Chapter 481: The Yun Family’s Roots (2)

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“We’ll be leaving.
We didn’t take anything.
It’s just some ores.” Xiaoxiao said a few words to Muqing and quickly walked into the array.
Qu Lanyi looked at the two of them and smiled coldly.
“Don’t worry.
I’ll relay your message.”

The two of them didn’t dare to stay any longer.
They stood in the array and instantly disappeared.
It was hard to say if this array was a way out or not.
Seeing that the two of them abandoned him just like that, Carson couldn’t help but feel like a volcano was erupting in his mind.
However, the few people in front of him made him less willing to stay.

Carson got up from the ground and dashed into the array.
Qu Lanyi raised his eyebrows.
“You’re leaving too? You’re not staying any longer?”

Carson wished he could gnash his teeth.
In the end, he didn’t get anything except some ores! That was nothing! He had also made the position of the Cashya Empire rather dangerous.
Thinking of this, Carson felt that his face turned green and red.

“It’s good to go back.
Go home and make preparations, or nobody would know if you get killed.” Qu Lanyi put on a cold smile.
Carson’s scalp suddenly became numb, and he disappeared in the array the next moment.
Ao Jin and Qu Lanyi both looked at the man with peach-blossom eyes and laughed.

“I’m not leaving.
I fell in love with the little beauty at first sight.
We’ll live and die together.”


Ao Jin narrowed his golden glasses, emitting dangerous glitters.
A layer of coldness also covered Qu Lanyi’s charming facial features.
Seeing the expressions of the two of them, he curled his lips.
“It’s hard not to fall in love with someone like that, especially for people like us.”

Qu Lanyi raised his eyebrows.
“People like us?”

There was a smile in his narrow eyes.
“That’s right.
People like us.”

Golden light flashed and Ao Jin’s hands had already changed under this golden light.
A glittering object with golden light appeared.
It was the golden scales that were unique to Golden Dragons! Partial Dragon Transformation!

The teasing look on the man with peach-blossom eyes’ face was gone, and his casual attitude was gone too.
Apparently, his provocations had made Ao Jin lose his patience.
“Hey, hey, hey! Are you serious? The little beauty is still inside.
Aren’t you worried that she’ll fight here?”

The man with peach-blossom eyes flashed and he had already moved a long distance away.
He looked at Ao Jin’s hand that had completely transformed into a dragon and frowned hard.
Damn it, it was a dragon! And judging from the color of the scales, it was a Golden Dragon!

“I’m not worried about her at all.
Since I have nothing to do here, I’ll just take you for fun!” Ao Jin flashed and rushed over after saying that.
The man with peach-blossom eyes immediately dodged quickly, and his speed was comparable to Ao Jin’s!

“Transvestite! Say something!” the man with peach-blossom eyes shouted as he ran, looking very embarrassed.
Qu Lanyi crossed his arms and gave him a charming look.
“Since I’m a transvestite, I’ll certainly watch you fight.”


Ao Jin and the man with peach-blossom eyes chased after each other.
It was unknown if Ao Jin deliberately went easy on him or if the man with peach-blossom eyes was strong, but the two of them didn’t have a clear winner.
Qu Lanyi stood outside the door and stared at the door.
He touched his chest with his hand and the jade pendant on his skin was under his palm.

“Yun… Yun…” Qu Lanyi mumbled as a glint of darkness flashed through his eyes.

Yun Feng was pulled into the door forcefully by a dazzling light.
When the sound of the door closing came from behind her, the mental strength in Yun Feng’s entire body surged out violently and formed a dense protection net around her.
There was only darkness in front of her eyes, but after a while, the darkness slowly faded, like the rising sun.
Warm light scattered down and dispersed the darkness.

After the darkness was completely dispelled, Yun Feng also saw where she was clearly.
This was a small room with a door on one side of Yun Feng.
Yun Feng turned around and saw that the door she entered just then had completely disappeared.
There was nothing in this room except two two two-meter tall statues holding weapons.

Yun Feng stood where she was and didn’t move at all.
The disappearance of the door meant that she had no way out.
Looking at the door in front of her and the two weapons at the door, she only had one choice.
She pushed the door open.

Yun Feng took a deep breath.
She had just moved her feet when the statues on both sides of the door suddenly opened their eyes.
“Whoosh…” A clear sound of wind flashed and Yun Feng’s body spun agilely.
“Whoosh…” Another sound of wind came.
Yun Feng’s toes suddenly tapped on the ground and her body suddenly left the ground!

“Bang…” “Bang…”

Two loud sounds echoed in this space.
Yun Feng’s body had already fallen from the sky, and there were two giant swords where she was standing just then.
The wielder of these two giant swords was a statue that suddenly came to life!

The arms of the two statues suddenly lifted and the giant swords were already pulled out of the ground.
Their bodies and appearances were the same as humans, especially after they could move.
The dust and mud on their bodies kept falling off.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
If it weren’t for their stiff movements and posture, if it weren’t for their lifeless eyes, Yun Feng would’ve thought they were alive!

The statues couldn’t talk.
They only had one purpose.
Attack, attack, attack!

“Fire…” Yun Feng flipped her hand, but her black eyes widened.
The attack of the statue came like the wind, showing no mercy at all! “Bang!” Another vicious attack left another crack on the ground.
Yun Feng’s body flashed keenly and she clenched her fists tightly.
There were still traces of the battle with the Crystal King.

“Ha!” Yun Feng shouted angrily as she faced one of the statues.
The statue had already slashed at Yun Feng’s head with its giant sword in its hand.
Its cold eyes and expressionless face were all suffocating with death!


Yun Feng’s fist had already hit the statue’s elbow hard.
There were obvious cracks on the statue’s arm, as if the stone had shattered, but not completely.
The statue’s body shook a few times.
Yun Feng took the opportunity to jump aside, while the other one had already attacked!

Space was sealed.
All the magic elements in the space here had been sealed! Yun Feng quickly dodged the attacks of the two statues and frowned..
She wanted to use magic just then, but there was no elemental energy in the air at all! To be clear, this was a world of pure physics.
If she didn’t shatter these two statues, she would die here sooner or later!

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