bit reckless.
Please forgive him.”

“Who’s Yun Feng?” Again, Mu Yinghua shouted furiously with a flushed face.
“Don’t be rude! How can you be so insolent when our guest is here?”

Mu Yingyong stood there and looked at Qu Lanyi, and then at Yun Feng again, as if he was certain that this was Yun Feng.
He immediately said, “Mother, do you believe her just because she said it’s Yun Feng? She doesn’t have a ring on her finger and she doesn’t have any Magic Beasts with her.
She’s a summoner?” What Mu Yingyong said made Lady Zi’s face change greatly.
She looked at Mu Yinghua, who immediately stood up with a flushed face.

“I saw her Magic Beast with my own eyes.
She just didn’t bring it with her.
There’s only a ring… She does have it! She’s simply not wearing it!”

“Brother, is this an impostor that you found somewhere?” Mu Yinghua’s sarcastic tone almost made Mu Yinghua attack.
Lady Zi was stuck in the middle and she looked around in confusion.

Yun Feng slowly stood up at this moment and raised her black eyes slightly.
“I don’t need anyone to judge who I am, and I don’t need to cater to your likes.
My name is Yun Feng.
I’m Yun Feng.”

Mu Yingyong raised his eyebrows.
“You’re quite good at pretending! If you’re really a summoner, show me your Magic Beast! Otherwise, you’re a thief and a liar who wants to get something from the Mu family!”

Yun Feng smiled, and so did Qu Lanyi.
Qu Lanyi stood up lazily and put a hand on Yun Feng’s shoulder lazily.
“You have to consider the consequences when you talk.
Don’t you know that a loose tongue causes trouble?”

Mu Yinghua immediately turned pale.
“Yun Feng, he’s just young and ignorant.
Don’t mind him!”

“Humph! It’s useless to threaten me! Take out the Magic Beasts if you can!” Yun Feng didn’t know if Mu Yingyong was truly stupid or just pretending.
She glanced at him.
“You don’t tell me what to do, but they should be here soon.”

Hardly had she said that when a scream came from somewhere in the yard of the Mu family, shocking everyone in the Mu family.
Mu Yingyong was stunned, and so were Mu Yinghua and Lady Zi.
Then, someone ran to him with a pale face and fell on the ground.
“A… a Magic Beast… a Magic Beast…”

Mu Yingyong’s pupils shrank abruptly.
Mu Yinghua and Lady Zi ran out in a hurry.
The members of the Mu family, who were eating, also ran out.
When everybody stuck their heads out, a beast slowly walked out of the shadows of the yard.
It had long, strong limbs and sharp claws that glittered in the darkness.
Someone was pressed under its claws, and he had apparently passed out.

“A Magic Beast!” The members of the Mu family all screamed.
An unknown fear hit everyone.
Standing there, Mu Yingyong was completely stiffened and his teeth were chattering.
Yun Feng walked to him slowly and shook her head.
“What happened?”

A huge wolf appeared from the black shadow.
Its red and black fur made it look even more mysterious and fierce.
Little Fire removed its claws and looked at it in disgust.
“I ran into a few scumbags right after I came in.
They said that they wanted to mess with my master.
They immediately fainted and ran away when they saw me.”

Everybody gasped.
Mu Yingyong’s body trembled.
That Fire Cloud Wolf called her master! So, she was really a summoner! Yun Feng? The shock was still there.
Wings flapped in the sky.
The members of the Mu family looked up and were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped!

A pair of enormous wings cast a shadow in the sky.
Then, a person fell from the sky.
Those huge wings disappeared like magic in an instant.
The person who landed was a handsome young man.
The blue pattern on the side of his cheek made him look even better.
He looked at Yun Feng with his blue eyes and called respectfully, “Master, we’re late.”

“Gasp…” Another gasp came.
The faces of the members of the Mu family turned pale.
Two Magic Beasts, oh my God, both of them called her master! How many of them had she contracted? Mu Yingyong’s face was already indescribable.
His eyes rolled around Lan Yi and Little Fire and almost popped out!

Madam Zi’s mouth had completely turned into an O shape.
Looking at Little Fire and Lan Yi, she couldn’t say anything anymore.
Yun Feng smiled and then shouted loudly, “Nana!” Meatball jumped out of nowhere and directly jumped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Its little body rubbed against Yun Feng’s cheek hard.
The members of the Mu family widened their eyes again, but they finally calmed down a bit after seeing Meatball’s appearance.
This must be a pet.

Yun Feng caressed Meatball’s body with her finger.
Little Fire and Lan Yi stood on both sides of Yun Feng.
Yun Feng glanced at Mu Yingyong, who was standing there without moving, and asked with a smile, “Are you satisfied with my Magic Beasts?”

Madam Zi suddenly came back to herself and immediately grabbed Mu Yingyong.
“Apologize! Apologize now!”

Mu Yingyong bit his lips and looked at Yun Feng.

Mu Yinghua calmed himself down.
The two Magic Beasts were always a bit shocking no matter who saw them.
“Alright, let’s continue eating.” Mu Yinghua sat back with a smile.
Mu Yingyong’s face immediately turned pale.
Yun Feng didn’t care.
She walked back and sat down again, with Little Fire and Lan Yi next to her.
The atmosphere immediately changed.

Eating with people was one thing, but if there were two powerful and fierce Magic Beasts, it was another thing.

Mu Yingyong was forced to sit down.
His movements were stiff and robotic.
It was obvious that Lady Zi couldn’t hold herself back anymore.
She was also shivering as she picked up the food.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were both relaxed.
Mu Yinghua was the most stable one.
He could even talk to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng looked at Lady Zi and Mu Yingyong’s faces that were about to cry and slowly got up.

“Do you mind if we take a rest first, Madam Zi?”

Madam Zi immediately shook her head like a rattle.
“I don’t mind..
Of course I don’t mind!”

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