Chapter 487: Wishful Thinking (3)

De Lan and Shang Lian couldn’t sleep and eat in peace during this period of time.
The explorers never came back, and the two of them couldn’t be at ease.
They knew that they couldn’t rush this matter, but they had no choice.
They could only wait anxiously day after day, especially when the other two empires sent back news.

When someone said that Yun Feng was here for a visit, the two people, who were both of the highest status, almost jumped up from the ground and wanted to run to see Yun Feng.
When Yun Feng walked in, she saw the two people’s repressed and almost distorted faces.

“Yun Feng, you’re back.” De Lan greeted her.
Yun Feng smiled and nodded.
She picked a chair and sat down casually.
“Have you been waiting for a long time?”

“Haha, not long.
Just an exactly necessary amount of time.” Shang Lian smiled so hard that his eyes almost narrowed.
He quickly asked someone to serve Yun Feng tea.
“How was the exploration? Did you get anything good? Anything else…”

“Alright, she just came back.
You should let Yun Feng take a break.” De Lan interrupted Shang Lian and smiled at Yun Feng.
“There’s no rush.
It’s the same if you tell her later.
You should take a rest first.”

There was a smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.
These two old guys were quite patient.
If they could stay calm, she would be even more so.
Yun Feng really went to rest and drank tea and ate slowly.
She only talked about irrelevant topics.
De Lan and Shang Lian were a bit out of patience.

“Yun Feng… You’ve had enough rest.
It’s time to talk about the situation,” said Shang Lian reluctantly.
De Lan also nodded.
Yun Feng smiled and put down the things in her hand.
She clapped her hands.
“The three empires made the rule that whoever found anything could claim it for the exploration this time.
The same rules apply in the Fengyun Empire.
Everybody agrees.”

When Shang Lian and De Lan heard this, their hearts couldn’t help but sink.
Yun Feng continued talking and briefly explained the situation of the exploration.
She didn’t hide the ultimate ores she got, but gave them a dozen percent of the total amount.
Hearing that Yun Feng got the ultimate ores, the two of them obviously breathed a lot more heavily.

Yun Feng also told them that the members of the two families were unfortunately annihilated.
Only Yun Feng, Mu Yinghua and his lackeys came back safely.
Hearing that, De Lan and Shang Lian’s faces darkened completely.
This was a result they couldn’t accept no matter what.

It was understandable that Mu Yinghua and the other two families were gone, but they were fine.
However, the two families’ members were gone! They shouldn’t be dead!

“How can a small family like the Mu family possibly…” Shang Lian pounded the table hard.
The two families didn’t get anything yet, and they even lost two people for no reason.
Those who should’ve lost were all safe and sound.
If Mu Yinghua and his companions got anything else, De Lan and Shang Lian would probably be infuriated.

That was the fact.
There was nothing they could do about it.
Even if De Lan and Shang De didn’t want to believe it or even thought that Yun Feng did it, they had no proof.
Besides, if Yun Feng really did it, what could they do?

Yun Feng stayed for a while, then got up and said goodbye.
De Lan asked, “Are you going back to Chunfeng Town next? Why don’t you stay in the capital for a few more days?”

Yun Feng didn’t look back.
“Ah, I do need to stay for a few more days.
After all, someone invited me to his house.
I should wait for him to come back.”

De Lan and Shang Lian’s faces darkened.
They looked at each other.
“Who has the honor of inviting you?”

Yun Feng turned around slightly and chuckled at the two of them, with cunningness and gloating in her eyes.
“Mu Yinghua, of course.”

De Lan and Shang Lian were so nervous that they almost jumped.
Yun Feng turned around and walked out.
Shang Lian lowered his chair hard.
“The Mu family is related to the Yun family? Why is Yun Feng so close to the Mu family?”

De Lan frowned and pondered for a long time.
“If the Yun family is truly close to the Mu family, our families will be in danger.”

“If that’s the case, then we must eliminate the Mu family completely!” A trace of viciousness flashed through Shang Lian’s eyes, but De Lan shook his head.
“No! If the Yun family is truly close to the Mu family, how will the Yun family let us go after we destroy the Mu family?”

“Then what should we do? Do we have to watch the Mu family climb to the same position as us? Why should they?”

De Lan’s face twitched.
“Shang Lian, can’t you see the situation clearly? If the Yun family wants us to go down, we have to go down.
Whoever the Yun family likes will go up! Why should they? Because of the Yun family, of course.”

Shang Lian suddenly relaxed his body and leaned against the back of the chair.
“So, we’re all pawns of the Yun family?”

De Lan smiled bitterly and slowly leaned against the back of the chair.
“We’re not the only ones.”

Yun Feng stayed in the capital patiently for a few days.
The two families tactfully didn’t disturb her.
Qu Lanyi stayed with Yun Feng too.
Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin were still cultivating in the Dragon Palace.
Both of them had already reached the critical point of the leap.
Yun Feng believed that the improvement of their strength after they came out would definitely be a qualitative leap!

After seven days, Mu Yinghua and his companions finally returned to the capital.
As soon as they returned, Mu Yinghua and his companions went to meet the two families.
What puzzled Mu Yinghua was that the leaders of the two families looked at him as if they wanted to kill him.
They even gnashed their teeth.

The three of them met the people sent by Yun Feng the moment they came out.
Mu Yinghua explained the attitude of the leaders of the two families to them.
Yun Feng smiled and didn’t say anything.
The three of them rested for a day or two and Yun Feng suggested that they go back to Chunfeng Town.
As expected, Mu Yinghua suggested, “Let’s visit the Mu family!”

Mu Yinghua had been very attentive to Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi for the past two days.
Everybody could tell what the man was thinking.
Qu Lanyi only felt a bit disgusted, but Yun Feng didn’t say anything so he simply let go.
The two lackeys had already left, but they had already established a deep friendship with Mu Yinghua.
Before they left, they called him brother.

After accepting Mu Yinghua’s invitation, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi prepared to set off for the Mu family together with Mu Yinghua.
The Mu family was located in a second-rate town on the west side of the Fengyun Empire.
According to Mu Yinghua’s description, the Mu family was the most powerful family in that second-rate town..

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