Wang Youcai might have gone crazy.
Yun Feng’s face darkened and the fierceness around her also increased quite a lot.
Kids who were watching all felt something pressing on their chests and they had to pant loudly to ease the pressure.
After gasping a few times for air, they saw that Wang Youcai, who had just got up from the ground, fell down heavily once again, looking extremely hurt.

“You… You… little… b**ch… Lin… Lin Meng won’t… let you go…” Wang Youcai fell on the ground with his body curled up.
Blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth.
Yun Feng swung her fist fiercely again earlier, hitting his chest directly.
Wang Youcai’s chest was a bit dented right now, as if the bones were already bent.

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes as her foot stomped hard on Wang Youcai’s dented chest.
Wang Youcai let out a miserable cry and blood spouted out of his mouth immediately.
A few drops even splashed on Yun Feng’s face.
His body then twitched a few times before he became completely lifeless.

He was dead!

The kids watching the drama all turned pale.
Their jaws dropped and they couldn’t say a word.
It was very common to have casualties in a battle, but it was a bit overwhelming for children, who watched a battle the first time, when it really happened before them.

“Whoever insults the Yun family dies!” Yun Feng’s cold words resounded in this silent place.
The kids couldn’t help but turn paler.
The Yun family… Yun Feng… They were so fierce, making them… petrified!

Yun Feng put down her leg with coldness on her face.
Whoever insulted the Yun family, whoever hurt the Yun family, had to die! A dragon had a forbidden lamella that couldn’t be touched, and so did she! If someone dared to offend the Yun family, she would make these people pay!

Wang Youcai lay on the ground with a weird posture and was totally lifeless.
The girl, who had a few drops of blood on her face, looked cold and had no expression at all, as if she had done nothing just now and had not killed someone!

The boy, who volunteered to be the judge, had already turned pale.
He stood aside with his trembling lips.
Seeing Wang Youcai on the ground, his body shivered and then turned to the girl who looked extremely cold right now.
There was a tremor in his voice and the sense of elation he had earlier was already gone.

“Yun… Yun Feng wins…”

His whisper sounded unusually clear at this moment, coming into everyone’s ears.
Their gaze couldn’t help but stick to the beautiful girl with a cool expression who was standing there.
Those black eyes were full of gloominess and coldness, which gave people a chill down their spine!

Ze Ran couldn’t help but hold his breath when he looked at Yun Feng like this.
He felt some kind of threatening pressure coming out of Yun Feng’s body, which made it difficult for him to breathe.
His fair face blushed slightly and his breath also became heavy.

Not only him, all the other kids had such a reaction the moment Wang Youcai died.
They all found it difficult to breathe under Yun Feng’s explosive pressure.

“Kid, are you alright?” The voice of the ancestor sounded in Yun Feng’s head, cooling down her enraged mind gradually.
Wang Youcai’s humiliating words about the Yun family had immediately pushed her resentment to the highest point.
If it weren’t for that trace of remaining sanity, Wang Youcai might not even be able to keep his whole body intact.

Yun Feng took a deep breath.
There was some smell of blood.
She walked gently, trying to calm those racing emotions in her mind.
“Don’t worry, ancestor.
I’m fine.
I was indeed a bit impulsive just now.
I couldn’t control myself for a second and killed him.”

“Ah, kid, it’s already pretty good for you to have such tolerance.
Those who humiliate the Yun family should indeed be dead! However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
The members of the Lin family are obstinate, self-centered, arrogant and domineering.
Even if the person under their protection is a lowly servant, they won’t just let it go easily.”

Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“That’s even better.
I can’t wait for him to come and find me!”

“Yun Feng! Are you… alright?” A shout made Yun Feng look up.
Ze Ran looked straight at her with anxiousness in his black eyes.
Yun Feng was startled.
Was he worrying about her?

“I’m okay.” Yun Feng smiled lightly.
and wiped off the few drops of blood on her face casually, leaving several light red traces.
He was quite interesting.
Wang Youcai was already dead and he was still worrying about her?

“I’m glad to hear that.
Since this is a battle, life and death are uncontrollable.
You don’t have to take responsibility for that.”

Yun Feng nodded.
In fact, she didn’t want to kill him.
She was just thinking to make him half-paralyzed, but Wang Youcai insisted on coming at her.
If she didn’t kill him, it would obviously be unfair to his wisdom.

Anyone else would have been panicking and thinking about what to do because of the series of consequences brought by the death of Wang Youcai, but Yun Feng wasn’t afraid.
She wanted the Lin family to go after her.
She wanted Lin Meng to come and find her himself.
It would be best if he asked to fight with her like Wang Youcai did.
Then, everything would be easy to deal with.

Yun Feng and Ze Ran walked outside.
The other kids, who were originally surrounding them, immediately stepped back in fear.
They looked at Yun Feng with a slightly terrified gaze.
The fierceness and power Yun Feng showed just then had already given these newly enrolled children a baptism, making them understand more clearly that the Yun family couldn’t be provoked!

Apart from Ze Ran, probably no one would have the courage to get close to Yun Feng.
The kids couldn’t help but look at Ze Ran with a slightly weird gaze, but Ze Ran ignored them all.

While Wang Youcai lay on the ground lifelessly, the result of this battle also spread into the inner campus.
The few teachers talking about Yun Feng just then couldn’t help but gasp when they heard about Wang Youcai’s death.

He went into a fight on the first day of school and a person was killed! This was something that had never happened throughout the few decades of history of the Martial Arts Institute!

“Who’s the person who fought with Wang Youcai?” Mr.
Huang shouted.
The student who delivered the news trembled and said Yun Feng’s name with a tremor in his voice.
When Mr.
Huang heard that, he was apparently stunned.

“That girl? Her attacks are truly neat…” Mr.
Huang exclaimed softly.
The anger on his face also disappeared.
The other few teachers were the same.
If this was someone else, they would have given that person a warning.
After all, it was a bit too early for such a behavior to appear in the kids who had just been admitted.
They were allowed to compete and fight with one another, but not when they were newly enrolled.

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